Honda and

From 37.300 euros
  • Bodywork urban
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 4
  • Power 136 -154hp
  • How to consume it 18 l / 100km
  • Trunk 171 liters
  • Assessment 4,2

In the not too distant future, we will all end up moving in cars that will be electrified in some more or less invasive way. Tesla knocked down the wall of the electric car a few years ago, and since then battery-powered vehicles have been our daily bread. Little by little, cars that revolutionize come onto the market, cars that represent a radical change and that create trends. The Honda and It's one of those cars. An electric city ready to set the pace in the coming years.

It is the first electric of the house on European soil. The Honda e is 100% electric and its range reflects this, without thermal or combustion options. An obligatory step for brands due to a new ecological awareness and regulations and legislation that require reducing pollution and harmful gases in cities. With this objective, the little Honda is certified with the ZERO label, which allows it to move freely through the cities in addition to being able to enjoy other advantages such as a greater tax reduction.

But the Honda e is not only attractive for its electric mobility, it is also attractive for its appearance. With a strong Japanese touch and a manga style, its design is very endearing. A completely different image to what we can see in other models of the house, and that denotes a little more the special character of this car. And if you think that the best is the exterior, it is that you have not approached its interior, because there it does leave you speechless. Not one, not two, not three screens, up to five and even six digital panels are crowded inside the e.

Technical characteristics of the Honda e

The Honda e enters the B segment, in a very urban segment. Due to its reduced measurements and its electrical concept Honda has had to develop a platform from scratch. It is the first model of the house to be developed on that structure. Using light materials and a perfect weight distribution, 50-50, the structure guarantees maximum interior use as well as a low center of gravity that improves dynamic capabilities.

Although it is a climbing platform, the Honda e has very short and perfect measures to enter the cities. 3,89 meters long, 1,75 wide and 1,51 high. To this we must add a battle of 2,53 meters long that allows up to a maximum of four passengers to fit inside. Something fairer is the load volume. Barely 171 liters maximum capacity and 861 maximum capacity. Figure obtained by folding down the second row of seats completely and not in the usual 60:40 ratio.

Despite being made of lightweight materials, the Honda e is not a particularly light car. Being powered by lithium-ion batteries, the weight of the set grows considerably. According to its technical sheet the e throws a scale weight of 1.514 kilograms. A considerable weight if we take into account the shortened measurements of the vehicle.

Mechanical range of the Honda e

Honda he did not want to complicate his life when it came to motorizing the e. The range is made up of two versions: Base and Advance. The main difference between them lies in the power that the electric set is capable of squeezing. 136 or 154 horses will be the possible options. That power is drawn from a rear synchronous electric motor that will send all power to the rear axle.

Coupled to that motor of 315 Nm of maximum torque, it will go a water-cooled lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 35,5 kWh capacity. The Japanese brand has approved a maximum electric range of 222 kilometers in the WLTP cycle for both versions. That leaves us with a combined cycle cost of 18 kWh for every 100 kilometers traveled. Recharging times range between 18 hours from a domestic outlet and the 30 minutes it takes to recover 80% of the charge in a fast charging point of up to 55 kW.

An automatic gearbox will take care of managing the system, including the different retention modes. With the steering wheel paddles we can manage how much regenerative braking we want to apply, adding using the left cam and subtracting using the right cam. Additionally we have a single pedal mode that allows you to manage everything by grading the accelerator pedal. At the time of lifting, regenerative braking will be applied so forceful that it can stop the vehicle without having to step on the brake.

Equipment of the Honda and

As we have already said, one of the things that most makes people fall in love with the Honda e is its spectacular interior. Nothing like this had ever been seen before, much less in such a small segment.. As standard the e comes with an array of interior screens. Two to illustrate the images collected by the exterior cameras that act as mirrors. Two for the multimedia system, one for the driver and one for the passenger. And one last screen for the instrument panel.

These panels will have sizes ranging from six to 12,3 inches. The management is tactile and also through a voice control that responds to the command "Hey Honda". The different levels, Base and Advance, do not imply excessive changes at the level of equipment except for the assisted parking and the heated steering wheel. Both finishes bring with them a very even and complete equipment.

The list includes not only the digital presentation of the dashboard, but also a multitude of functions such as the navigator, the sunroof, wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 360º camera, LED headlights, remote systems, WiFi on board, and of course a long list of active safety elements and driving assistants that guarantee great safety for occupants and pedestrians.

The Honda e on video

The Honda e according to Euro NCAP

Safety is a factor to be taken into account in any vehicle, whether electric or not. in 2020 Euro NCAP put the Honda e to the test in its famous safety tests, obtaining after them a four-star rating. The results obtained were: 7,6 in protection of adult passengers, 8,2 in protection of child passengers, 6,2 in vulnerability of pedestrians and 6,5 in operation of driving assistants.

The Honda e of Km 0 and second hand

Since we are talking about such a new car, the second-hand channels and Km 0 still do not have units for sale. Currently, the Honda factory in the United Kingdom is accumulating orders, more than 40.000, and units in stock to start the process of landing on the market. The first countries to enjoy the small electric will be: England, Germany, France and Norway. Countries where the EV market is more widespread than in the case of Spain.

Rivals of the Honda e

Given its urban character, its price and its autonomy, the Honda e does not currently have a large number of rivals. But in the near future the Japanese will have to face a competition that comes to stand up. The most important models with which it will have to compete are: BMW i3, MINI-Electric, Smart EQ Forfour, y Peugeot e-208. In the not too distant future, more will have to be added, such as the FIAT 500 and.


  • Integrated
  • Technology
  • Performance

To improve

  • High price
  • small trunk
  • Autonomy

Honda prices and

In all honesty we are not talking about a particularly cheap car. Although Honda accumulates an impressive order list for its Honda e, the reality is that the sale price is high for an electric segment B with a range of 222 kilometers. In the best case The Honda e is priced at 37.300 euros, without offers or promotions.

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