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DS is signature premium of recent creation of the French group PSA. Its origin, recalling the Citroën DS 19 of 1955, and avant-garde design are helping it to position itself as a premium brand. Its range of models is still short, since it has three members (waiting for more versions to arrive) and is based on that of its sister Citroën. Urban 3 is in charge of opening the range proposing a body with 3 doors and another with a cabriolet cut and a canvas roof. At a technical level it is based on the previous Citroën C3, but due to equipment, interior quality, mechanical range and customization options, it was one step ahead.

The DS 4 is the model that is responsible for covering the compact segment. Like the 3, it has the famous PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel blocks with powers ranging from 130 hp to 211 hp in the 1.6 THP Sport version. It is based on the current Citroën C4 but its quality and design varies because the rear doors of the DS 4 are camouflaged to give it a coupe look. Also, introduces the Crossback variant which, thanks to a higher suspension, underbody protections and roof bars, simulates being an all-roader.

The current range of the French manufacturer closes DS 5. This sedan of representation and hatchback design is strongly reminiscent of the DS 19. It is based on the previous platform of the Citroën C4 Picasso but for interior quality, equipment and mechanical range It is the most advanced model of the firm. In addition, it is the only model of the brand that incorporates a four-wheel drive diesel-electric hybrid version and 200 hp of power.

Finally, before the end of the year The new DS 7 Crossback SUV will hit the market. It is based on the modern EMP2 platform and has top-level technological elements. It is the model in charge of brand new new suspension DS Active Scan Suspension or autonomous driving with the DS Pilot system. Its interior quality and mechanical range have to place it among the best models in the segment.
DS history
DS is the premium affiliate of Citroën. It all started in 2009 with the launch of the Citroën DS3, the first model in a differentiated range with more elaborate designs, better finishes and more customization than the common models in the range. In 2014 the DS range differs from Citroën, creating a new brand in order to be able to grow as a premium brand without being linked to a generalist name. Even so, the dealers, the development and production centers are the same as those used by the house of chevrons.

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