Volkswagen Passat

From 42.470 euros
  • Bodywork berlina
  • Doors 4
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 150 - 265 hp
  • Consumer goods 5 - 5,7l/100km
  • Trunk 690 liters
  • Assessment 4,7

To speak of generalist European sedans is to speak of the Volkswagen Passat. Just like in the Volkswagen Golf, the German sedan has become the benchmark in its segment for the years it has been on sale and for the long list of sales it has accumulated. Something completely normal considering that the first Passat appeared on the market in 1973.

The eighth generation, with code B8, has been on sale since the end of 2014 and, as always, it is the mirror where the rest of its rivals look. The latest version of the German sedan has been launched at the end of 2023. A ninth generation that is marked by a profound design change as well as important mechanical innovations.

Technical characteristics of the Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat 2024

As in previous editions, The ninth generation of the Passat uses the MQB platform, the same as that of other models such as the Audi A3, SEAT Leon and Skoda Octavia. Given the recent launch, only the most familiar version of all has been announced, the Passat Variant, although the rest of the body styles will arrive later, including a traditional saloon and the always popular Volkswagen Passat Alltrack.

As is customary in each new generation, Volkswagen increases the size of its most famous sedan. The Passat Variant reaches 4,92 meters long, 1,85 meters wide (without mirrors) and 1,50 meters high. To these measurements we must add a wheelbase of 2,84 meters. A very generous wheelbase that allows it to offer excellent habitability in all its seats, including the second row of seats.

Thanks to excellent use of the platform, Volkswagen engineers manage to expand the Passat's cargo capacity. The bodywork Variant, the only one currently available, offers a minimum trunk volume of 690 liters. A figure that can be increased to 1.920 liters if we completely fold down the second row of seats. PHEV units are expected to take some space away from those ratios.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat 2024 side

Over the years and the appearance of more efficient forms of mobility, the Volkswagen Passat has been modifying its mechanical range. Currently the offer is made up of diesel, gasoline and also plug-in hybrid versions. In this way, the sedan manages to adapt to a wider range of buyers with classic solutions as well as more modern and sustainable ones thanks to the advantageous ECO and ZERO labels.

As for the thermal, diesel and gasoline engines, TSI and TDI, the offer is made up of four-cylinder turbocharged blocks whose powers range between 150 and 265 horsepower. One of the new features of the ninth edition of the Passat is that all units come standard with a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. The less powerful versions will only be available with front axle drive, while the more powerful ones can be combined with a 4MOTION all-wheel drive typical of the house.

For their part, the plug-in hybrid solutions use a 1,4-liter gasoline engine that is coupled with an electric motor and a 19,7 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery. Power varies between 204 and 272 horsepower with between 350 and 400 Nm of torque. Thanks to the greater capacity of its battery, the new Passat PHEV are capable of homologating 100 kilometers of electric autonomy. Management is always derived from a six-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Equipment of the Volkswagen Passat

Much of the efforts of the 2023 model are focused on improving on-board equipment. The Passat has always been a reference in the segment and in the brand for its equipment, and thanks to the introduction of new elements it is again. For now it is too early to know how the range of equipment will be made up., although the usual house levels are expected.

As expected, the Spanish offer revolves around the usual Volkswagen equipment levels. From lowest to highest standard equipment we find: base, Business and R-Line. The main differences between them lie in the base equipment, although discrepancies can also be seen at an aesthetic level with exclusive details for the sportiest unit.

Thanks to the integration of new equipment, the Passat is a technological marvel. Digital instrument panel with 10,25-inch panel, multimedia system with up to 15-inch touch screen, connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, induction charger, electric and heated seats, three-zone climate control, sunroof, LED headlights matrix, remote multimedia services, browser and Keyless access among other series of functions. Of course the battalion of driving assistants that make it a car with level 2 autonomous capability.

The Volkswagen Passat on video

The Volkswagen Passat of Km 0 and Second hand

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the oldest models on the market. Its eight generations have endured over time thanks to a more than deserved reputation for durability. In the second-hand market we find countless models for sale. Most of them are from the fifth generation onwards, that is, from a period between 1997 and 2018. Some of these models for sale can reach large figures on their odometers, reaching over 300.000 kilometers quietly.

The Passat, like the rest of the Volkswagen models, is a car that maintains its price well over time. It has a higher residual value than its closest rivals. If we do without the used and second-hand models, the Km 0 channel also has a very wide range of models. Most units pre-late 2019 facelift including hefty discounts compared to new factory-order prices. Of course, the vast majority of them mount the access engines with 150 and 190 horses.

Volkswagen Passat rivals

The Volkswagen Passat has been the benchmark in the segment for years. This has earned it good reviews but the offer of general sedans in Europe has been declining after the significant advance of SUVs. Currently, the German best-seller has several rivals in sight. in the general segment: Skoda Superb, Ford MondeoMazda6 y Peugeot 508. All of them are positioned in the D segment, and all of them are rivals for price, although the Passat is one of the most expensive.


  • Interior space
  • Extensive equipment
  • low consumption motors

To improve

  • Price somewhat high compared to the competition
  • Fair basic equipment
  • Gearbox Refinement

Volkswagen Passat Prices

Despite being located in the general category, the weight and history of the Passat mean that its prices are slightly higher than many of its rivals. Despite its record of great value for money, rates have become more expensive in recent years. The starting price for the Spanish market is 42.470 euros, an amount that is associated with the 1.5 eTSI version of 150 horses. The most expensive of all is the 2-horsepower Passat 0-150 TDI with R-Line finish. The minimum rate is 49.785 euros, without offers or promotions.

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