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South Korean manufacturer Hyundai In a matter of two decades, it has managed to go from being considered a manufacturer of cheap cars to being one of the most reputable brands. The pillars on which they have laid the foundations for this change are centered on a design improvement of their cars, one remarkable interior quality, a technological level that positions them with the best in their segment and a solvent and modern mechanical range. Proof of this are the 5 years offering warranty in all its models.

The Hyundai range is opened by micro urban i10. The smallest model of the firm measures only 3,66 meters but its interior space is one of the largest in its segment. Its exterior and interior design is youthful and casual, completed by better and more interior equipment. Its mechanical range only has gasoline blocks suction and powers of 66 and 87 hp. The dynamic behavior has changed compared to the previous model, but its natural habitat is large cities.

With the Hyundai i20 the firm wants to get fully involved in the urban segment. For this, it has three different body variants, one with 3 and 5 doors and two SUV cuts called ix20 y Active. Its rivals are the Seat Ibiza, Opel Corsa or Peugeot 208. Before them it presents a very youthful design, a quality of interior production to match and technological and safety equipment to match. Their mechanical range contemplate gasoline and diesel versions up to 120 hp and its dynamic behavior has improved compared to the previous generation.

El Hyundai i30 It is the most important pillar for the firm. In its third generation it has taken an exponential qualitative leap. Their Exterior design brings it closer to the best German models, but also, for technology, mechanical range and dynamic behavior confirm its new status. It presents two types of bodywork, one with 5 doors and another Station Wagon family (other versions will join later) and its mechanical range includes diesel versions (IDRC) and gasoline (T-GDI) with powers up to 140 hp.

If we have to talk about sedans, Hyundai presents three general options and a premium in its catalog. Among the first three we have the Elantra, Ioniq and i40 and in the second block we have the Genesis. In addition, the Ioniq is the brand's first hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric model. The Elantra struggles in the economic middle segment and has as rivals the Fiat Type, Mazda 3 Sport Sedan or Skoda Octavia. Its logical approach, reasonable interior quality and logical mechanical range place it as a model to be taken into account.

The Ioniq represents a revolution features hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric propulsion. Its platform is new and its wedge-shaped design gives it a very low aerodynamic coefficient. The quality of construction and equipment possibilities place it among the best models in its segment. The hybrid version has a 1.6 GDi naturally aspirated petrol block (and Atkinson cycle) with 105 hp of power attached to another electric motor with 43,5 hp. Its main rival is the Toyota Prius, which it outperforms in driving tact thanks to the use of an automatic cut-off gearbox and double clutch compared to a CVT type. The electric variant uses a motor that produces 120 hp and allows a range of 295 kilometers between recharges.

Hyundai's midsize sedan is the i40. This model is located in the D segment and due to interior quality, design and equipment possibilities, it is an option to be taken into account among generalist brands. It presents two body options, one 4-door and another family Cross Wagon. Its mechanical range has gasoline and diesel blocks that deliver powers between 115 and 141 hp.

Hyundai's flagship model is the Genesis.. This super sedan measures 4,99 meters in length and due to its interior quality, technology and equipment, it is at the height of rivals such as the BMW 5 Series or the Jaguar XF. Its mechanical range only includes a gasoline block with 3.8 liters of displacement and a power of 315 hp. Its power is transmitted to the ground through the rear axle and an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The SUV they are a very important part of the catalog of the Asian firm. Its range is made up of the Tucson and Santa Fe. The Tucson is the replacement for the ix35 and presents an original design that has made it one of the brand's best-selling models. It has one of the best quality/equipment/price ratios in the compact SUV segment. Its interior finishes and quality rolling have improved compared to its predecessor. In addition, the mechanical range of the Tucson presents options with two and four wheel drive and diesel and gasoline versions with up to 184 hp.

The Hyundai Santa Fe or Grand Santa Fe It is the largest SUV in the brand's catalog. Its design is attractive and very modern, maintaining the air of the range. Your cabin counts with space for 5 or 7 passengers, as well as a remarkable production quality. Its equipment possibilities are very wide, with comfort elements never seen before in a Hyundai. The mechanical range only includes a diesel cycle block with 200 hp power and 2 or 4 wheel drive.
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Hyundai is a South Korean company that has been manufacturing cars since 1967. It is one of the companies that has been growing the most in recent years, with models that are very similar to those of the competition that offer good value price quality. It has rained a lot since Hyundai landed in Spain with models like the Pony. Now it has a renewed range, with its own engines, attractive designs and affordable prices, and it is also increasingly seen and valued by the public. Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai, follows the same steps.

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