Fault in the diesel heaters: the dreaded faults of the glow plugs

Volkswagen glow plug warning light

Diesel engines do not have conventional spark plugs. Those strange elements that from one day to the next made our grandparents' gasoline cars stop working. However, what they do carry are other elements called heaters or glow plugs, whose faults can cause our diesel car ends up working very badly when cold or that it directly stops starting. Other names by which they are known are preheaters o glow plugs.

Nowadays, practically all diesel engines have a glow plug warning light. And those who do not have it, at least turn on the light of engine failure, to indicate that something is wrong. When the ignition is activated, all the lights come on for three or four seconds and then go off, indicating that everything is correct to start the engine. If during normal driving of the vehicle the warning light comes on, does not go off after starting or stays blinking, possibly the car has a fault in one or more heaters (normally diesel engines have a preheater for each cylinder).

Note that some models only warn of the fault for 20 or 30 seconds and then turn off so as not to interfere with normal driving. Other models may also display a warning on the on-board computer screen, with a text similar to: "check glow plugs".

What are glow plugs used for?

The mission of these small elements is facilitate the cold start of the enginesdiesel. In addition, they may also be required for a short period of time after start-up, in order to achieve stable engine operation and limit polluting emissions.

In reality, they are nothing more than metal pieces that glow when the contact is activated. Thanks to this, they help to heat the air and combustion chambers the motor. In the engines of direct injection They are not as necessary as in the old pre-chamber ones, but they are still needed in very adverse weather conditions.

How temperature and altitude affect the engine. At Pikes Peak both factors come together.
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Diesel heater, also called glow plug or glow plug, as you can see in this picture

How to know if the diesel heaters fail?

This breakdown is especially noticeable in winter, although in summer it also affects the correct starting of the car. The main indicator of fault is the warning light for the preheating plugs. Although this light will not always work, if the heaters have only lost part of their capabilities.

Therefore, to know if you have one or more heaters out of action, you should pay attention to symptoms such as:

  • that from time to time the engine has a harder time starting
  • the light takes longer than necessary to turn off
  • the exhaust pipe expels a gray or white smoke that previously did not broadcast
  • After starting the engine, there are several knocking, rattling sounds and the engine seems to misfire. That is, unstable operation until it heats up.
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Location of glow plugs or Diesel heaters

How to change the glow plugs?

As with many auto mechanic jobs, replacing diesel glow plugs can be easy task or hell. It depends a lot on the car model and the type of motor what a mount Normally they do not have more than a thread to the motor and an electrical connection, but the difficulty lies in more or less easily accessible them through the engine compartment.

They usually go located in the buttvery close to the injectors and they are easily located thanks to the electrical connection they have on their heads. It is convenient to pay attention since the motor usually has some indentation or notch to be able to insert the key and unscrew them without problems. Of course, you will have to have new ones glow plugs suitable for your model. In Amazon you can enter your car so that it tells you which ones are compatible.

Diesel Preheater Parts

Like most of the elements that are threaded in the cylinder head, it is necessary to treat them with extreme delicacy. The steps to follow are those:

  • The first thing is to remove the engine cover, which is normally screwed or held by tabs.
  • Disconnect the car battery.
  • Then you have to locate the electrical connection of the heaters. Normally it is a bridge, which is nothing more than a cable with several washers that are attached to each of the heaters. To remove it, you just have to release the hooks with a wrench or screwdriver, as required by the model.
  • Once the heaters are uncovered, proceed to carefully loosen them. If they resist, it will always be helpful to spray abundantly with alojalotodo, let it act and insist by turning and giving small dry taps.
  • Important notice: you must not go overboard, because you would not be the first to break the heater and force the cylinder head to be disassembled to remove the thread that has remained inside.
  • Once loose, you must fit the new heater soon so that dirt does not enter the engine. Asqueeze it with a torque wrench with the torque indicated by the manufacturer (normally between 10-20 Nm or a little more).
  • Reconnect the jumper or wire that supplies power to each heater.
  • Plug the battery back in.

How to locate the faulty engine heater?

