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McLaren It is a brand British based in Woking producing only models very high performance supercars. In addition to equipping very powerful engines, McLaren invests a lot of capital in making the bodywork light and aerodynamic, but without forgetting the design. Use plenty of materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum to achieve lightness and maintain the necessary structural rigidity.

In addition, and unlike other of its rivals such as Lamborghini or Ferrari, none of its models use all-wheel drive, being all rear-wheel drive; a fact that shows the high sportsmanship of its products. Another interesting note is that everyone uses the same V8 biturbo engine block, although there are technical differences between models that vary performance and benefits.

The cheapest of the British firm is the McLaren 540C, which belongs to the Sport Series range along with the Mclaren 570S and McLaren 570GT. This range does not seek such extreme sportsmanship, but something more practical and comfortable. The McLaren 540C costs a175.000 euros and uses the usual 8-liter V3.8 biturbo engine. In this model, the mechanics yield 540 hp and 540 Nm. Its dry weight is 1.311 kilos.

The second member of the “Sport Series” range is the McLaren 570S. For a short time it has been available in both coupé and convertible body styles (570S Spider). Both bodies use the 8-liter V3.8 biturbo that yields, on this occasion, 570 hp and 600 Nm. The dry weight of the Coupé is 1.313 kg, while its price is about 185.000 euros.

El McLaren 570GT It is clearly the most travel-focused car from the British firm. The setting of its suspension is softer and offers greater practicality. It stands out that, adding the front trunk and the one behind the seats, it has a cargo space of 370 liters. In addition, the interior is considerably more luxurious and comfortable than the rest of the brand's products. Its price is approximately 194.000 euros.

Outside the Sport Series range and within the "Super Series" we find the McLaren 720S. It is the direct replacement for the already discontinued 650S. It has a monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber that helps it weigh about 1.500 kg on the scale (now, in running order). It uses the same V8 biturbo engine as the rest of the models of the Woking brand, only that a revision in its components helps it increase the displacement up to 4 litres. It develops 720 hp and 770 Nm of torque. Its price is 240.000 euros.

The culmination of sportsmanship in this manufacturer comes from the hand of the McLaren 675LT Coupe and 675LT Spider. Practically they are vehicles developed for intense use on the circuit with homologation for public roads. Much of the car's material is carbon fiber, thanks to which they manage to obtain a weight of 1.270 kg in the Coupé and 1.310 in the Spider, both empty. It also uses the 8-liter V3.8 biturbo, developing 675 hp and 700 Nm. The 675LT Coupé is capable of doing the 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and reaching 330 km/h. Its price is about 350.000 euros for closed body and 395.000 for the convertible.
McLaren's history
McLaren Automotive, is a manufacturer of high-performance automobiles. The company was founded as McLaren Cars in Woking in 1989. Its cars are known for using state-of-the-art technology from F1. This is possible thanks to the fact that McLaren Automotive is closely linked to McLaren racing, which competes in the premier category of motorsport, Formula 1. The brand's first model was the mythical McLaren F1, the fastest car in the world at the time, followed long after by the McLaren MP4-12C.

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