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South Korean manufacturer Kia is part of Hyundai Group and like this brand, its evolution over time has been exponential. They have gone from being a firm considered low-cost (due to the poor quality of its models, fair technology and average security) to being recognized as a reliable, safe and quality brand. Proof of its evolution is that all its models have a 7-year manufacturing guarantee.

El model that opens the Kia range is the micro urban Picanto. This model shares chassis, technology and engines with its brother Hyundai i10. The main element that differentiates them is their exterior design, equipment and interior quality. The mechanical range includes gasoline versions of between 67 hp and 100 hp of the GT version.

With the Kia Rio the firm gets fully into the competitive urban segment. Compared to its predecessor, it has improved in everything; aesthetics, equipment possibilities, technology, quality and driving dynamics. Its mechanical range remains the same, since uses diesel blocks (CRDI) and gasoline (CVVT and T-GDi) with powers ranging from 77 hp to 99 hp.

The familiar touch comes with the Kia Venga. The brand's small minivan is born from the modified platform of the previous generation Kia Cee'd. It's a very spacious and livable model which has a diesel and gasoline mechanical range with powers up to 128 hp. Its interior quality and equipment is in the category average.

Differentiation in the Kia range comes with the Soul. This model is halfway between a family and an SUV. Bill Exterior design or with a technological equipment Solvent are the main elements to differentiate from the competition. Its mechanical range includes three options, a gasoline (T-GDi) with 132 hp, another diesel (CRDI) with 136 hp and a fully electric one with 111 hp and a range of 300 kilometers.

El Kia Cee'd It was Kia's first model developed and manufactured with customers in Europe in mind. It has three types of bodywork, a three-door, Pro Cee'd, the five-door and the SportyWagon family. by design, quality, technological level and chassis are very close to best models in the segment. The mechanical range is very wide, with powers ranging from 90 hp for the access version to 204 hp for the GT version in the Pro Cee'd.

El Kia Optima is the D-segment sedan that arrives with a sedan body and another family Station Wagon. Its elegant design makes it appear larger than it really is. The latest generation is very close to the general models in the segment in terms of technology, finishes and driving dynamics. Their mechanical range contemplates three options, a block Diesel (CRDI) with 141 hp, a gasoline (T-GDi) with 245 hp and a plug-in hybrid with 205 hp.

The option for large families Kia comes from the hand of carens. In 4,52 meters they have managed to create a vehicle with enough interior space for 7 passengers. Its quality of production and technology has evolved positively over the years. In addition, the mechanical range includes several options in gasoline and diesel with powers ranging from 115 hp for the access version to 141 hp for the most powerful.

Kia's SUV family opens with the all-new all road hybrid niro. This model proposes in an SUV cut bodywork a gasoline mechanic associated with an electric one. Its exterior design is not groundbreaking, but it represents a significant evolution in the segment. The interior of the model is loaded with technology and its finishes are at a high level. The 141 hp produced by its 1.6 HEV block are more than enough to move its body thanks to an automatic cut-off gearbox with double clutch and 6 relationships.

El Kia Sportage It is the firm's compact SUV and one of the firm's best-selling models in Europe. The exterior and interior design and the space in its cabin have taken a giant leap in its latest generation. For interior quality and equipment possibilities it is at the height of its rivals. The mechanical range of the Sportage includes gasoline (T-GDi) and diesel (CRDI) versions with powers ranging between 116 hp and 185 hp. You can mount versions with drive to the front axle or four wheels.

The range of the South Korean manufacturer closes Kia Sorento. Kia's large all-roader is developed in parallel with the Hyundai Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe. For interior space (for up to 7 passengers) and quality it has evolved significantly. Its interior quality borders on a high level and its safety equipment also. The Kia Sorento is only available with a single diesel engine (CRDI) with 200 hp and front-axle or four-wheel drive.
Kia's history
Kia was founded in 1944 as a bicycle and pipe manufacturer and is currently a brand owned by Hyundai. Its presence in Europe began in the 90s, with the start of the commercialization of models such as the Sephia, Sportage or the Pride, derived from the Ford Festiva. With attractive prices and reliability, the brand made its way into the market, until they began to substantially improve their designs and interiors, as well as their technology. From that moment Kia's sales began to increase thanks to interesting models such as the latest Sorento, Sportage and Cee'd.

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