Where is the diesel heater that does not work

If we are not going to change the four diesel glow plugs, we will have to locate where the fault is. For this we can proceed in several ways, being necessary (or not) to remove them from the engine. Diesel glow plugs normally receive current through the positive pole of the head (thread on one end), while the negative ground is made by the body that is threaded to the engine.

taking out the heaters

  1. Removing the glow plugs from the engine and jump-starting it with jump starter clips. To do it safely follow these steps:
    • Place the clamps on the battery: the black cable on the negative terminal and the red cable on the positive terminal. That the metal parts of the tweezers do not touch each other, or yourself, or that they conduct electricity.
    • Place the black (negative) clamp on the threads of the heater body.
    • Hook the red (positive) on the thread of the heater head, at one end.
    • Count the time it takes for the other end of the heater to glow. If it oscillates between 4 and 6 seconds, the heater is in perfect condition. When it takes longer, it is that you start to fail. If it exceeds 15 seconds or directly never heats up, it means that the heater is bad.
  2. Once you have them out it is also convenient check them with a multimeter or tester:
    • Set the multimeter to continuity. For them you just have to turn the rotary knob to the position marked with the symbol of a loudspeaker and/or an arrow with a vertical line.
    • Place the black (negative) lead of the multimeter on the threaded body and the positive (red) lead on the heater head, which is the threaded end.
    • If the multimeter beeps, it means that there is continuity and the spark plug still works. Although it is better to test connecting it to the battery because that is where you see if it heats up fast enough.

diesel heaters

Without removing the heaters from the engine

  1. Without removing them from the motor, pass current to the heater and measure the intensity (in amps) that each one consumes. For this, an ammeter must be inserted in series that admits a good number of amps or we will melt it. The heater that consumes the least (or that shows zero directly) will be the most damaged.
  2. Without removing them from the motor, measuring the internal resistance that it has between the positive pole and the ground. To do this we simply have to unplug the electrical connection and insert the multimeter between the positive pole and the ground of the motor itself. A heater normally has between 1 and 3 ohms of resistance, if we get a very high resistance reading the heater is shorted and needs to be replaced.

If your engine heaters are located in an accessible position, the method of removing them and connecting them to the battery is the most recommended for its reliability. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In cases where you can't easily get to them, the method of measuring internal resistance is reliable enough to tell if they work. Also, it is safer because there is no risk of sparks or burns and it is quite comfortable.

Types of diesel heater failure

Notably the usual fault is that the resistance of the heater breaks. In these cases it will not consume current, it will have almost infinite resistance (measurement Ω of the multimeter or tester) and it will not work at all.

Other times it will only partially break, short-circuit, or shunt slightly. In which case it will continue to work although it will heat much less. So it will not become incandescent or it will take a long time. So it will be more difficult to detect with the multimeter and the on-board computer will not always be able to detect it. To avoid this, it is always advisable to follow the car's maintenance plan and change them when necessary.

How to use a multimeter
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A multimeter is used to know what state the diesel heater is in

How much does it cost to change heaters or glow plugs?

Unit price of glow plug depends a lot on the model, but approximately they start from 15 euros to about 50 euros, for tourism-type vehicles. In the workshop, the labor to be applied also varies enormously, from 1 hour or less for simple cars, up to 3-4 hours depending on the elements that need to be disassembled. There are engines that require removing the filter box, the alternator, the EGR valve and a long etc of organs, before dismantling the glow plugs.

In general it is not an expensive fault, and the good thing is that in a modern car it's hard for us to stay put for this reason. The bad thing is that precisely for this reason, many drivers are postponing the repair more than necessary. Something that you should not fall into either because it can cause breakdowns in other parts of the vehicle.

When to change diesel glow plugs?

used diesel heater

The most common is that diesel heaters have to be changed every 120.000km. Although this figure is not fixed, most manufacturers, who sell these components to brands, recommend this mileage as the right time to change them. Nevertheless, they can also deteriorate prematurely due to a defect in its assembly or manufacture.

As in almost any product, car brands manage to achieve very different levels of reliability. Diesel heaters are not the most common failures (except for age), but they are less likely to fail prematurely if they belong to a more reliable model. In the next video You can see the OCU's 2020 Reliability and Satisfaction survey. You will see that there is more of a striking contrast between number of breakdowns and price.

Like many of the parts found in a car in groups (such as spark plugs of a gasoline engine), it suits change them all at the same time when doing this operation. If you don't do it like that, decompensation could be caused inside the engine because of the difference between the new ones and the old ones. Where this imbalance would be most noticeable is when starting, at which time some cylinders would burn badly and others well.

If before 120.000 km the car has problems starting cold, and you don't have battery problems or starter, it is quite possible that the heaters will need to be replaced ahead of time. As we have already told you, this number of kilometers is only a recommendation and It can vary a lot depending on the use that has been given to the engine..

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Diesel glow plugs last longer on long hauls instead of many short ones

For example, diesel heaters they wear more when doing many short trips. 120.000 km in which the car has been started 4.800 times is not the same as that same mileage having only been started 600 times. That is the difference between making trips with an average of 25 km (typical to go to work) and an average of 200 km.

