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Volkswagen is one of the most important manufacturers in the automotive sector. Its range spans almost all market segments including hybrid and electric vehicles. Their semi-premium positioning allows you to compete with generalist and premium cut brands. The smallest Volkswagen is the urban micro Up! In the urban segment we have the Volkswagen Polo, one of its best-known and best-selling models in the world.

The bulk of Volkswagen sales are attributed to the Golf family. The first iteration is the compact we've known for 43 years. It is the best-selling model of the brand worldwide and a benchmark to follow in its segment. The second body of the Golf is the Variant that provides greater versatility and load, in addition, serves as a base to give life to the jacket version alltrack. Lastly we have the Golf Sports Van, the compact minivan of the German house.

If we have to talk about iconic models at Volkswagen we can't forget about Beetle. The successor to the "Beetle" is a model that accurately reinterprets the lines of the model that motorized Germany. It continues to have the Cabrio version as it continues to be a benchmark for design and exclusivity. In addition they also have the Scirocco compact coupe, a model that took up the path of the one that launched the brand back in 1974.

La Volkswagen minivan family is composed, in addition to the Golf Sportsvan of the Touran and Sharan. The first lives its second generation because the first extended its commercial cycle. The Touran's cabin has room for 5 or 7 passengers and can have a high technological level. In the case of Sharan, the generation that accompanies us is the third. Its cabin can also accommodate 5 or 7 passengers, but it is larger than the Touran.

Another important model of Volkswagen it's your average sedan Passat. The generalist D segment has, for technology and dynamic behavior, as a reference the latest generation of the Passat. Also, it has the family version Variant and the playful Alltrack, which increases its height from the ground to circulate on tracks in good condition. At the top is the new Arteon. This model replaces the CC, it is an elegant sedan with hints of a coupé that, while waiting for the replacement of the Phaeton, will close the Volkswagen range.

Segment of the SUV's are covered at VW with the Tiguan and Touareg. The first militates in the compact segment and the second in the D. Its dynamic and all-terrain capabilities are remarkable although they are designed to drive on roads. At a technological level, they have the latest advances of the Group. complete the range all the way the Amarok pick-up, because although it is within the commercial range, it shares an approach, mechanics and technology.

In the industrial part we have diferent models. the caddy represents access to the range as it has a closed version and another for passengers. One step higher is the transporter in cabin floor and closed. In the same segment is the Multivan accompanied by Caravelle and California variants. They complete the industrial family the volkswagen crafter which has a cabin floor version or the well-known closed version.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the hybrid and electric models that make up the Volkswagen catalog. The smallest is the urban mirco eUp! At the top we have Golf Well, it has a hybrid version. GTE or a total electric called e-Golf. Close the electric range Passat GT one of the most recommended hybrid sedans on the market.
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Volkswagen is a major German automobile group and one of the largest in the world. To his credit there are brands as disparate as Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini or Scania, among others. As a group it is in the lead worldwide, always competing with Toyota and General Motors. Year after year it achieves higher profits and an increase in sales, due, among other things, to its modular platform system, which means a reduction in the development costs of new vehicles. The Golf, the Polo and the Passat are the most emblematic models.

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