Opel Mokka

From 25.750 euros
  • Bodywork suv
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 100 - 156 hp
  • How to consume it 5,5 - 5,9l/100km
  • Trunk 310 - 350 liters
  • Assessment 4,3

Not many brands can say that they achieved success with the first generation of a model. This process usually takes years and several units, but Opel conquered the B-SUV market with its first product, the Opel Mokka. A model that for the year 2021 has undergone a major update, not only aesthetic, but also technological and mechanical.

The first Mokka was presented in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show. The first units did not land on the market until a year later. In 2016 it undergoes an important update and even a name change, going on to be called Opel Mokka X. That model is still present until 2019, at which time its production ceases pending a new generation.

That new generation the second for the Opel Mokka, is presented in July 2020. The changes introduced are important, part of them caused by the change of ownership, from GM to PSA. From a completely renewed aesthetic to new mechanical solutions, the new Mokka not only loses the X, it wins in all aspects in order to continue being one of the references in the B-SUV segment.

Technical characteristics of the Opel Mokka

In 2017 the purchase of Opel by the PSA Group was signed. Since then, the German firm has been integrated into one of the most important automobile conglomerates in the world. That gives you access to shared technology, including platforms and engines. The Opel Mokka is born from that alliance, and thanks to this it uses the CMP platform, the same used by other models such as the Peugeot 2008, the Corsa or also the Peugeot 208.

Although it seems strange, the new Mokka is one of the few new models that loses size with respect to its predecessor. It is 12,5 centimeters shorter than the outgoing generation, staying in the 4,15 meters long, 1,79 meters wide and 1,53 meters high. Despite the loss in size, the wheelbase has been increased to 2,56 meters. That gives you access to better interior space for up to five passengers.

The big loser in the size reduction is the trunk. 66 millimeters less rear overhang implies a loss of six liters of capacity, part compensated by more usable shapes and a greater depth. In this way the Opel Mokka announces a minimum trunk of 350 liters, reduced to 310 liters for the electric version due to the presence of batteries and auxiliary components.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka-e electric

Opel has designed the Mokka so that it is capable of housing a wide number of mechanical versions. Today's markets demand mechanical flexibility, regardless of size or segment. As was the case with him Opel Corsa, the SUV will have a wide range of possibilities, from traditional combustion engines to the announced Opel Mokka-e.

The combustion range will consist exclusively of a tube-fed three-cylinder gasoline engine that offers two levels of performance. The powers will start at 100 horsepower and may reach a maximum of 130 horsepower. In both cases engine power will be sent exclusively to the front axle. The management will be in charge of manual gearboxes for access units, or automatic eight-speed AT8 gearboxes and torque converter type.

The electrical is a separate entity. The most sustainable mobility of all comes with a electric block that develops 156 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. Coupled to that motor is a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery with a net capacity of 50,8 kWh. Its maximum charging power is up to 100 kW, and it presents a maximum combined range of 408 kilometers according to the WLTP homologation cycle.

Equipment of the Opel Mokka

Opel, as a good German firm that it is, has always stood out for offering well-finished interiors, superior to the usual ones in the general segment. Its inclusion in the PSA Group has not diminished this characteristic, and it continues to offer a good interior. Good materials and adjustments that increase the sensation of comfort and perceived quality.

For this new generation, the Opel Mokka not only improves the interior quality, it also improves the technological load. An equipment that is clearly based on technology from the Franco-German conglomerate. That means you can have a lot of equipment, even from your access level. The finishes available are: Edition, Black Edition, GS and Ultimate.

Among the extensive equipment of the B-SUV, it is worth highlighting the presence of matrix LED headlights, keyless entry and start, digital instrument panel with 12-inch screen, multimedia system with touch panel up to 10 inches, connectivity for mobile devices, WiFi, rear camera, browser and much more. Of course, we must also talk about a large team of assistants and driving aids, most of them from the access level.

The Opel Mokka in video

The Opel Mokka according to Euro NCAP

With the 2021 update, the Opel Mokka undergoes Euro NCAP safety tests, receiving a rating of four stars out of a possible five. The results by sections are as follows: 73 out of 100 in adult passenger protection, 75 out of 100 in child passenger protection, 58 out of 100 in pedestrian vulnerability and 64 out of 100 in driving assistants.

The Opel Mokka of Km 0 and second hand

Since its launch, the Opel Mokka, formerly known as the Mokka X, has garnered great sales figures, becoming one of the best-selling B-SUVs. This means that the number of units on the second-hand and zero kilometer market is large, helped in part by a 33,5 percent depreciation, a standard data with respect to its most immediate rivals.

In the used and second-hand channels we can find a Mokka X for a minimum price around 8.000 euros for some of the first units, year 2013 or 2014. Since the production of the previous Mokka ended a couple of years ago, There is currently no Km 0 market. When the new generation goes into production, dealers will begin to accumulate orders and we will see interesting offers.

Rivals of the Opel Mokka

A new current is beginning to take shape in the European market. Electrics are becoming more popular, and all brands are determined to stay with the market. For this reason the Germans have decided that the first Opel Mokka to arrive has to be the electric one. Although for that part it has fewer rivals, considering the range in general, the natural enemies are: Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, SEAT Arona, Ford Puma, Skoda Kamiq, Hyundai Kona, KIA Sonic, Volkswagen T-Cross, And many more.


  • Renewed design
  • urban size
  • mechanical diversification

To improve

  • electric version price
  • Interior space
  • Piano Black inside

Opel Mokka prices

When setting the prices of the Mokka, Opel has taken into account the demands of the segment, thus offering a contained and balanced price. The starting price of the Opel Mokka is 25.750 euros, without offers or promotions. That value corresponds to a unit with a 1.2 horsepower 100T gasoline engine with manual transmission and Edition finish. The most expensive of all, as expected, is the Mokka-e with an Ultimate finish. In that case the price starts at 43.675 euros, without offers or promotions.

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