renault rafale

From 41.807 euros
  • Bodywork suv
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 200 - 300 hp
  • How to consume it 4,7 l / 100km
  • Trunk 530 liters
  • Assessment 4,5

The SUV market has grown like foam since the beginning of the 2010s. The transformation of the park is more than evident when checking the ranges of all the brands. Most of them are committed to offering several units in the same category or converting their old units into new and attractive SUVs. Renault opt for both routes, being the renault rafale an unprecedented model in history.

The official presentation takes place during spring 2023, but the Rafale does not land in dealerships until early next year. As part of Renault's SUV strategy, the Rafale enters the range to position itself in the increasingly popular coupe SUV segment, placing itself one step above the popular Renault arkana. Both with very attractive aesthetics.

Technical characteristics of the Renault Rafale


Although there is no history prior to the Rafale, the French SUV is among the most important launches of the French brand. It is the first to launch a design philosophy which is subsequently applied to other updated units, as is the case of the Renault scenic. Within Renault's commercial offer, it is situated in a middle ground between the Renault Australia and Renault Espace, now converted into an SUV for its latest generation.

Under the body hides the third generation CMF-CD platform, the same one used in the two models already mentioned. In this case, specific measures are applied that place it in the important D-SUV segment. Its external dimensions reach 4,71 meters long, 1,86 meters wide (without mirrors) and 1,61 meters high. To these proportions we must add a wheelbase of 2,74 meters.

That wheelbase is generous enough to offer great habitability for up to five passengers. Three of them are located in a wide second row of seats even for adult passengers (up to 1,90 meters). Regarding load capacity, The Renault Rafale announces a minimum trunk volume of 530 liters, expandable if the second row of seats is completely folded down.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Renault Rafale

renault rafale

Some time ago Renault warned of its intention to reduce the diesel offering in its product range. The Austral was the first domestic model to renounce this mechanics and the Rafale follows that same strategy. Given the recent launch, the full mechanical offering has not yet been announced. It has only been presented in non-plug-in hybrid format, although more versions will arrive soon.

Recognized under the name E-TECH, the Rafale is committed to a next-generation hybrid set. As the main engine, it has a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline block. The technical sheet announces a maximum performance of 200 horses. The small battery, with a capacity of just 2 kWh, is recharged on the go without the need for plugs. In Spain, this configuration receives the advantageous ECO label from the General Directorate of Traffic.

The last version to arrive has been the Rafale E-TECH plug-in hybrid with ZERO label from the DGT. In this case, the size of the battery grows to 22 kWh capacity, which allows the approved electrical range to be extended up to 100 kilometers. The 1.2-liter engine remains the same, but its performance increases, as does the electric drive. The set develops a maximum performance of 300 horses, with all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. An alternating current charging system of up to 7,4 kW is integrated.

Renault Rafale equipment

renault rafale

Although Renault focuses its products on the general market, the brand's latest launches show a notable leap in the quality section. From doors to inside The Rafale has a good presentation, both in materials, finishes and equipment. The structure is very similar to what we see in other products from the house where digitalization takes almost all the prominence.

The range for Spain of the Rafale is divided into the Techno and Esprit Alpine versions. The latter corresponds to one of the most complete finishes in the house. It provides a sportier aesthetic touch with personalized details and an exclusive range of paints. New versions are expected to be announced later that will offer different levels of equipment and a greater degree of customization.

As far as technology is concerned, The Renault Rafale shows off the latest advances from the house for the CMF-CD platform. In the cabin, the two main screens stand out. The instrumentation with a size of 12,3 inches and the multimedia system with a 12-inch vertical panel. To this we must add many outstanding elements such as the LED headlights, the electrochromic sunroof, the HUD and a long list of assistants with level 2 autonomous driving.

The Renault Rafale in video

Rivals of the Renault Rafale

The fact that it is a coupe does not mean that its body is exclusive in the market. Many brands are committed to offering similar models within the D segment, mainly for those buyers looking to move away from the natural lines of an SUV. Among his rivals we can highlight important figures such as CUPRA Formentor, Peugeot 408, BMW X4 or Audi Q5 Sportback. All of them are similar in terms of presentation, although the Rafale stands out above them for its good value for money.


  • Integrated
  • Equipment
  • habitability

To improve

  • short mechanical range
  • No diesel options
  • Little customization

Renault Rafale prices

The Rafale has the Made in Spain seal since it is manufactured at the Renault plant in Palencia. At the beginning of 2024, the French coupe SUV will be available in dealerships. The starting price is 41.807 euros, without offers or promotions, for the hybrid version with Techno finish. The most expensive of the family is the Rafale Esprit Alpine with a basic rate of 46.172 euros, without special offers or promotions. Prices for the plug-in hybrid E-TECH variant with 100 kilometers of autonomy and 300 horsepower have not yet been announced.

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