Cadillac CTS

  • Bodywork berlina
  • Puertas 4
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 272 - 650 hp
  • Consumption 11 - 15,3l/100km
  • Trunk 388 liters
  • Assessment 2,8

El Cadillac CTS is a premium E-segment saloon. The first generation was the replacement for the cadillac catera (the last European Opel Omega) and was also the first Cadillac to offer a manual gearbox since 1988.

In january 2007 the second generation of the CTS was presented at the Detroit Auto Show, which would reach dealerships that same year. In addition, the second generation had two more bodies, a coupe launched in 2009 and a family launched in 2008.

The third generation reached the market in 2014, although in this case, its marketing in Spain was never completed. Nowadays, Cadillac is not present in Spain, although it does have 5 official services to comply with the guarantees and legal obligations towards its clients.

Technical characteristics Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CT6 Sedan

El Cadillac CTS is developed on the platform Delta of General Motors, the same one that gave life to the previous generation of the Opel Insignia or Astra. Externally, it reaches 4,96 meters in length, 1,83 meters in width and 1,45 meters in height, presenting a distance between axis de 2,91 meters.

It is available with a bodywork cutting sedan. Depending on the version chosen, its cabin is approved to accommodate four or five occupants. The carrying capacity of your trunk rises to 388 liters.

In any of these respects, for real space in the second row of seats (for width y leg clearance) and cargo width is one of the least spacious models in its segment, when compared to its main rivals.

Mechanical range and gearboxes Cadillac CTS

La mechanical range of the Cadillac CTS It is composed only of three gasoline mechanics. On a technical level, it assembles the typical architecture of the brand's models, that is to say front engine in position longitudinal y rear wheel drive.

The version that opens the range is a four-cylinder in-line turbo with variable geometry 2.0 liters of cylinder capacity and a power of 272 and 276 CV. A rung above is the 3.6 liters with six cylinders, atmospheric suction and configuration in V that yields 325 and 340 CV of power.

At the top of the CTS range are the block 3.6 liters six-cylinder in V that, equipped with turbo, delivers 426 CV of power Finally, we find the mighty 6.2 liters with 8 cylinders in V that yields a final power of 650 CV.

The force of the mechanics that move the CTS can reach the ground through its rear wheels or of all To do this, it makes use of an effective all wheel drive system with intelligent torque distribution.

The gearbox available for all mechanics is of the type automatic by torque converter with 8 relations. At first, there was the possibility of incorporating a manual type, although after its cessation of sales in Europe, it was withdrawn from its range.

Equipment Cadillac CTS

The General Motors premium firm has not officially defined the range of equipments for Cadillac CTS in the Spanish market. The reason for this situation lies in the commercial absence of the brand in our country for several years.

Our units that are marketed in Spain do so with the equipment and finishes of the countries where they are imported. In any case, the models Cadillac brings to Spain are usually very well equipped, in order to limit the differences with their main rivals.

For this reason, from the basic termination the CTS can incorporate elements such as eight airbags, traction and stability controls (TCS and ESP), ABS and EBD brakes, as well as signal recognition system of traffic, recommended rest indicator or light and rain sensors.

In the most complete versions, the equipment can include elements such as automatic bi-zone climate control, infotainment system with 7 inch touch screen and integrated navigation with Mirror Screen function, hands-free access and start, Active Safety Break system or electrically folding exterior mirrors.

Cadillac CTS on video–iFZaGI

Cadillac CTS and its rivals

El Cadillac CTS it militates in the segment of premium midsize sedans (E), so the competition in it is one of the highest in the market. To this fact it must be added that the image and diffusion of Cadillac in Spain it is very limited, so its sales are overshadowed by the Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models.

In any case, the main rivals against which the CTS has to compete are the Audi A6, el BMW Serie 5, el Jaguar XFel Lexus GS, el Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volvo S60.

In front of them it provides a greater exclusiveness, a great price/equipment ratio and a design more aggressive and sports. On the contrary, it cannot compete for dynamic behavior, quality of some materials, habitability or consumption of its gasoline mechanics.

The Cadillac CTS of Km0 and second hand

El Cadillac CTS It is a practically unknown model in our country. The reason for this is that the premium firm of General Motors It was marketed by drops in Europe, so its arrival in Spain has been very limited.

Therefore, finding units in the semi new market or kilometer zero is practically impossible. However, thanks to several parallel importers, and individuals, we can find some units, belonging to the three generations of the model.

Of the current generation there are two units registered in 2017 with an average of 20 thousand kilometers, with gasoline mechanics 6.2 liter V8 with 650 CV of power, four-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic gearbox and sport finish V valued at 120 thousand euros.

There are also first generation units registered in the year 2004 equipped with mechanical gasoline with 2.6 liters displacement and 181 CV, six cylinders in V, automatic gearbox with 6 relationships, rear-wheel drive and an average of 55 thousand kilometers, valued at about 9 thousand euros.


  • Sporty design
  • exclusivity and image
  • Balanced price / equipment ratio

Improvable Points

  • Interior quality behind its German rivals
  • Consumption of your mechanics
  • Trunk and passenger compartment capacity

Cadillac CTS Prices

The price range for Cadillac CTS in the Spanish market it is not officially defined by the brand. The reason for this is that the premium firm of General Motors does not directly market its products in Spain, but rather through parallel importers.

Therefore, the final rate varies depending on the country of origin of the vehicle and the costs that must be added (transport, homologation, ITV pass, registration and payment of taxes) to the version price chosen.

Cadillac CTS Photo Gallery

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