In the automobile industry there have been many leading actors over the years: the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom... Many have dominated the front pages of the media, but China has never been a nation with great offensive power in the world. of the engine so far. Given the tremendous growth potential experienced by the Asian giant, many manufacturers are betting on it rather than on historic markets. But China does not only want to import, and for this many brands have been born these years, one of them has been Lynk & Co.

The Geely Group is not well known in Europe, but it is one of the world's largest automobile conglomerates. Although many of its registered brands are sold in secondary markets, it has recently added world-known brands such as Lotus since 2017 or Volvo From the 2010. Lynk & Co is a brand created from scratch in 2016, but thanks to the progress made by other holding companies, its evolution has been like lightning.

2020 is the big year for the Chinese brand with Swedish residence in the old continent. It is positioned as a sub-brand of Volvo although at a lower price. In these few years of existence it has been presenting successive models, most of them in prototype format. Models of all sizes with a common denominator, which are SUVs. Attracted by the great commercial explosion experienced by the SUVs, Lynk & Co for the moment allocates all its interest to that market.

So much so that its first product to arrive in Europe, the Link & Co 01, is destined to compete in the tough European C-SUV segment, where it will be good to face well-known models with a long commercial history. After him, more units will be added, many of them SUVs that will seek in turn steal market share from brands and models within the general market.

To achieve this, and as stipulated by the latest European regulations on polluting emissions, Lynk & Co will offer a range of products with a high percentage of electrified systems. Hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric models will be your main mechanical bet. Systems developed in collaboration with the rest of the Geely Group brands, mainly Volvo, with which it will share many elements.

The firm not only seeks to attract clients in the markets, but also seeks to position itself as a sports brand within the world of competition worldwide. At the moment his sporting background is mainly focused on the WTCR championship, where his Lynk & Co 03 TCR sedan has already achieved success and victories beating firms with a great racing pedigree such as Audi.

In Spain and in Europe Lynk & Co will try to position itself as a brand by itself albeit under the Swedish umbrella of Volvo. This means that for a time they will share points of sale throughout the country, although the brand's expansion plans include private dealers for the Chinese firm's products.

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