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the premium manufacturer Audi is part of the Volkswagen AG Group.. Its range of models is one of the widest on the market as it has models in practically all existing niches. The A1 and A3 are the models that open their range. Both the urban and the compact have 3 and 5-door bodies (Sportback). The A3 incorporates cabriolet and sedan versions that give it more cache. Its range of engines covers powers from 90 hp to 310 S3 sedan.

Where Audi really dominates with an iron fist is in the D and E segments. The Audi A4 and A6 with their respective versions Avan (family) and Allroad Quattro They are the most demanded From the market. Its power range varies between 120 hp of the access version in A4 and 606 hp of the RS6 Performance version with Quattro traction and familiar bodywork. Their level of quality, technology and dynamic capabilities place them at a high level.

Between the A4 and A6, Audi has the saloon A5 Sportback. On the same platform as the Audi A4, the firm with the four rings presents three bodies, the Sportback with 5 doors, the Coupé with 3 and the Cabriolet. Like the A4, its level of technology and quality is beyond doubt. Its mechanical range is just as complete as that of the A4 as it has Petrol (TFSi) and diesel (TDi) units with powers between 190 hp and 354 hp.

For close the sedan range at Audi, the firm has the A7 Sportback and A8. The first, like the A5, has a 5-door coupé-format body. The Audi A8 is one of the best representative sedans in the upper segment. Both of them are made with high proportions of aluminum, making them lighter than their competitors. Its dynamic qualities, interior quality and technological level are among the best on the market and its mechanical ranges have petrol (TFSi) and diesel (TDi) blocks with powers ranging between 220 hp and 605 hp.

If we have to talk about sports cars at Audi, the TT Coupe and Roadster they represent the step of access to its range. The third generation of this mythical model is the best of all as it launches a platform, technology and range of engines. It has room for diesel and gasoline options with powers between 180 hp and 400 hp of the RS version. Its dynamic behavior is one of the best in the market because among its competition is the very Porsche Cayman.

The majestic R8 closes the sports range of Audi. This model is in its second generation and although its exterior design does not seem to have changed, the basic lines denote that this is an improved version. Its interior is minimalist and has outstanding quality. The mechanical range is made up of a 5.2 TFSi block in V10 configuration that delivers 540 and 610 hp.

In the fashion segment, the SUV's, Audi has a very important representation (including the Allroad Quattro). open the range newcomer Q2. The smallest model of the German firm, for now, has no rivals in its segment. Supported by remarkable quality, a wide mechanical range and outstanding dynamic qualities, it will try to dominate the market.

Within the SUV's range the Audi Q3 and Q5 share the bulk of sales. The smallest is the first model of the German house that is manufactured in Spain. Both the Q3 and the Q5 have a quality of production and technological level that stand out from the competition. His designs are very similar, albeit with nuances. In addition, its mechanical range is so wide that it covers powers between 150 hp and 367 hp.

Crowning the range of the German manufacturer is the Q7. This huge SUV is the sedan equivalent of the Audi A8. Its size is enormous, as are the sales it has achieved since its first generation hit the market. New platform (lighter) that allows you to reduce fuel consumption. Its level of interior finish and technology is one of the best on the market. The dynamic behavior (although it is at a high level) is not the most important part of the model. Its power range of the Audi Q7 covers gasoline (TFSi) and diesel (TDi) blocks between 218 hp and 435 hp.
Audi history
Audi It is one of the most reputable and desired premium brands. It belongs to the Volkswagen Group and is the company's highest-end brand, with the permission of Bentley and Bugatti. Originally it was called Auto Union and each of the four rings in the logo was a brand: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. The brand has survived to this day as a brand at the forefront of technology because its vehicles have a multitude of safety, comfort and infotainment equipment that leaves us perplexed and shows us how pleasant it makes traveling in one of its cars.

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