Kia Picanto

From 16.950 euros
  • Bodywork urban
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 67 - 79 hp
  • How to consume it 5,1 - 5,3l/100km
  • Trunk 255 liters
  • Assessment 4,2

Gradually the range KIA has been spreading in the old continent. And that allows us to have a wide variety of models. The smallest of the house is the KIA Picanto, just below the KIA Rio. A very attractive utility that is marketed in other global markets under the name of KIA Morning or KIA EuroStar.

No matter what name it goes by, the Picanto first came to the fore in 2004. From the beginning it has been postulated as a very attractive model within the A segment, thanks to particular details such as the seven-year guarantee. In fact, it was the first KIA model to offer this particularity, which has subsequently been extended to the rest of the family.

Today it reaches three generations. The last of them officially presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. In mid-2020 it undergoes a first facelift, arriving the second and most important in mid-2023. A great aesthetic change is introduced and a notable improvement in the equipment section. As always, its main attraction is the good price-product ratio it offers.

Technical characteristics of the KIA Picanto

Like we have already said, the KIA Picanto is the smallest model that the Korean firm sells in our country. By being twinned with models from Hyundaiuses the same platform as the Hyundai i10. A new structure for this third generation, developed to be lighter, more spacious and to be able to enjoy greater technology.

When we talk about the Picanto we talk about the smallest cars out there, just above the microcar range. Its measures are: 3,59 meters long, 1,59 meters wide and 1,48 meters high. To these dimensions must be added a wheelbase of 2,4 meters. Its compact interior allows it to accommodate a maximum of five passengers. Three of them in a second row that does not stand out especially for the space it offers.

The load capacity is also that corresponding to segment A. A trunk space of short dimensions especially functional for day to day and for some light getaways. Officialize a minimum volume of 255 liters, expandable to 1.010 liters if we lower the second row of seats in a 60:40 ratio. It should be noted that its weight is just 953 kilograms.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the KIA Picanto

Thanks to its low weight, the KIA Picanto does not need large engines to move. As usual among utilities, the range consists exclusively of petrol engines. In all cases, the blocks are associated with a five-speed manual gearbox that is responsible for sending power to the front wheels. As of 2023, the most powerful version of all disappears.

The offer consists of two gasoline variants. The access, called 1.0 DPi enjoys a three-cylinder block with 67 horsepower of power and 93 Nm of torque. It lacks a turbo, just like the 1.2dpi. In the latter case, the engine increases its size to four cylinders and 1.248 cubic centimeters. It develops 79 horsepower and 93 Nm at 4.000 revolutions.

Despite the new regulations and the evolutionary change, the Picanto lacks any type of electrification, including MHEV versions. For this reason it is always associated with the C sticker of the DGT. As for transmissions, KIA offers a five-speed manual transmission as standard. An automatic transmission with pilot clutch with the same number of gears is also available as an option.

Equipment of the KIA Picanto

The utility segment has never shown great levels of equipment. They have always been considered as everyday cars where functionality prevails over any other quality. However, the latest models to appear include better equipment and better materials, as is the case of the KIA Picanto. A well presented interior with a good sense of perceived quality.

When it comes to range, The Picanto is structured in three equipment lines: Concept, Business, Drive and GT Line. Each step modifies the exterior appearance, going from a basic finish to a sporty one. More particular is the X-Line package, it modifies the exterior design to simulate the look of an SUV. Black plastics distributed throughout various areas of the bodywork, such as bumpers and wheel arches.

As far as equipment is concerned, the KIA Picanto can enjoy a large number of systems and elements thanks to the 2020 restyling. Among them it is worth noting the presence of: multifunction steering wheel, LED headlights, automatic climate control, parking camera, browser , Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, and 8-inch touchscreen multimedia system. To these elements we must add a discreet team of driving aids and assistants.

The KIA Picanto according to Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP has already subjected the third generation of the Kia Picanto to its impact tests. In them, the urban South Korean has obtained 3 stars, leaving the score as follows. In adult occupant protection, it has obtained 79%. The score obtained in child protection and in the event of a pedestrian being run over has been 64% and 54% respectively. Finally, in driving aids it has achieved 25%, a very low score for which it only obtains three safety stars and no more. These values ​​do not change for the 2023 model as there are no changes in the structure of the vehicle.

The KIA Picanto of Km 0 and second hand

The KIA Picanto has a long journey in our country. Its already three generations have been very popular over the years, and that makes the offer of models in secondary sales channels high. In it we can verify that the depreciation percentage is approximately 33% (depends on the generation), a fact that places it in an intermediate term with the rest of the models in the segment.

The cheapest units are on sale for an approximate price of 1.000 euros. First generation models with little equipment and high mileage. As we advance in the generations, the price increases until reaching the Km 0 market. In it we can see that the many units that are for sale lack the restyling of 2020. This positions them with a very attractive price with respect to the more modern models.

Rivals of the KIA Picanto

What a Picanto GT Line

City cars are increasingly in demand. Its improvement has made it possible to open the range of use to a wider range than the city. The rivals are counted by dozens, and on the list we find illustrious and long-standing names in Europe. Among the rivals include: Citroën C1, Renault Twingo, FIAT Panda, Honda jazz, Mazda2, Mitsubishi Space Star, Peugeot 108 y Toyota Aygo. We could also add other models such as the SEAT Mii, smart forfour or VW e-up!, but all three offer exclusively an electrical mechanics.


  • Integrated
  • Price-equipment ratio
  • Guarantee

To improve

  • habitability
  • trunk capacity
  • Nervous behavior on the road

KIA Picanto prices

One of the great attractions of the Picanto is its excellent price-product ratio. A feature already common in the Korean brand. Bet on offering a lot at a contained price. The starting price of the KIA Picanto is 16.950 euros, without offers or promotions. That value corresponds to a 1.0-horsepower Picanto 63 DPi with Concept finish. On the other side of the scale is the Picanto GT-Line 1.2 DPi with 79 horsepower, whose starting price is 21.875 euros.

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