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the german manufacturer Opel It is one of the oldest in the automotive sector. It was founded in Rüsselsheim by Adam Opel in 1862, but it was not until 1899 that his sons manufactured the first car of the brand. In 1929, after various financial problems, it was sold to the American consortium General Motors. Today it belongs to the PSA Group, which has closed its acquisition in July 2017.

El model that opens the Opel range is the micro urban Adam. With it, the German firm seeks to replicate the success that Fiat has with its 500. Among its rivals, it stands out for being one of the models with more customization options and for having a more careful manufacturing quality. Their mechanical range is only composed of gasoline engines with powers ranging between 69 hp and 150 hp in the Adam S version. It is only sold with three doors.

One step above is the Karl. The logical urban of Opel arrived to replace the Agila. Its exterior design is less elaborate than that of its range brothers, but maintains the family resemblance. Regarding his rivals stands out for offering a spacious interior of reasonable quality. You can mount a complete infotainment system, but its mechanical range only has a gasoline block with 75 hp.

The fifth generation of Opel Corsa remains true to its legacy. Regarding the previous iteration, it maintains the 3 and 5-door bodies, improves its exterior design, mechanical range, interior finishes and equipment possibilities. Among the novelties presented by the new Opel Corsa is the new turbocharged gasoline engine with 1 liter displacement and 115 hp. It maintains the OPC version with 207 cv.

With the Astra, Opel gets fully into the segment that has the largest market share in Europe. The fifth generation of its compact receives a renewed design, changes its platform, reduces weight and increases its possibilities of technological equipment and security. The mechanical range of the Astra is new, improving consumption in diesel (CDTi) and Turbo gasoline. It is sold with 3-door (called GTC), 5-door and Sports Tourer family bodies.

After the failure of the last Vectra, Opel launched the market Insignia. Such has been its success that the second generation has just been launched on the market. In it the design has changed, it grows in size and has drastically reduced its weight. Unlike the previous The 4-door body is no longer sold, but the 5-door (called Grand Sport) and family (Sports Tourer) remain. Its mechanical gasoline range is new and also introduces new technological elements that place it as a benchmark in its category.

El Opel Zafira It is the most familiar model of the German firm. In its latest renovation, it has left behind the Tourer surname and has slightly changed its exterior and interior design. In its cabin it still has space for seven seats and its dashboard has seen the number of buttons reduced and the quality increased. Its mechanical range is not one of the widest in the segment, but it will soon be enriched with new alternatives.

If the Zafira is the most familiar model of Opel, Convertible is the most playful. This convertible, which swims halfway between segment C and D, has an electrically operable canvas roof. At a technical level derives from the platform that mounted the previous Astra; in addition, its mechanical range is the same. It is one of the few convertibles on the market that has enough space for four occupants and their equipment (always with the roof on).

The SUV range Opel is open for him Crossland x. This new SUV is developed on the basis of the Peugeot 2008 and Citroën C4 Cactus. Is he first model that arises after the acquisition of Opel by the PSA Group. Among the elements that make it stand out from the competition is a very spacious and modular interior and an exterior design with multiple customization options. Its mechanical range is identical to that used by the 2008 and like that, can't ride four wheel drive.

El Opel Mokka X It is the medium SUV of the German firm. By size, there is not a big difference with the Crossland X, but it is noticeable in its interior and trunk. After the restyling that has undergone now exhibits a more accomplished designas well as higher manufacturing quality. Its possibilities of technological equipment and security have been increased. The Mokka X mechanical range now includes the new 1.6 CDTi blocks with 110 hp and 1.4 Turbo petrol with 150 hp. Unlike the Crossland X yes can mount four wheel drive.

The Crossland X will not be the only product that Opel launches under the PSA label. With the Grandland X the signature of the ray completes its SUV range. This model is based on the modern EMP2 platform of the French group. His range brothers will be the Peugeot 3008 and Citroën C5 AirCross. By design, customization options and technology has nothing to do with the previous Antara. Their mechanical range will be made up of the acclaimed PSA Group gasoline (PureTech) and diesel (BlueHDI) engines. Like the Crossland X, it won't be able to mount four-wheel drive.
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Opel It has been building cars since 1899 and since shortly after, 1929, it has been a subsidiary of the North American giant General Motors. Opel is present in many markets, although the most important is Europe. With the global models of General Motors it is possible to find Opel models rebranded as Holden or Buick in Australia and the United States respectively. In the same way, models from other brands of the group arrive in Europe, which are marketed under the emblem of the lightning bolt, which has years of history and is recognized and appreciated by users.

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