It also usually happens that, being very resistant pieces never stop workingbut let them do it less effectively. This will cause you to have problems starting up, but you always end up getting it. Although the characteristic white or gray smoke that we have mentioned before comes out. If you see that this is the case, it is better that you change them even if you are still able to start, leaving the engine in that state can cause other breakdowns or decrease its useful life.

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  1.   Theodore Renedo said

    what to do if a heater breaks when removing it

    1.    louis gaton said

      To prevent it from breaking when removing it, it is best to spread them with a little thermal grease before screwing them on and apply plenty of loosen all day before disassembling them. If it is already broken... depending on where it was broken and the available space, you can try to loosen it with a pressure wrench or if not, you will have to drill and tap a left-hand drill in the piece of the piece that remains.

      1.    Elizabeth said

        Hello, I have a Fiat Escudo from the year 2005 2.0
        The fact is that the heaters broke and my mechanic changed three because the fourth had no way to remove it.
        I change the battery that was at 58% more or less to make sure it starts
        My question is... Is there a problem because I circulate every day with one heater less? If the van has 4, it will not affect me in any way to start with only 3?
        Thanks in advance

  2.   Joseph said

    I have a 2008 nissan frontier qd32 engine. I tried the heaters directly to the battery and they are fine but if I do the normal ignition with the timer it does not turn on but after three I start with the battery they tell me that it is the timer coolant

    1.    louis gaton said

      If the heaters are fine, it will be the control unit that governs them or the relay that lets the voltage pass.

  3.   David said

    How are you? I have an old car model 96 clio 1,9 diesel some time ago that when it started it blew white smoke for a few seconds and it passed, but it turns out that for some time now the white smoke has disappeared at 60° and it was difficult to start cold, I went to the mechanic He told me that they were the heaters, we changed them, this improved the starting but not the white smoke, but the problem is that after 20 days I had to change them again and the white smoke tripled. What fault causes the heaters to last so little and the white smoke? Thank you greetings from Argentina!!

    1.    louis gaton said

      David, that white smoke could be oil that is rising inside the cylinders or directly water from the head gasket. He reviews both levels and sees if they hold up, because that's where the main problem comes from.

  4.   Luis said

    Hi…can you start a diesel engine with two good glow plugs?

    1.    louis gaton said

      Short answer: yes, you can start with just two heaters. Long answer: yes, but not always. It depends on the type of engine, and also on many things, such as the compression of the engine, the outside temperature, the RPM that the starter motor can take and even the quality of the fuel.

  5.   paco said

    What's up, friend, good afternoon, I have a 2000 tdi beetle, the check appears, I already took out the codes and investigated and it turned out to be a glow plug and the acceleration sensor, but here the problem is that my car sometimes turns off and even turns on. again the check at the time of opening the key starts will be due to a problem with the preheaters or the acceleration sensor

    1.    louis gaton said

      Paco, if the engine is already running and at normal temperature, it is impossible for it to turn off due to problems with the glow plugs (unless they are not tightened in the block, which is unlikely)

  6.   Michel said

    Hello, a question to me directly, the preheating light does not come on and it does not want to start the car, is that why?

  7.   paco said

    Mmmm well, any idea of ​​what could be a friend? It gives me this code p1631 is a beetle 2000 tdi the vdd I can't find what it is or rather what is that sensor your help would be very important thanks and greetings from Jalisco

    1.    louis gaton said

      Paco, the code P1631 is quite common in Volkswagen and is usually related to the accelerator pedal or throttle body sensor. It could also be the wiring that makes false contact.

  8.   jhoel said

    Thanks for the answer, I have a Great Wall Wingle 4 × 2 truck, and I get the check and it hasn't started for two days, the area where I live is above 4300 meters above sea level,
    I brought a new battery, and every time I turn on the preheater the battery goes down like this, I try to start and the battery no longer has a charge.

  9.   Miguel said

    Hello, I changed the 4 heaters and it is still difficult to start, what could it be?

  10.   efrain flowers said

    Hello, I have a 2006 euro van, diesel has a hard time starting when it's cold, before it did it in high places at 2000 meters, now it does it in places at sea level when the temperature drops. At the time of starting it does not make any noise until after 10 seconds and it starts, what could it be? Thank you

  11.   jacqueline said

    Hello, I have a 97 Ford Fiesta, could it be that a shorted spark plug causes the alternator to burn? I had a bad spark plug and after changing it that same day the battery was completely discharged because the alternator was not charging well or it burned for another reason. Thank you

  12.   Rodrigo said

    Hi, I have a vw gol format 1.9 diesel 2005, the issue is that the heating light or warning light comes on, but the car does not start, and there is a smell like burning plastic, could it be the heaters?

