The 3 best polishers for the car

Easy to use car polishers

If you would like to take care of polishing the car yourself, here we are going to recommend the polishing machines with the best relation between quality and price. In addition, although they usually require some experience to achieve a perfect finish, the models that we are going to talk about can be used by anyone, even if it is their first time.

You will see that they exist three main types of polishers: rotary, broken orbitals y orbitals. The first ones are the fastest, but more difficult to use without leaving marks, the second ones are the easiest to use although they take a little longer to complete the task with them and the last ones combine the virtues of the previous two, but they are more faces.

Considering these qualities, we are going to focus on the orbitals, because it is easy to find models at a very good price and guarantee a finish without the blissful holograms. That is to say, those marks that are seen when the light hits it from certain angles and that leave the car looking unkempt.

What polisher to buy for the car?

Ginour car polisher

The first model we are going to talk about is a cheap car polisher, but not for that a bad option. It is an orbital model, with a maximum orbit of 9 mm. Which isn't much, but it's enough to avoid holograms (also called swirls).

Thank you to your 900 W, its speed when used without load is between 2.000 and 6.400 rpm, which is very suitable for polishing the car. It also features a D-shaped handle and a side handle, to make it easy to carry. comfortable and easy to use. In addition to a lock button for added security

The size of your discs is 15 cm and includes two yellow foam, two black foam, one wool felt, one Allen key to fit two carbon brushes, and one sleeve. In other words, accessories suitable not only for the car, but also for other tasks such as the treatment of leather, floors or furniture.

Batoca Car Polisher

This model is in the same price range than the Ginour, but it has some different qualities that may interest you. Moreover, in algunas of them is put at the level of a professional car polisher. For example, its speed is adjustable to a much lower speed. Its six intensity levels allow you to turn between 1.000 and 3.800 rpm, with a power of 700 w.

It doesn't have a side handle or D-type handle, but it's still comfortable to wear. It is gripped by the handle and the tip of the polisher. , lock button, functioning orbital y 15cm discs. Its accessories are somewhat different: 8 polishing sponge discs, 4 wool pads, 2 pieces of microfiber cloth and 12 sheets of sandpaper. In addition, it also includes a cover.

SPTA battery car polisher

The last model we are going to talk about is a cordless car polisher. That is to say, a very practical model for which you will not have a plug at hand when you are going to use it. Despite this, it has power and speed to spare to fulfill its mission, with 800 W y between 3.000 and 5.000 rpm. In return, he has some slightly smaller 12,5 cm discs diameter.

In addition, it has some extra advantages compared to the previous ones. For example, su orbital stroke is 15mm, so it's even easier to use without creating holograms or other marks on the car's lacquer. Due to these qualities, this battery car polisher is somewhat more expensive. Especially since it brings two batteries and is capable of run 45 minutes on a single charge.

As for its accessories, it also includes: a fast battery charger, a synthetic cleaning glove to remove dust before working, two coral microfiber velvet towels, a quick disc extraction system and a pack of three discs. of different types of polishing.

How to polish a car with a polishing machine?

You will need polish to use with the polisher

Whenever you go to polish the car there are a series of steps that are essential:

  • The first is that you have to wash it thoroughly to remove as many impurities as possible. With water, soap and a good sponge for cars is usually enough, although if your car has not been polished for a long time and has embedded impurities, it is advisable to also pass a clay bar.
  • Make sure you polish the car in a place where there is no dust or pollution, because your work will tarnish. Always better indoors and in an environment free of excess suspended particles.
  • Now it's time to apply the polish. Usually you have to start with medium polish (cut), for later remove it with a non-scratch cloth.
  • Then it's the turn of the fine polish (gloss), to leave the mirror finish of the lacquer of the car. Always changing sponge so they don't mix.
  • If you want to learn this process in more detail check out article How to polish the car: this is how the paint looks like a mirror.

What stores sell car polishers?


Amazon is the most recognized online store of the moment for several reasons. The first is that it has a tremendously extensive repertoire of products, in which, of course, you can find car polishes at a very good price. In addition, it has a very efficient messaging service and several purchase advantages if you opt for the Amazon Prime service.

Using an orbital car polisher is easier


One of the most famous DIY specialty stores of the moment. They have interesting car polishers at a good price. In addition to that they also sell them online. The downside is that their stock of products is not that extensive and you may not find an appropriate model for you.


Carrefour stores are more than a supermarket, they are department stores where you can find almost any device. For this reason, they often have car polishers in stock at a very good price. It's worth taking a look in case you find one. Although it is a chain designed for sales presence, they also have a website.


With Lidl something similar happens to Carrefour. Although their supermarkets are smaller, they have their own brands specializing in various types of appliances and tools. At the time they brought out the Lidl car polisher.

Used car polisher: is it worth it?

There are corded and cordless car polishers.

A used car polisher is also a good option, but only if you have a reputable seller and enough proof that the product is in good condition. Keep in mind that orbital polishers are mechanical devices that must work perfectly to avoid damaging the car's enamel. Still, if you find a good first-hand polisher at a low price, you better go for it.