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BMW is, together with Audi and Mercedes-Benz, one of the most important premium and sports brands in the sector. Its origin, quality of its products and sportsmanship have classified it as a aspirational brand, with a wide and well-structured range of models. The Series 1 is in charge of opening the range proposing two bodies with 3 and 5 and propulsion to the rear axle.

The BMW 2 Series is the sporty face of the 1 Series with the Coupé and Cabrio silhouettes and familiar with the Active Tourer (5 seats) and Gran Tourer (7 seats). Representing both philosophies, it has room for sports versions M in the most dynamic version and hybrid for the most familiar. The minivans are the first models of the firm to have traction to the front axle.

BMW's flagship model is the 3 Series. It is the vehicle that brings together the highest number of sales and therefore presents an enviable range. To the sedan, Touring and GT versions, it prints a marked sporty character based on its magnificent engines and rear-wheel drive (or total depending on the version). His equipment is at a high level and the hybrid and M versions make it a real machine to drive.

If the 2 Series is the sports and family variant of the 1 Series, the series 4 it is not less than the Series 3. This model offers Coupé, Cabriolet and 5-door Gran Coupé bodies. Its muscular design and its technological possibilities place it as one of the best in its category. The wide mechanical range is crowned by an M version with 500 hp.

In the E segment, BMW has the series 5. The representative sedan of the German firm is one of the favorites of the public for its interior quality, elegant design and exemplary dynamic behavior. It has sedan and Touring versions. and among its mechanical range we find versions with rear axle drive or four-wheel drive.

As with the Series 2 and Series 4, the 6 Series represents the sportiness of the 5 Series range. This model has Coupé, Cabriolet and 5-door Gran Coupé bodies. The range of this model has powerful gasoline and diesel engines with 6 and 8 cylinders. can be combined with four-wheel drive. In addition, the M version with 560 hp makes it one of the fastest, most technological and most equipped vehicles on the market.

The BMW 7 Series ends its range. The representation sedan of the Bavarian firm (with two different body lengths) is one of the best in the world for interior quality, technology, mechanical range and representation capacity. Its mechanical range has diesel and gasoline blocks and even an interesting plug-in hybrid version that allows you to obtain ridiculous consumption.

The playful part of the BMW range is represented by the Z4 roadster. This model has a retractable hard top that gives it a dynamic and elegant appearance. Its mechanical range only has gasoline blocks and powers ranging between 156 hp and 340 hp. Technology, interior quality and dynamic sensations are at a high level Well, it must fight against rivals such as the Porsche 718 Boxster.

BMW is one of the firms with the largest number of models in the SUV segment. X1 opens the list, which has front axle or four-wheel drive (it is developed on the Mini platform). Regarding the first X1, it has improved in everything: exterior design, interior quality, technology, space and mechanical range.

The BMW X3 is the benchmark for the premium compact SUV segment for its interior quality and dynamic behavior. It still maintains drive to the rear axle or all four wheels. Its mechanical range has diesel and gasoline blocks with powers between 184 hp and 313 hp.

The sports replica of the BMW X3 is represented by the X4. Using the same aesthetic and sporty approach as the BMW X6, the German firm presents a more radical SUV than the X3. The behavior of the X4 compared to the X3 is more dynamic and agile as well as presenting a more profiled design. Its mechanical range has gasoline and diesel versions with powers that oscillate between 184 hp and 360 hp.

Within the BMW SUV range, the pioneer was the X5. The all way big from the German house It has interior capacity for up to 7 occupants. They will travel wrapped in an atmosphere of luxury and outstanding quality. Despite its weight and size, its dynamic behavior is at a high level because, like all BMWs, it has a very well-tuned chassis. The traction can be to the rear axle or to the four wheels and its mechanical range has hybrid or M versions with a power of 575 hp.

BMW's sporty SUV is represented by the X6. It was the first on the market to present a raised body with a coupé format. It is currently in its second generation and compared to the first improvement in design, quality, equipment and dynamic behavior. Its mechanical range is not one of the widest in BMW but it has with an M version and 575 hp and a diesel block with three turbos and 381 hp.

The BMW range closes the extended range electric i3 and i8. Both models represent the zero emission option of the German manufacturer. They have futuristic designs and a large amount of carbon fiber in their chassis. On a technical level, they are among the best on the market. incorporate technologies never seen before in other models. The i3 has two versions, a pure electric one and another range extender called Rex. The i8 has 362 hp of power and still signs a consumption of only 2,1 liters per 100 kilometers.
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BMW are the acronyms of Bayerische Motoren Werke, or what is the same: Bavarian motor factories. This prestigious premium brand is based in Munich, and under its protection are brands such as Mini or Rolls-Royce. The company is known worldwide for its vehicles and motorcycles. BMW is one of the main competitors of brands like Audi or Mercedes. BMW's sports division is Bmw motorsportand has created some of the cars that fans yearn to have in our garage.
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