  13.   Jhonatan said

    Hello, it's been about 5 months since I bought a Mini One from 2003 and it hasn't been cheap at all, €5.500 for the stroller and anyway... at first glance it seemed to be fine, some scratches, the tires a bit eaten by the edges of hit the curbs when parking, etc... the seat is worn, but hey, a really cool car that runs like a charm and that didn't give any problems, until very recently, like a month that it takes a lot to start, it doesn't turn on no witnesses or anything, but you have to wait 15 or 20 seconds, give it a start and hopefully you'll get it, sometimes it's the second or third and in each attempt I leave the 15 or 20 seconds of waiting in the middle.

    The problem is no longer that, it is that every time I hit a pothole the warning light for the kind of spring that you see in the image you put up starts to flash and my car turns off, but in the middle of the highway or wherever , it's a danger. I have to turn off the ignition, wait 15 or 20 seconds standing on the shoulder with my emergency lights on and start again, let's go a disaster...

    The manual that the car comes with is in German, because truly, although the car is from 2003, it has been in circulation since 2007 or 2008 since it is an import and it was on display in Germany, so it should not cause problems and in the instructions it says something about Diesel, because it's diesel, but I don't know what it means, if it's the injectors or what... does anyone have a slight idea?

    Thank you.

    1.    Almudena said

      It's the heaters, the same thing happened to me this month and since I was already worried because it was stuck on some hill and there was no way to get it out of there, I took it to the workshop. They solve it in a couple of hours and in total with labor and everything has been less than €150

    2.    nicolas said

      It is the engine revolution sensor. A cable that goes to the signal and ends with a piece with a magnet inside. It is almost attached to the lowest engine pulley. It is not the alternator or water pump pulley.

  14.   Juan Silva said

    Hello, I have a chrysler grand voyager 2,8 crd auto. 2006 I have a problem starting not always and from May to October less. And I don't know what the problem is. Can you help me to know where it fails... thanks

  15.   jose said

    I have a 2500 mazda B2001 diesel it starts only pushed, the injectors and injection pump were checked

  16.   Ulysses Moreno said

    hello, good morning… I have a Volkswagen Crafter model 2011 and the preheater light comes on, the thing is that when you start it up it doesn't come on but after a few minutes you move it around and rev it to more than 2000 rpm the engine comes on preheater warning light and the truck no longer accelerates more than 2000rpm even if you press all the pedal on it... please if you could help me I would really appreciate it

  17.   Edwin Freire Bastidas said

    I have a mazda btu50 truck, the problem is that the preheating plugs, after starting and starting the vehicle, the plugs stay on, I don't know what the problem is, the fuse was changed, and nothing. I want to know what to do, or is there another place where it depends on the spark plugs

  18.   Eugenia said

    Hello, I have a 95 diesel path, it stopped starting cold, today I gave the battery positive to one of the heaters and it started right away (starts hot, spark goes to all 4 heaters), preg will be spark plugs, fuse or something else??? someone who knows?

  19.   Jacint Planas said

    Hello Luis, first of all thank you for this post for its great explanation. I wanted to ask you what to do if the error comes from the control unit or the relay. Thank you very much!

    1.    louis gaton said

      If it is the relay or the control unit, these elements rarely pay to be repaired, so you may have to put them in new ones.

  20.   Rafael said

    Hello, my question is I have a jepp with an FR engine and when it turns on it rattles and returns the water from the radiator to the little pot, then it is removed and when it has been running for a while it comes back and whoever gives me the answer does it

  21.   adrian said

    the heater warning light does not turn on and does not start at times it starts without the warning light obviously if I push it it starts what can happen it is a partner mod 2000

  22.   George said

    Good morning, they sell me a 2003 tdi beetle, do you recommend it?

  23.   Josep said

    Hi, I have a 2012 ford transit and when I accelerate a little more for a climb I hear a louder noise from the engine, I have taken it to the mechanic and he told me that it is the heaters. Do you think this could be it?

  24.   Alex said

    Hello, I have a fiat brava from 2001 diesel, I changed the heaters but it has a hard time starting and the heater light shows me but it turns off and does not blink anymore, what could it be?

