Skoda Fabia

From 19.380 euros
  • Bodywork utilitarian
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 80 - 150 hp
  • How to consume it 5 - 5,6l/100km
  • Trunk 380 liters
  • Assessment 4,5

Utility cars have gone from being cars with a clear urban focus, to being multipurpose models designed and developed for a multitude of uses. He Skoda Fabia is the representative of the Czech brand in this segment, one of the most competitive in Europe. It is located in the middle ground within the range, between the small Skoda Citigoe IV and the compact skoda scala.

The Fabia's predecessor is the now defunct Skoda Felicia. A very practical and decisive utility that laid the foundations for the current model. The history of the Fabia starts in 1999 with the launch of the first of the generations, boosted by its recent alliance with Volkswagen. In this way, the Czechs managed to position a model similar to the Ibiza and the Polo, two of the benchmarks in the segment.

Over the years the Skoda Fabia has been gaining in quality, fame and sales. It is currently in its fourth generation., a model designed from the ground up, launched in the spring of 2021, occupying the same space as the 2014 Skoda Fabia. As always, the Czech utility vehicle is positioned as one of the most practical and functional in the category, offering two bodies, one compact and one familiar; the Skoda Fabia Combi.

Technical characteristics of the Skoda Fabia

One of the most important changes of the new generation of the Fabia is the change of platform. Until now the Czech utility vehicle has used the already veteran PQ26 structure, now switches to using MQB A0 architecture, the smallest version of the popular Volkswagen Group platform, which is the same as we can see in other models such as the Audi A1, Seat Ibiza, Volkswagen Polo or Skoda Kamiq.

That change has meant, how could it be otherwise, a change in the dimensions of the vehicle, although not so drastic as to jump segment. Outwardly the Skoda Fabia reaches the 4,11 meters long, 1,78 meters wide, and 1,46 meters high. To these dimensions must be added a new wheelbase that expands to 2.56 meters.

A battle long enough for five adult passengers to fit inside, although with a somewhat fair rear central seat for being narrower. In terms of cargo capacity, the Czechs take advantage of their great ability in terms of space. The Skoda Fabia offers a trunk with a minimum capacity of 380 liters. At the moment they have not transcended figures of dimensions and capacity of the Skoda Fabia Combi.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Skoda Fabia

New times for the Fabia in mechanical matters. The new European regulations on emissions and pollution have marked the future of mobility. The new Skoda Fabia completely dispenses with diesel engines, focusing its range on gasoline units without any type of electrification. The offer starts with the 1.0 MPI EVO. It consists of an atmospheric three-cylinder block of just one liter without a turbo that generates 80 horsepower and 93 Nm of torque. It always arrives associated with a five-speed manual gearbox.

From there we jump to turbocharged engines. First the 1.0 NO EVO three-cylinder and 999 cubic centimeters. Deliver 95 or 110 horses. The first unit mounts a five-speed manual transmission, the second opts for a six-speed manual or, optionally, a seven-speed DSG. The most powerful is 1.5 TSI EVO 150 horsepower, 200 Nm of torque and seven-speed DSG transmission.

Equipment of the Skoda Fabia

We continue with more important changes of the fourth generation of the Fabia, and we arrive at the interior. From doors to the inside, it is shown as a very well presented utility vehicle both in appearance and in technology. Thanks to being part of the Volkswagen Group, it never dispenses with equipment trinkets, improving the sense of perceived quality thanks to better materials and a more careful assembly process.

As is customary in the Czech firm, the equipment of the new Fabia is distributed on different levels. From smallest to largest we find: Ambition, Sport, Style and Monte Carlo. These steps allow the load of equipment, the level of finishes and the general appearance of the utility to be varied, reaching the top of the range version, Style, which allows a more personalized configuration with particular elements that provide a different touch.

The jump in equipment is important. Thanks to its new generation it can have elements similar to those of the Polo and the Ibiza. Many elements, where it is worth highlighting: digital instrument panel, Full LED headlights, multimedia system with touch screen up to 9,2 inches, wireless connectivity for smartphones, induction charging, keyless access and start, and a complete security and safety equipment. driving assistants.

The Skoda Fabia in video

The Skoda Fabia according to Euro NCAP

Despite the small size, security must meet the highest industry standards. After its crash tests, Euro NCAP has certified the five safety stars for the Skoda Fabia, the highest score. The results by sections are: 85 out of 100 in protection of adult passengers, 81 out of 100 in protection of child passengers, 70 out of 100 in pedestrian vulnerability and 71 out of 100 in operation of active safety elements and driving assistants.

The Skoda Fabia of Km 0 and second hand

The Skoda Fabia is a highly demanded utility vehicle in the used and zero kilometer markets. In its four generations, it has been prefigured as a very reliable and robust vehicle. Thanks to that, its depreciation has remained at average levels to its rivals, with 28 percent. The offer available in secondary sales channels is very high, offering models of all generations.

If we take a look at the used and second-hand markets, we see that there is a wide range of models available. The cheapest units correspond to the first generation (2000 – 2007). Prices start below 1.000 euros for diesel models with more than 200 thousand accumulated kilometers. The Km 0 market presents a much smaller offer in view of the generational change proposed by the brand.

Rivals of the Skoda Fabia

Segment B is one where there is greater competition between brands. However, the VAG Group is the one that usually takes the lion's share of the cake, thanks to models like the Volkswagen Polo or Seat Ibiza. Both can be considered the main rivals, as they are their technological cousins ​​from the Czech. On the other hand, it is convenient to add other rival units, some of them with illustrious names such as: Peugeot 208, Ford Fiesta, KIA Rio, Hyundai i20, Citroën C3 o Renault Clio. Among all of them, and until the arrival of its new generation, the Fabia is penalized by the excessive longevity of the model.


  • Equipment
  • Interior space
  • low consumption

To improve

  • non-electrified range
  • Some interior plastics
  • media system

Skoda Fabia price

When it comes to setting prices, the Fabia has always stood out for its excellent price-product ratio. The starting price of the Skoda Fabia is 19.380, without offers or promotions. That amount is related to a model with an Ambition finish with 1.0-horsepower 80 MPI mechanics with a five-speed manual transmission. The most expensive in the family is the Fabia with a Monte Carlo finish and a 1.5 horsepower 150 TSI engine with a 7-speed DSG transmission. Its starting price stands at 27.205 euros, without offers or promotions.

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