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Renault is a French generalist brand that covers practically all segments of the European market. It has models basically intended for use in the city, medium-sized passenger cars, sports versions, family cars, SUVs and crossovers, several 100% electric models and commercial vehicles of different sizes and for different tasks.

The model with the most contained dimensions within traditional passenger cars is the Renault Twingo. The third generation arrived in 2014 with two mechanical versions, one with 70 and the other with 90 hp, both petrol. One of its peculiarities is that the engine is located in the rear of the vehicle, under the trunk floor, being rear-wheel drive. At the front there is no cargo hole. It is offered only in a 5-door bodywork although, by inserting the opening handles next to the rear pillar, it looks like a 3-door. There is a sports version called Twingo GT with 110 hp.

El Renault Clio is the product of the French brand for the b segment We are facing the fourth generation of this successful model, which has been with us for more than 2 decades. The current model is available with a five-door body and a station wagon named Clio Sport Tourer, with the rear handles "hidden" next to the C-pillar. The mechanical range consists of diesel and gasoline engines with 3 and 4 cylinders. Powers range from 75 to 120 hp. exist two sports versions, Clio Sport and Clio Trophy. The first yields 200 hp and the second, which is more extreme, 220 hp.

The product for segment C is the Renault Mégane. Although it arrived on the market a few years later than the Clio, the Mégane is also in its fourth generation. It is currently offered with 5-door bodies and station wagon (Sport Tourer). It stands out for its technological exterior design, with elongated headlights and pilot lights. At the mechanical level, it is offered with diesel and gasoline blocks, comprising powers of between 90 and 205 CV. The highest versions, corresponding to the GT finish, have four steering wheels thanks to the 4Control system. It is expected that a sports car is coming soon Renault Megane RS.

El Renault talisman is the new bet of the French brand for the complicated segment D. It is the replacement for the Renault Laguna, a model that achieved many sales in its first two generations, but not with the third. The Renault Talisman is an elegant and very comfortable product for long trips. It is available both in a 4-door saloon body and in a station wagon version (Sports Tourer). Also available with diesel and gasoline engines, their powers range between 110 and 200 hp.

Already in medium-sized minivan terrain we have the Renault Scénic. Also in its fourth generation, this model is offered in two versions of different lengths. On the one hand we have the Scénic and on the other the Grand Scénic. The Grand Scénic is about 23 cm longer. Another important difference between the two is that the first has a passenger compartment for 5 seats and the second for 7. The brand wanted to give these products a more adventurous aesthetic and it has achieved it by raising its body a few centimeters. The mechanical range offers powers from 95 to 130 hp in the Scénic and from 110 to 160 hp in the Grand Scénic.

The brand's largest minivan is called Renault Espace. This product is also a veteran within the brand. Without a doubt, it stands out for its spacious passenger compartment, its ride comfort and its trunk capacity. There is only one body available, although you can count on cabin with 5 or 7 seats. The trunk for the 5-seater is no less than 680 liters. As with the Scénic, the Renault Espace is dressed in a more adventurous aesthetic bodywork. The mechanical range consists of three versions, two diesels with 130 and 160 hp and a petrol one with 225 hp.

The smallest of the SUVs and crossovers is the Renault Captur. This model has been on the market for a few years now, having been updated in 2017. Built on the Clio platform, the Renault Captur adapts to current demands for utility vehicles, with good use of space and a elevated driving position. It is only offered with a 5-door body and its abilities off the asphalt are contained. The power range of its mechanics ranges from 90 to 120 hp. No all wheel drive option but yes to an ESP management mode selector to improve traction on complicated surfaces.

We go to Renault Kadjar. This brand product arrived as a new model in 2015 for the C-segment SUV. One of its advantages is that it is cheaper than most of its rivals. The mechanical range of this new model goes from 110 to 165 CV. Depending on the version, it can also be associated with a 4x4 drive system which, by the way, does not reduce the capacity of your trunk.

The largest model among SUVs and crossovers is the Renault Koleos. This denomination was already used a few years ago in a more baroque product that was not well received in the market. Is now more elegant, sophisticated and larger than its predecessor and than the Kadjar. It is also true that, of course, It is more expensive. Belonging to the D-SUV segment, this Renault Koleos has a 5-seater cabin, with no option for a third row of seats. Its mechanical range offers only diesel engines with powers of 130 and 175 CV. can be associated to front or all-wheel drive.

El Renault Twizy It is the model with the most contained dimensions that Renault markets and, possibly, the smallest car that is marketed in Spain. Has a longitud of 2,3 meters and it has two seats inside, one in front of the other. The Renault Twizy is also an electric vehicle available in two power versions, one with 5 CV and the other with 11. With complete certainty, this is the model of the brand that attracts the most attention of people since, in addition to its dimensions, it does not even have side windows.

Continuing with the electric models, the most rational purchase within this range is the Renault Zoe. It directly takes the base of the Renault Clio, although some dimensions and measurements change slightly. The design is also different. This is one of the best-selling electric cars in Spain, as it already offers a autonomy of up to 400 kilometers in the homologation cycle in its highest version, the 41 kWh. Its power is 92 hp.

Commercial and electrical, this is the Renault Kangoo ZE Based on the Renault Kangoo with a thermal engine, the brand launched this electric version. Despite the fact that its sales are minimal, it can be an interesting product for merchants and distributors who move within a very limited range of kilometers. There are different versions with more or less cargo space and a 2 or 5-seater cabin. Has a 60 hp power, its maximum speed is 130 km/h and the approved autonomy is 270 km.

The brand's smallest transport vehicle is the Renault Kangoo. Ideal for transporting objects that are not very bulky and relatively light loads, the Kangoo is one of the most sought-after commercial vehicles on the market. On one hand we have the Renault Kangoo Combi and on the other the Kangoo Van. The first allows cargo to be transported in addition to 5 people, while the second does not have a second row of seats, gains in cargo space and can be purchased with three different body lengths. It is offered with engines from 75 to 115 hp, both diesel and gasoline.

The next step is Renault Trafic, also a veteran in the brand. Like the Kangoo, it is offered in Combi and Van versions, the first being also more focused on transporting people and the second on heavy and large loads. It is offered with different body dimensions and, the Van, It can also be a "Cabin Floor". All mechanics are diesel and have powers of 95, 125 and 145 CV.

El Renault Master It is Renault's largest product. offered as Combi, transport goods closed and transportation of goods open, there are many configuration possibilities and adaptations. In the Combi model there is a version that can carry up to 17 occupants. It can be configured with different combinations of height, length and vehicle type. Mechanically it can be purchased with powers of 130, 145 and 165 CV.
history of renault
Renault It is one of the oldest French automobile brands that last today. Renault has always had a strong presence in Europe, and in recent years it is expanding to more global levels. Currently the brand is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, led by Carlos Goshn. Some of the most emblematic models of the brand are the Clio, Megane and Scenic, although years ago the Laguna and Espace were also very successful, making it easy to find veteran units on our roads.

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