  25.   Alex said

    sorry fiat brava 19td from 2001

  26.   Mari said

    Hello. I have a 2004 renault clio diesel. This pilot light comes on every 2 or 3 months, both when starting it and when running down the street. The trusted mechanic told me not to give it importance but here I read something else…. What do you advise me? Is it dangerous to put it into operation with this pilot?

  27.   franxua said

    Hello. I have a Hyundai H1 that does not turn off the warning light. The heaters have been changed and the relay checked, checking that they have current. What else can it be?

  28.   fabian said

    Hello, I changed spark plugs and the problem continues, it is difficult to start. I saw the system fuse, it was cut, replace, I start and generate short. I disconnect to test timer and it gives about 20 seconds and cuts. I go to the connection of the spark plugs, testing with current and it is short, I think that something causes mass or cut. Could it be that they come from the factory bad or is there another problem? Thanks for the help. hyundai matrix

  29.   Jose Carlos Corpa Peral said

    Hello, I have a Peugeot Partner diesel. For a couple of weeks it has been very difficult to start, especially first thing in the morning, since as the day progresses it costs but less. The battery has a green charged light, so I imagine it's not that, I think it's the heaters. My main question is if it can have negative consequences for other parts of the vehicle (eg engine, battery, etc) if it is started by force in these conditions and if it should not be moved until it is repaired. Thank you very much

  30.   Gonzalo said

    Hi, I have a canopy and when I put it in contact with my hair, it appears and disappears right away and the car doesn't start. I already changed the spark plugs and the same thing continues. The heater is only 3 months old. I appreciate your response, thank you very much.

  31.   Peugeot said

    I have a Peugeot partner 1.6 hdi and my problem is that the glow plug warning light does not come on at any time and there are no starting problems. They told me that since it is hdi, the compression ratio is higher, that is why it manages to start. They also told me that the warning light did not light due to one or more bad spark plugs, but I do not see the sense of this answer.

  32.   lucas said

    good I have a volkswagen tiguan diesel automatic ... it has a similar problem! the preheater light comes on and the car loses power... what could it be? thanks greetings

  33.   Reda said

    Hello, I have a seat Toledo from 29/05/1999 td 110 diesel gentlemen, my problem is that it is difficult to scratch it and when I got it, if the light stays on, that orange color d (bujeas) is paid and it gets darker and the accelerator does not go and the engine with a bit of relante .. please, what is the problem, will it be with the bushings or the accelerator cable

  34.   Francisco said

    I have a vw polo 1400 tdi, the light blinks, I don't know if it's from the heaters because it starts perfectly. Sometimes it turns off and in a season it does not blink.
    When I turn on the car it never comes on even though I always turn on the ignition, I wait a few seconds for the warning lights to turn off. It will have something else damaged or it will be a heater.

  35.   jose antonio said

    hello I have a chrysler voyager td from 99 at the beginning I know that the preheating warning light was on and now it turns off but it does not start I have to start it with auto start will it be a glow plug? If I don't start it in a few days, a lot of white smoke comes out, what can I do? Thanks

  36.   Charles Albert said

    Hello, I have a 1997 Peugeot experdel van and for a while here in the morning I am going to start it and the heating warning light starts to blink, the light is deficient and does not turn on, I took out the heaters and it has one that does not turn on with the test of the battery this may be the fault

  37.   with said

    good night everyone, my problem is that I have a 2004 volkswagen touran, and the problem is that when I turn on the ignition and the orange light of the heaters stays on and turns off, the car does not start and when it turns off it starts, the problem is that sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't, and I did the diagnosis and got the code 16988 Engine control module - RAM memory error. what would be the problem? Thanks in advance

  38.   Caesar Salad said

    Hello, I have a Toyota Noah and when I contact and wait about 14 seconds and start it, the heater turns off and if I contact it and start it, the heater does not turn off, that is, the relay is stuck and the spark plugs burn if you can help me

  39.   CRISTIAN said


    1.    Josep said

      I don't think it will be because of these things that you tell me that you lose diesel. It may be that you do not have a good adjustment of tappets or valves.

  40.   Kiko said

    Hi, I have a microcar that won't start and I've changed the heaters and nothing, the preheating warning light comes on at low intensity and doesn't turn off, it has a digital panel and it's from 2008.
    Receive a cordial greeting and thank you.

  41.   Ricardo Jose Marconi said

    I have a fiat 147 diesel model 94
    And my preheater box burns
    of spark plugs,
    What can be?

  42.   alberto said

    I have a 2007 citroen berlingo, my glow plugs burn out very often, I tried with different brands, it could be some other problem or poor quality plugs.
    I appreciate you answer me.

