The best impact wrenches or guns

Impact Wrenches or Guns

Una impact wrench or gun It is a very comfortable tool if you have to operate with screws. Thanks to their effectiveness, they are able to lighten our work without us having to make much effort. In addition, they allow us to loosen the bolts that resist us with a conventional key.

If you are looking for an impact gun for mechanical work or other activities, here we will update you on the different types that exist, how they work and, above all, What do you have to take into account when choosing one?. You just have to be clear about the use you are going to give it.

What is the best battery powered impact gun?

Battery-operated impact wrenches are best suited for a job site where don't always have a plug handy. If you have to go hither and thither with the gun operating in several vehicles or structures, this is your best option.

Be careful because impact guns of this type do not always include the battery and/or charger. This is because many brands have the same type of battery for several tools and assume that you may already have one or several. You should also make sure you have the adequate power and capacity to perform its function with ease. Taking into account its relationship between quality and price, a good option is the VonHaus impact wrench/gun.

It includes everything you need to use it from its first charge, plus a carrying case. Thank you to your 20 V, is capable of turning at 2.200 rpm and hit 2.700 per minute. So it is very fast within its segment. All this with a maximum torque of 240 Nm. That is, more than enough for any car wheel.

Su battery has a 3Ah capacity, with which it can function long enough to remove around 60 wheels. Besides, his Quick Charger allows you to fully recharge it in just 75 minutes.

What is the best electric impact gun?

These pistols are indicated if you are going to have a plug nearby when you work. Something typical of a private garage or a workshop with many shots. What you should keep in mind with this type of keys, if you are going to work on a car or motorcycleIs that you don't need a towering pair. There are those of more than 1.500 Nm, but with a 450 Nm, you have more than enough for the bolts of a light vehicle.

If that's your case, the Einhell CC-IW 950 Impact Wrench It is a highly recommended electric model for its low cost and its good qualities. Includes a briefcase and four pipe wrenches of 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm. Have 950 W of power and turns to 2.300 rpm. In other words, a very capable device for workshop applications. The only drawback is that its cable is 2 meters long. But it's nothing that can't be fixed with an extension cord.

12v electric impact wrenches

Here it is also worth mentioning the impact wrenches that work with 12V DC. They are very useful if what you want is keep a gun handy in your car. Those that work with the 12 V plug of the cigarette lighter, usually have a little less power, but enough for the bolts of the wheels. For the most powerful we recommend a adapter that goes directly to the battery of the car. This way you avoid damaging a fuse, because it may be too powerful for your 12 V socket.

Within this category, a good pistol is the Mannesmann M01725. His main virtues is that has keys of tube in the package, this time in 17, 19, 21 and 23 mm, and it is very compact so it doesn't bother in the trunk. In addition, it is very powerful for a 12 V, with 340 Nm.

What is the best pneumatic impact gun?

Here you also have to be careful because this type of pistol need a compressor. They work thanks to the air pressure that supplies them, they are very reliable, capable and cheap. In addition, the compressor is used to power various types of tools, which are also usually cheaper than their electric versions. That is why they are very common in workshops.

pneumatic impact wrench

You should only go for a pneumatic impact gun if you have a compressor with the right characteristics to make it work or do you plan to buy one. Common specifications for these guns are 6 bar pressure, with a flow rate of 150 liters per minute.

A good example is the Michelin CA-6710850000, which works to 7.000 rpm and is able to deliver 350 Nm of torque, despite its contained price. It also includes a most complete socket wrench set than the others, lubricant, nozzle y briefcase Lasted.

What is an impact gun?

electric impact gun

These tools are very similar to a simple drill but actually work in a very different way. When your engine reaches certain revolutions, the two hammers that have inside they go off and turn the key. This allows them hit thousands of times per minute. For example, the VonHaus pistol rotates at 2.200 rpm and strikes 2.700 times per minute.

Due to this operation, the sockets used with them should not be of any type. At least if you want them to last many uses in good condition. For example, the chrome ones are not the most suitable for an impact gun, because the coating will be removed and the steel they were supposed to protect will be exposed.

Impact wrenches use centrifugal force and internal hammers

Instead, it is recommended that they have a bluing treatment. That is, an iron oxide film that gives the key a matte black finish. You will see that those that come with many models are not of this type. This is so, partly to save and partly because the use that an individual gives it is not as demanding as that of a specialized professional.

As to socket wrench material, you have to be much stricter. If it's not right, they can go bad with just one or two high-torque uses. those of chrome vanadium (Cr_V) have the right hardness to withstand the blows of these machines. Although the best are chrome molybdenum (Cr_Mo), because they are even more resistant and therefore suitable for more intensive use or for very powerful pistols.

What is an impact wrench for?

battery impact wrench

The primary use of impact wrenches or wrenches is loosen screws. With them, it is very easy to remove the typical stuck wheel bolts, which we are not able to remove with a conventional key. A frequent situation, for example, when they have been tightened in a workshop by means of a machine.

Leaving aside the problems to remove the wheel bolts, this type of device also offers advantages such as a greater speed and comfort in this type of operations. Changing a wheel becomes an easy operation, in which you do not have to make any effort.

12V electric impact wrench

They also serve to replace the bolts of a wheel. Although if you want to do it with precision, a high torque torque wrench, because they allow you to tighten them with just the right amount of force recommended by the manufacturer. In any case, it can also be tightened with an impact wrench following these recommendations:

  • Install the screws by hand beforeuntil they turn no more. If you do it directly with the gun, it is possible that you put them wrong without realizing it and spoil the thread (cross-threading).
  • Hold the gun steady to avoid wrist injury.
  • As always, go tightening each screw in star. In other words, always continue on one of the opposite ones, to make sure that the wheel is perfectly engaged in its place.