FIAT 500

From 16.750 euros
  • Bodywork urban
  • Doors 3
  • Plazas 4
  • Power 70 cv
  • How to consume it 4,6 l / 100km
  • Trunk 185 liters
  • Assessment 4,1

If we talk about the urban segment, segment A, it is impossible not to do so without referring to the FIAT 500. The little one from the Turinese house is a brand in itself. A small designed by and for the city. A model that accumulates behind it a long history in constant evolution. In 2020, a further step is taken, a step that is marked by a change in mentality and mobility.

The current 500 is the natural successor to the classic 500, also known as the Topolino. History tells us that the little FIAT It is one of the longest-lived models in history. The first of them came onto the market in 1936, although at different times manufacturing has been interrupted.. The last edition came to us in 2007, when the brand decided, quite rightly, to recover it.

From 2007 to the present there has not been a substantial change in the 500. Small changes have been introduced at an aesthetic level that have been updating the model for the gallery. However, at a mechanical and technological level, it had lagged behind. In 2020 FIAT changes this fact and presents an updated model in all aspects, from aesthetics to mechanics through technology.

Technical characteristics of the FIAT 500

FIAT is a specialist in making small and functional cars. He FIAT Panda and the 500 have many similarities with each other. One of them is the platform on which they are supported. Both models share it since they both have similar measurements and similar mechanics.. This has allowed the Italians to develop two models with the considerable cost savings that this entails.

As we said at the beginning, the FIAT 500 remains faithful to segment A. Its measurements position it as the ideal car for the city: 3,57 meters long, 1,62 wide and 1,48 meters high. To these measures must be added a wheelbase of 2,3 meters. A fair figure for a maximum of four passengers to fit inside. The load capacity is not the strong point of the 500 either. It has a minimum of 185 liters.

FIAT puts up for sale two different body units, on the one hand the classic three-door hatchback, and on the other the convertible, which is recognized by the name 500C. FIAT currently accumulates two different designs for the 500. On the one hand, the modern version of 2020 for the electric units, and on the other, the 2016 bodywork for the hybrid units.

FIAT 500 mechanical range and gearboxes

Not many times a brand has had two generations of the same model for sale in a coordinated way. The 500 is one of those rare cases. In 2020, FIAT presented the new urban generation to society, a generation marked by electric mobility. The FIAT 500e responds to the demand for electricity and the need to reduce polluting emissions.

The entire FIAT 500 fleet is converted to efficiency, while one branch does so radically, another part maintains internal combustion engines, but with the exception of being microhybridized. Mild.-Hybrid solutions manage to homologate the ECO label thanks to lower consumption and emissions.

It is a single mechanic, a small atmospheric block of three cylinders and one liter. Develops a maximum of 70 horsepower with a torque of 90 Nm at 3.500 revolutions. We are talking about discrete data for a car whose daily battle scenario will be the city where so much power is not necessary. To that block is added a 12-volt auxiliary electrical diagram in addition to a small auxiliary battery.

FIAT 500 equipment

The FIAT 500 does not stand out for its equipment either. As it is a small segment, the technological and equipment load is kept discreet so as not to raise the final price. While the 500e has made a quantitative and qualitative leap in this respect, the regular 500 maintains the standards set at the launch of the previous generation, presented in 2016.

That leaves us with a spartan interior made entirely of unrefined materials like hard plastics. Behind them hides discreet technology and simple equipment. The most important part is the screen of the multimedia system. A small size display that brings together and centralizes all the car's systems. Its handling is tactile and can be complemented thanks to good connectivity with mobile devices.

In addition to that we cannot add a large number of options. Partially digitized instrument panel, climate control, multifunction steering wheel, electric windows, central locking and a small collection of active safety elements and driving assistants. To all this we can add a extensive customization catalog. A program that allows the style of the 500 to be adapted to the tastes of each buyer.

The FIAT 500 in video

The FIAT 500 according to Euro NCAP

The security tests Euro NCAP have measured and evaluated the safety of the FIAT 500 to determine that gets three out of five possible stars. After the analysis, it has been concluded that it shows adequate protection for adult passengers with a rating of 66 out of 100. Less positive have been the values ​​of protection for child passengers, 49 out of 100, and protection for pedestrians, 53 out of 100. The worst result of all it has been obtained by the operation of security assistants, where due to the low technological load the result is 27 out of 100.

The FIAT 500 of Km 0 and second hand

The FIAT 500 is the best-selling urban of all, with special weight in the rental channel. This means that once its cycle of commercial use has been completed, the second-hand and second-hand markets are flooded with units for sale. Unfortunately this causes a medium-high depreciation value, with prices that can fluctuate widely depending on the bodywork, the mechanical version and the finish.

In the Km 0 market we also find a wide range of units, mainly the latest normal combustion units. Since the hybrid and electric models have just arrived on the market, there is no stock of these products, and therefore the Km 0 channel does not have this type of version.

FIAT 500 rivals

The FIAT 500 is the mirror to look at within the urban segment. All rivals want to look like him for popularity and sales. Although it is not the most commercial market niche, we find a wide range of models for sale that directly rival the little Italian. Some rivals are Hyundai i10, KIA Picanto, Peugeot 108, Suzuki Ignis and also his brother, the FIAT Panda. All of them rival in size, price and in some cases in efficient mechanics.


  • Integrated
  • urban versatility
  • customization program

To improve

  • indoor habitability
  • High price
  • short mechanical range

FIAT 500 prices

Although we are talking about the most popular of the urban ones, FIAT sets a sale price that is not at all discreet for the 500 family. Taking into account its rivals, the offer is higher in price. In the best and cheapest case the FIAT 500 has a starting price of 16.750 euros for access finishing. If we opt for the convertible body, the starting price of the 500C rises to 19.750 euros. From there the range will grow depending on the selected finish: 500 and Dolcevita.

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