  43.   iris said

    Good morning Luis! congratulations and thanks for her post it has been very useful to me I am a mrs. that she does school transportation in a 2009 kia pregio and in the mornings she presents that problem.

  44.   Sergio Vasquez said

    good I have a chrysley country 2008 2.8 diesel crd the heaters do not work through the ignition but when connecting them directly to the battery they work what could be the problem

  45.   Antonio said

    Hello Luis, I have an old Reanult trafic.
    My problem is that when I start cold the preheater light comes on. It boots without problems.
    When I turn off the engine and try to start it, the warning light does not come on. even with the
    Cold engine does not start either and it is quite hard to start. Several hours have to pass, usually the next day, for the warning light to turn on again without problems. Do you think it could be the heaters?
    thank you very much for your help

  46.   Alvaro said

    Very good evening, and thanks in advance!
    Let me tell you ;
    I just bought a car, it's a 2002 ford mondeo ghia today while I was doing a trip of about 200km at approx 170 the pilot light that all the diesels have came on before starting it, for a few seconds. When it turned on quickly I stopped on the side of the road and as I got nervous I don't know if I turned it off or the car stopped directly, could it be? What do I stop? But I have waited a couple of minutes and I have started the car and everything is normal, but I have been a little scratched… Since I just bought it… If you can help me, I would appreciate it, greetings

  47.   francisco javier said

    I have an opel zafira and after changing the heaters it's still hard to start when it gets cold

    1.    Miguel said

      hello, that could be the battery, solution to measure the battery, it has to be above 13v, when stopping the car and after letting it rest the next day continue the same if it goes down to 12 or measures 12v wrong. it will have to be replaced. good luck

  48.   Luis Miguel said

    Hello, I have a skoda superb 3u4 1.9 tdi 130cv 250.000 km year 2003. It's been a few months since the glow plug warning light doesn't turn off immediately and it takes several seconds (approx 10) and sometimes they turn off immediately. In turn, when starting the car, it revs up to 1100-1300 rpm, whether it is hot or cold, without a fixed criterion, because although it does it regularly, it is not always, when it is like this I notice vibrations in the car, which according to stabilizes at idle disappear. Thanks in advance and see if you can help me. Cheers

    1.    Jorge Cascallana Fernandez said

      hello, good, I have the same car and the same problem, I haven't taken it to the workshop yet but from what I've read I think it's going to be the coolant sensor, have you already solved it?? greetings

  49.   Noah Domingo Sales said

    Hello, I have a 2003 volkswagen jetta tdi, it is hard to start when it is cold, I already checked the heaters and they are fine, but note that when the switch is on, the dashboard indicator lasts 1 second on but no power reaches the heaters until I give it the shelves, it will have some electronic problem

  50.   omar said

    Hello good evening I have a Peugeot 307 hdi. It doesn't start or if it starts the engine turns off quickly even though I accelerate it doesn't go. He tells me one k is the pump and another k are the injectors. But gasoi cercola is not from the diesel pump right???

  51.   Alexander said


    1.    Miguel said

      Hello, that could be the heaters, but also the battery, if it is not in good condition, it may not give enough to feed the spark plugs. solution measure the heaters and measure the battery. the battery should measure close to 13 when turning off the car and check that it remains the same the next day leaving the car unused. if it goes down to 5 v wrong. The spark plugs look at the brand and model and compare them with the information of the manufacturer of the spark plug on the internet. Since some work at 12 ohms and others up to 3 ohms or more. Good luck.

  52.   Hector Beltrán Villa said

    Hello, I have a 2008 ssanyong sport action, the glow plug indicator turns on when I make contact, it turns off, I start the engine, and after 2 seconds. The indicator comes on again remove the spark plugs number 3 was burned out the other 3 were like new change the 4 the same thing happens disconnect the system from the box where the system is fed. Take out the relay and fuses that indicate Heater and the pilot light or indicator is still understood, which can be ??????????? Attentive to your answer

    Greetings Hector Beltran Villa

    1.    Miguel said

      hello, I also have a 2007 ssangyong and what happened to me is that the engine temperature fault turned on, after changing the thermostat twice and the temperature sensor, it turned out to be the motor cables that were short-circuited; repair 605,00 euros new cables and solved the problem. I hope it is not your problem. another thing the spark plugs have 4 colors, it depends on the engine, yellow, orange, black and green if you put the color that does not correspond to your engine it will give you a fault. another thing the spark plugs are checked at 11 ohms. luck .

