Mercedes A-Class

From 31.281 euros
  • Bodywork compact
  • Doors 4 - 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 116 - 421 hp
  • Consumer goods 0,8 - 8,8l/100km
  • Trunk 360 - 420 liters
  • Assessment 4,5

El Mercedes Class A is one of the most important models in the current product range of the German firm. Over the years it has gone through different phases. Originally, Class A Mercedes It was located within the B segment. A utility model with a revolutionary concept that was mainly intended for urban use.

From 1997 to 2011 that was the Mercedes Class A that accompanied us. Two generations that had no continuation in format, but in nomenclature. In 2012 Mercedes proposes a drastic change that implies that the Class A changes segment, going from a utility to a compact. In this way, at last, the star firm could compete in the toughest market niche in Europe.

Currently the Mercedes Class A reaches the fourth of its generations, the second as a compact. The last renovation is presented in the year 2023 with slight aesthetic and mechanical changes. The importance of this model is evident as it is the first to introduce a design philosophy that has subsequently been applied to more models. It goes without saying that the change of segment was a success, since today it is considered the strongest rival in the category.

Technical characteristics of the Mercedes Class A

The Class A is not just a model, it is a whole family. It employs the MFA2 front-wheel drive modular architecture. It is the same that we can see in other compact products of the house such as the Mercedes GLA, Mercedes CLA, Mercedes B-Class or Mercedes GLB. In the particular case at hand the range is divided into two units: Class A, and Mercedes A-Class Sedan. Two different bodies for two different concepts.

The most classic format is the five-door A-Class. His measurements lead us to 4,42 meters long, 1,8 meters wide and 1,44 meters high. For its part, the Class A Sedan has exterior dimensions of 4,55 meters long, 1,8 meters long and 1,45 meters high. The two offer the same battle, 2,73 meters, which translates into a correct interior space for five occupants.

Although it is approved for five passengers, the three rear ones will not enjoy much space, since the legroom is not more than just correct and the height with respect to the roof is better in the Sedan than in the hatchback. The four-door body also gains in trunk volume. 410 liters of minimum capacity of the Class A Sedan compared to 360 liters of minimum capacity of the Class A.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Mercedes Class A

When machining the Mercedes A-Class, a range of four-cylinder engines has been chosen, revised from 2023. A range that presents five versions of gasoline, three diesel and a plug-in hybrid. All of them send power to the front axle or, optionally, to all four wheels through a 4MATIC scheme. As of 2023, all thermal versions have a 12-volt Mild-Hybrid scheme with which they manage to homologate the DGT ECO label. Regarding the transmission offer, the access units mount a six-speed manual gearbox and the rest have seven or eight-speed automatic gearboxes.

The diesel branch starts with the newly billed 180 d with 116 horses and eight-speed automatic transmission. The most powerful diesel is collected under the name A 220 d of 190 horses. For its part, the gasoline range begins with the A 180 with 136 horses and a six-speed manual transmission. In this case the top of the range is signed by the AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+ with 421 horses. The most powerful four-cylinder engine on the market.

On the other side of the scale is the most efficient version of all, the A 250e. A plug-in hybrid that uses a two-liter gasoline engine and a front electric motor that adds another 109 horses. The maximum power of the set is 218 horses. Uses a 15,6 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery which gives it a 100% electric autonomy approved in the WLTP cycle of 82 kilometers. Of course, it certifies the CERO label of the DGT.

Equipment of the Mercedes Class A

El Mercedes A-Class has two finishes launch available in our market. In addition, as in all the firm's models, we can add different equipment packages. The main ones are Progressive, Advantage, Business, BusinessPlus, Premium, Premium Plus y AMG Line.

The finish Progressive includes 17-inch alloy wheels, comfort seats, multifunction sports steering wheel and a large number of elements that enhance the luxurious and sporty appearance of the German compact, adding the diamond-effect grille.

Furthermore, the AMG Line trim endows the Mercedes A-Class sportier look. For this, it has the AMG aesthetic kit, in addition to adding 18 inch alloy wheels, AMG sports pedals, 3-spoke sports steering wheel and touch control buttons. Next to them are sports seats and upholstered in black with red stitching.

Test of the Mercedes Class A in video

Mercedes Class A according to Euro NCAP

The Mercedes Class A has great safety equipment, a factor that becomes visible when carrying out the European Euro NCAP test for car safety, where it obtained the highest score, 5 stars. In terms of specific safety sections, the German compact achieved 93% and 81% in protection for adult and child passengers, respectively, while safety for pedestrians was 67%, and car protection systems achieved a 86%. These ratings remain in effect after the 2023 update as no change was made to the vehicle platform.

The Mercedes Class A of Km 0 and Second Hand

The long road traveled by the Mercedes A-Class makes it a very popular model in secondary sales channels. Although for years of sale the first two generations are the ones that should be more common, such is the sales success accumulated with the transformation to compact, that the highest percentage of units for sale corresponds to the latter. In addition to it some units are positioned as highly desirable models, reducing the percentage of depreciation to a minimum.

Of course, the most affordable units for sale correspond to the first generation Mercedes A-Class (year 2000), in which case the prices start around 800 euros. If we jump to the compact format, that is Class A of the third generation, the minimum prices amount to figures close to 12.000 euros. In the Km 0 channel, the offer is very extensive, with some units enjoying succulent discounts compared to factory units.

Rivals of the Mercedes Class A

The main rivals of the Mercedes Class A are compact vehicles, manufactured by premium firms mainly. Their main characteristic is that they have a great deal to do with safety, technology and comfort. Among them, stand out the BMW Serie 1 y Audi A3, although we could also add other units such as Mazda3 or Volkswagen Golf and Lexus CT. Regarding them, it offers a greater number of options in terms of bodywork. In addition, the versions signed by AMG are the most radical in terms of power and sportiness.


  • Equipment
  • Exterior design
  • mechanical offer

To improve

  • Price
  • rear seats
  • simulated exhaust outlets

Prices of the Mercedes Class A

At the time of going through the box, the Class A leaves clear evidence of the premium category that is awarded to it. The starting price of the Mercedes Class A is 31.282 euros, without offers or promotions. This value corresponds to an A 180 petrol with a series finish. The most expensive model in the family is the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4MATIC+, whose minimum sale price is 81.301 euros, without offers or promotions. For its part, the Mercedes A-Class Sedan has a launch cost of 32.212 euros.

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