Mercedes C-Class

From 48.816 euros
  • Bodywork berlina
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 163 - 408 hp
  • Consumer goods 0,6 - 8,7l/100km
  • Trunk 455 - 490 liters
  • Assessment 4,5

Although sedans are no longer as prominent as before, they are still of vital importance to manufacturers. German brands are the great dominators of the premium segment. Among them they fight to conquer more clients, and they do so by launching products on the market such as Mercedes C-Class. An average sedan with a long history that has earned it a reference.

The C-Class was launched on the market to give continuity to the extinct Mercedes 190E. The first generation that we knew with that name was in 1993. After the experience gained with its predecessor, the C-Class quickly gained popularity, becoming from generation to generation an increasingly better model, although always at a certain distance from its older brothers. , the Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes S-Class.

Today it reaches the fifth of its editions under the code W206. The last Mercedes C-Class is presented in early 2021 with innumerable changes to its credit, including the new design philosophy of the house, more equipment and a range of engines according to the latest and most demanding standards of the European Union, adding many electrified versions under the umbrella of EQ technology from Mercedes.

Technical characteristics of the Mercedes C-Class

As we say, the latest generation Mercedes C-Class is new from head to toe. But the most notable change is hidden under its new bodywork, the chassis. From now on it uses the MRA platform, the latest evolution that we can also see in other recent releases. This gives it improved qualities with lower weight and greater structural rigidity.

As is customary with each new generation, the C-Class increases in size for the W206 edition. It continues to maintain dimensions that place it perfectly in the D segment, one step above the Mercedes CLA Coupe. Outwardly it reaches 4,75 meters long, 1,82 meters wide and 1,44 meters high. To these measures must be added a wheelbase of 2,86 meters long, which will be exactly the same for all bodies: saloon, Estate and coupe.

That battle leaves us with a maximized interior space where a maximum of five passengers can travel. Three of them will do it in a second row with generous space for legs and head, although more limited in width for the shoulders. Regarding load capacity, the Mercedes C-Class announces a minimum trunk of 455 liters, a figure that can grow to a minimum of 490 liters if we talk about the family version, the C-Class Estate.

Mechanical range and gearboxes

The use of the MRA architecture allows the C-Class to have the most modern engines in the house. The portfolio includes solutions of all kinds: diesel, gasoline, micro-hybrids and diesel and gasoline plug-in hybrids. The most powerful versions, signed by AMG, will obtain a downsizing and may only have four-cylinder blocks firmly supported by electric technologies.

The supply of gasoline starts with the C 180 of 170 horses and 250 Nm of torque. Behind him stands the C 200 with 204 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Immediately above is the C300 with 258 hp. The AMG family starts with the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC with 408 hp. The most powerful of the saga is the AMG C 63 SE Performance 680 hp as a PHEV system with a four-cylinder engine and a 6,1 kWh capacity battery with an electric range of 13 kilometers.

The diesels offer the versions C 200d, 220d and 300d, all with the same two-liter four-cylinder engine. The powers range between 163 and 265 horses. The most efficient of the family is the C 300 and, a plug-in hybrid with a 25,4 kWh capacity battery that allows it to offer a power output of 313 horsepower and an electric range of 100 kilometers.

Equipment of the Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class dashboard

From doors inside, the C-Class demonstrates the good work of a brand as classic as Mercedes. An excellent choice of materials gives an excellent feeling of quality for all occupants. Unlike the previous generation, it sports a more technological interior where the digital surfaces take almost all the prominence, with a structure very similar to that of the S-Class.

Just as Mercedes has accustomed us, the range of equipment is structured in different levels that affect several levels, such as a load of technology, quality of materials and also design, with the AMG package being the most attractive of all thanks to a sportier appearance with personalized details such as bumpers and wheels.

As far as equipment is concerned the C-Class nothing is left in the Mercedes parts drawer. This latest generation shows the latest components developed by the German brand. It is worth highlighting elements such as: LED matrix headlights, a digital instrument panel with a 12,3-inch screen, a multimedia system with a touch screen of up to 11,9 inches, voice control, connected services, and a complete team of driving assistants and Security elements.

Test of the Mercedes C-Class in video

The Mercedes C-Class according to Euro NCAP

Mercedes is one of the brands most committed to safety in its vehicles. The Mercedes C-Class undergoes the Euro NCAP crash tests in 2022, achieving a five-star rating, one of the highest in its category. The results by sections are: 93 out of 100 in adult passenger protection, 89 out of 100 in child passenger protection, 80 out of 100 in pedestrian vulnerability and 82 out of 100 in driving assistants.

The Mercedes C-Class at Km 0 and second hand

To speak of the Mercedes C-Class is to speak of one of the best-selling midsize sedans in the segment. Given the high price of the latest models, many buyers are diverted to secondary sales channels. where you can find interesting offers. Thanks to its premium concept, and its well-deserved reputation for durability and comfort, the C-Class boasts a low depreciation percentage, but similar to that offered by its closest rivals.

If we take a look at the second-hand and occasion channel we see that the most affordable units date from the first generation, around 1994 and 1995. Prices start at 600 euros for diesel models with more than 400 thousand kilometers accumulated. Given the recent launch of the W206 generation, in the Km 0 channel we still find many models of the outgoing generation, some of them with interesting discounts, but always above the 30 thousand euro barrier.

Rivals of the Mercedes C-Class

There are many sedans, although less and less, but there are not so many of the premium category. Segment D has always been very crowded, but today only the most expensive units are the ones that best maintain sales levels. The Mercedes C-Class has a short but powerful list of rivals. Illustrious figures such as the BMW Serie 3, Audi A4, Volvo S60, Jaguar XE y Alfa Romeo Giulia. The six are rivals in size, quality and price, with the C-Class being one of the longest-lived and most successful.


  • Quality
  • ride comfort
  • mechanical range

To improve

  • High price
  • media system
  • Poor standard equipment

Price of the Mercedes C-Class

The great appeal of the C-Class does not come cheap. Its quality, its performance and its versatility are expensive. The starting price of the Mercedes C-Class is 48.816 euros, without offers or promotions. That value corresponds to a saloon C 180 with 170 horses and base finish. The most expensive of the family is the Class C All-Terrain. Its price starts at 58.033 euros, without offers or promotions.

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