  53.   James said

    Hello, good afternoon, I have a question. I have a peugeot expert car from 2004. When the car is cold, it starts fine, but when it is running and it is hot at 85 degrees, I stop it and it doesn't start, because it is cold, what could it be, please, thank you.

  54.   Victor said

    I have a 2002 peugeot boxer and the heater pilot light does not come on and the engine does not work what must be done to make it work

  55.   ALEJANDRO said



  56.   Flor Salamanca Fernandez said

    I have a cold Citroen Jumper III truck when it goes more than a day without turning on, the ignition is difficult. Changed all four glow plugs but still the same fault. What can be? The mechanic told me that I had a short and checked the electrical part.

    Thank you for your guidance.

    1.    Michael Angel Denis said


  57.   Miguel said

    well, measuring resistance is complicated, since everything depends on the type of heater and brand. there are plugs that measure up to 11 ohms or more, and it all depends on the engine. There are videos that show you that you can check them on just by lifting the hood and bringing them closer to the heater and if it sparks, it's fine, too bad. Because if it's short-circuited inside it will also spark but it won't work well or it won't work, if it's derived from mass will also make a spark but it will not work. Theirs is to measure the resistance with the appropriate information, brand, model, I have information from the manufacturer of the heater and then if they measure and compare each one.

  58.   Sergio said

    What can be affected collaterally if we extend the repair of the heaters?

    1.    Miguel said

      Hello Well, in principle, nothing, only that it costs you more to start and you consume more battery to pull the starter motor and if it is not new or good, it drops a lot, but then it recovers in a long driving section.

  59.   blas said

    Hello, I would like to know where the heater relay of a nissan note 1.5 dci 68cv from 2006 is located.

  60.   Javier Valcarce said

    Luis Gaton doesn't respond to almost anyone...


    HELLO, Gaston, my name is Sebastian, I have a 206 1.9 model 99, apart from the fact that I come with several problems in the Poly V and the oil consumption is high, my mechanic told me that I had a problem with a heater, it started me up but it was throwing white smoke and I had to speed it up a little so that it regulates well, the point is that these days, I start it up I speed it up a couple of times so that it regulates, it gives me a puff of black smoke and it goes out, from there I don't start more, the engine turns but does not start, do you think it could be the heaters, that more than one has broken? and it no longer starts- Thank you greetings

  62.   Miguel said

    Hello, when you accelerate it, the puff of black smoke is due to the fact that it is a diesel and it accumulates carbon, while driving in the city, the solution is to take it in third gear at 100 or 120 km/h on the highway, for 5 km. the white smoke when starting it is normal due to the mixture at idle. it is an old model, little technology and more engine, you would have to better specify the symptoms and at what time. luck

  63.   MAGNO said

    I have a 1993 toyota starlet 1n diesel engine. I test the heaters directly to the battery and they are fine but if I do the normal ignition with the timer it does not turn on but at six I start with the battery

  64.   MAGNO said

    I have a 1993 toyota starlet 1n diesel engine. I test the heaters directly to the battery and they are fine, but if I do the normal ignition with the timer, it does not turn on until after six, it starts with the battery. that could be happening? Thanks in advance for the answer.


    hello good morning I have a 1993 diesel toyota starlet it was dialing well and suddenly it appeared emitting a lot of smoke and when I leave it on for an average of an hour a little smoke goes down but not all of it and the engine shakes, also cylinder 1 does not work what It can be friends, I await your response, thanks

  66.   antonio said

    hello good I have a Peugeot 206 and the case that or it started cold and when it started it emitted white smoke the case that I changed the heaters and the problem continues my question is it could be from the relay of the heaters I would appreciate help if this could be the case thanks greetings

  67.   Mario said

    Hello. I have. Been reading almost every post. I have another problem, and I don't know if the spark plugs can also influence. I don't have starting problems or anything that affects my driving, but every time the heater warning light comes on, my braking system fails, and I mean the taillights. Last year before passing the ITV, the mechanic changed the control panel for the lights because he said that it was what was causing problems. But, can it be a reason to affect the lights???

    1.    Gustavo said

      Hello, Mario, I have a Peugeot 196 Diedel with a similar problem and they told me that it could be a suck of air or the valves must be the ignition ones.

