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The best way, for convenience, speed and cost, to test a car it is through the internet. It is true that we can hire an expert in any company specialized in the appraisal of personal property; however, its cost and procedure will be higher and more tedious for us.

Online we can count on expert experts in the field. Once we get in touch, they will be the ones to take care of the entire procedure without having to bother us. To request their services we just have to fill out a simple form filling in fields such as the personal data of the buyer and seller of the vehicle, data of the vehicle to be inspected and its location.

Differences between appraise and appraise car

What do you think is the difference between appraising and assessing a car? We can probably think that they mean the same thing, because broadly speaking, their result allows us to know the final value of a car. However, there are significant differences that separate both concepts and place each one in a different plot.

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To establish the difference between appraisal and appraisal a car, the best thing we can do is resort to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) and see what each of these terms means.

  • design: Officially set the maximum or minimum price for a commodity. It is also defined as graduating the price or value of a thing or a job
  • assess: Work or study carried out by an expert, who is an expert or expert in a science, art or trade, in order to clarify technical aspects of certain facts

An appraisal requires the use of an objective official scale with which to be able to reference the price of a good within a common spectrum. In the case of vehicles, this scale may be the one provided by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration through the Tax Agency.

In return Expertise is a more complex job that not only seeks to know the objective truth about a question, but also explains the entire process that takes the technician to arrive at the answer to said question.

The examination ends with the preparation of a long and detailed report which is used as a general rule in trials to objectively demonstrate the value of an asset. Independence is presupposed for this document, since they must be devoid of any subjective appreciation.

As a conclusion we can determine that an appraisal consists of officially setting a price based on objective parameters and common and an expert opinion is the objective explanation of facts based on specialized knowledge. If what you want is appraise a car, you can do it from the link that we just left you.

What is a car for?

The main reason why a car is appraised has to do with being affected by an accident (whether due to its own cause or caused by a third party). Given this fact, it will be the expert who must Assess the damage suffered to carry out the repair or if the vehicle is not recoverable, determine the indemnity that the vehicle's insurance company will pay to the insured. After the expert evaluation of the vehicle, a repair or compensation proposal will be issued, which is included in the expert report.

A second reason why a car can be appraised has to do with the change of insurance modality (passage of third parties or third parties extended to all risk). As a general rule, when a brand new vehicle is fully insured, the insurance policy is made at the same time that it is registered. In this case, the insurance company does not require any expert opinion, since the insurance company presumes that the vehicle has not suffered any accident.

The appraisal of this vehicle comes when we are talking about a car that has a certain age (insurance companies are the ones that determine this). If a customer purchases a mileage vehicle from an official dealership and at the time of sale it has been registered for three months, the insurance company chosen by the buyer to insure it at all risks, will ask for an expert opinion.

The reason for this expert opinion has to do with the risk assumed by the insurance company. This entity reserves the right to subscribe to an all-risk policy for a vehicle, with a certain age, until it verifies the real state of the vehicle. When the expert carries out this task, the insurance company will provide the client with an insurance proposal for a certain price and value of the vehicle, which in the event that the vehicle suffers an accident does not benefit the client or harm the insurer.

The third reason why we can appraise a car, and that many people overlook, has to do with its purchase as zero kilometer, occasion or second hand. Acquiring a vehicle from a third party without know the actual state of conservation, in which it is located, is a risk that is assumed from the moment in which its purchase is decided. For this reason, having the opinion of an expert witness is a guarantee so as not to fail in the acquisition, avoid future problems and spend a fortune to solve them. In addition, with your report in hand, we will be able to negotiate its price in a fairer way for both parties.

However, among the reasons that can cause the appraisal of a vehicle we could find the following:

  • Know the state of conservation (mechanics, sheet metal and interior) real of a vehicle
  • Reconstruction, investigation and analysis of the causes of the accident. The resolution of this investigation will determine if the cause is included in the insurance coverage.
  • In the event of a total loss, this process will determine the value of the insured vehicle (market value, market value, value of the remains...) and the damage caused to the car will be appraised.
  • In the event that the vehicle has already been repaired after an accident, with a second appraisal the condition and quality of the work carried out can be verified. In this way, it is verified that the repair has been carried out according to the initial assessment and with the guarantees of quality, safety and adequate techniques.

Where to inspect car?

To appraise a car you can do it from next page. To check the actual state of conservation of a vehicle, the expert will travel to the geographical location where the vehicle is located and carry out an exhaustive review of its exterior, interior and mechanics.

Do you want to appraise your car?

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After checking each of the areas mentioned, he will prepare the pertinent expert report which, for greater reliability and better understanding, will be accompanied by photographs and videos. In this document, which we will receive in our personal email, each of the problems or virtues that the vehicle has will be detailed and it will end by establishing what the actual state of conservation of the vehicle is.

How long does it take to inspect a car?

The time it takes to appraise a car depends mainly on two factors, although the normal thing is that the term goes from a couple of days to a week. The first factor has to do with the geographical place where you are and the second with the state in which you are. In any case, the inspection of the vehicle and the taking of the corresponding photographs and video can take a couple of hours.

To this must be added the travel time that the expert has to cover from his office to the place where the vehicle is and vice versa. Once this work has been carried out, the expert will compare the annotations that he has made with the graphic material obtained and after that he will prepare the expert report.