  68.   Gustavo said

    Hello, I have a peugoet 106 diesel and it does not start when cold, I measured the spark plugs and none of them cut off, but each one has approximately 1,3 ohms of resistance. The heater goes between 10 and 11 volts when it is preheating but it does not start, they told me that it could be that it has an air leak or the valves are in force, thanks

  69.   Antonio said

    Hello, I have a seat ibiza 2003 1.9 tdi 100cv and recently I looked at the general picture and the preheating light is flashing, I asked some of them and they told me to look at the brake lights that could be why, but my question is tomorrow I have I have to go somewhere and I have to go by car, nothing happens?

  70.   Florence said

    Hello, I have a Volkswagen Fox model 2008, when we bought it it ran fine for a month and then the preheating system light began to appear and it was blinking and it was very difficult to start it, once it started you could walk for a minute or two and it began to fail until the engine stopped. We took it to be fixed and supposedly they said it was the pump, so they fixed the pump. For a while it was perfect and then again it started to fail, for a while it works fine and then it fails. We took it to several mechanics, the sad thing is that nobody knows what it is, and we don't know what else to do.

  71.   edinson market said

    Good night, I hope you are well, my d-max truck has ignition problems in the morning. It is possible that a single glow plug does not let me start the engine and does not show the resistance mark on the talero, thanks

  72.   Miguel Garcia said

    hi how are things !
    my situation is as follows, i have a vw vento 2014 a few days ago the warning light came on in the form of a spiral
    Investigating I find that it is about the preheaters, I took it to the agency for review, they tell me that it has nothing that they checked the battery as well as some electrical components without finding any problem resetting with a scanner. A day goes by and the warning light turns on again, my car has no problem starting, the situation is that it even turned on the check and when I rev it up to make the changes, since it is standard, the car is shocked, I hope you can help me with this information
    I am looking for a diesel mechanic since I do not trust the agency and it is my first diesel car which I love.



  74.   severino said

    I have a seat ibiza 1.9 sdi from 2003 it was hard to start now it doesn't start anymore the heaters are fine I changed the relay but it still won't start and the heater light goes off after a second

  75.   Pedro said

    I bought a new Kia Soul in 2009, and being under warranty (4 years with about 50.000 km.) I already had to change the heaters on my own, Kia was not responsible, arguing that it was normal wear. 4 years later, with 101.000 km. I have to change it back. I think that this wear of the heaters is not normal with so few kilometers and time. The model is KIA SOUL DIESEL OF THE YEAR 2009, 128 CV. Can you tell me if this heater wear problem is normal and there is something wrong? And if it is not normal, where can I present my claim to KIA and how?

  76.   Carlos said

    the timer preheater of the spark plugs of the goal 1.6 diesel model 1999, how long does it leave them on….control if they have tension for 3.5 minutes…?…it seems like a lot

  77.   walter said

    Hello, measured with a multimeter and it shows 00.4 ohms and the warning light when turning the key does not turn on and does not start, could it be that I will have to change the heaters or is it the diesel timer relay that is failing, thanks a thousand for the opportunity to express my problem

  78.   dwmaquero said

    They left me a 1998 TDI Ibiza and when I've been driving for a while it turns on, but the most curious thing is that when you lightly step on the brake it turns off for a while, I haven't noticed an unstable idle and the car runs fine, what can be?
    In any case, on Monday I will tell the workshop so that he can take a look at it.

  79.   Younis said

    Hello, I have a Renault clio campus, I changed the preheaters and it still has a hard time starting cold.
    what would be the problem thanks

  80.   Aldo said

    My car takes out the smoked candles completely, does anyone know why?

  81.   Alvaro April said

    I have a native Mitsubishi truck, I had to change the head gasket, the glow plugs burned, and I changed them, they started fine the first day and they burned again, I changed them again for more expensive ones, and they burned again, I see that 12 volts come on for a while and then go off. But I notice that on the board the resirtuci that shows on power up turns off much earlier, what is the one that the board shows me? The scr, which takes longer or the spring? I think it's that the twelve volts are taking too long. Thanks for your help.

  82.   Cristina 6019 said

    I have a Volvo XC90 year 2006, 185 hp 2,4 diesel engine, it is consuming 2,5 liters at 500 km, it has 190.000 km I took it to the workshop to see if it was from the turbo and apparently it is not dirty for the amount of oil that consumes, they told me that it could be from a heater that was wrong!! That can be possible?? Can a car consume so much oil due to a heater in poor condition? Yesterday I got the engine failure warning on the screen

  83.   ovin carlos3@hotmail.com said

    Hello, I changed the glow plugs, all 4 are new, I had him fix the donkey and the automatic, and it doesn't start, the little roller on the dashboard turns on and off quickly, what could it be. my mechanic says that it could be the relay or something like that at this moment I don't remember well.