Renault scenic

  • Bodywork minivan
  • Doors 5
  • Plazas 5
  • Power 170 - 218 hp
  • Trunk 545 liters
  • Assessment 4,2

El Renault scenic It is one of the most famous and well-known models in the compact minivan segment. In recent years, the minivan segment in Europe has changed its activity, discontinuing the classic models and retaining the larger formats. Many of the units that we have known, such as the Scenic, have been converted to the SUV format, something that has also happened recently with its older brother, the Renault Espace.

The Renault Scenic has been on the market since 1995. Over the years there have been different and extravagant versions, such as the camperized Scenic RX4, and also generations. We are currently in the fifth edition, launched on the market at the end of summer 2023. A generation that is completely changed compared to its predecessors, not only in format, but also in terms of mechanical schemes.

Technical characteristics of the Renault Scenic

Due to its dimensions and concept, the Renault Scenic is within the compact segment. Renault y Nissan they form a global alliance, and hence many elements are shared between products of both brands. In this case the CMF-EV platform is used, a modular architecture intended for electric vehicles that increasingly use models such as the Nissan Ariya or Renault Megane E-TECH, among others.

For this case, the scalable architecture is shown in an ideal format for the category. It is a body with 4,47 meters long, 1,86 meters wide and 1,57 meters high. To these exterior dimensions we must add a wheelbase of 2,78 meters. Historically, the Scenic has always been marketed in two different formats, although for this generation, given the transformation to an SUV, it is only sold with a single body length.

Being a model with a clear family focus, the second row of seats shows three seats fragmented in a 40:20:40 ratio. Throughout the interior we find multiple storage spaces, up to 38,7 liters. Regarding the loading capacity, the trunk of the Renault Scenic shows a minimum volume of 545 liters. A volume that can grow to a maximum of 1.670 liters if the second row is completely folded down.

Mechanical range and gearboxes of the Renault Scenic

One of the most important innovations of the fifth generation is the adoption of exclusively electric mechanics. Accompanied by the surname E-TECH, the new Scenic offers a range supported by battery-powered electrical systems. The offer revolves around two versions with different powers and battery sizes that achieve very different autonomies.

The access model, the Standard Autonomy Scenic, mounts a single propeller on the front axle. It develops 170 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. All power is sent to the front wheels. It is powered by a ternary battery (NCM) with a gross capacity of 60 kWh. Officially announces a autonomy in WLTP cycle of 420 kilometers with a charging power of up to 130 kW in direct current and up to 22 kW in alternating current.

In a superior performance format we find the Scenic of Great Autonomy. Like his little brother, he has a single motor on the front axle, but in this case the performance grows to 218 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. The ternary battery also increases its size to 87 kWh gross capacity. Thanks to this, it is capable of homologate up to 620 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, maintaining the charging power ratios already mentioned.

Renault Scenic equipment

Renault Scenic 2024 inside

When talking about the interior, the Renault Scenic is shown as one of the best models in its segment. An improvement strategy that the house also applies to other products such as Renault Clio, For example. The sense of perceived quality is high thanks to materials with a pleasant touch and little hardness. This type of element is combined with other plastic surfaces designed to withstand a life as hectic as that of a family vehicle. At the moment, given the recent launch of the model, the details of the range have not yet been specified.

As for equipment, The Renault Scenic offers the latest technology from the house. It shows interesting elements that we can see in other models from the house such as the Renault Rafale. It is worth noting equipment such as: Full LED matrix headlights, parking cameras, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, Open RLink multimedia system with 12-inch touch panel, digital instrumentation and much more, including up to 30 assistants with level 2 autonomous driving.

The Renault Scenic in video

The Renault Scenic of Km 0 and second hand

Throughout its years on the market, the Renault Scenic has earned a well-deserved reputation for modularity, strength and family qualities. It has always been one of the best valued minivans for its good price-product ratio. Thanks to this, the secondary sales channels show many units available. The depreciation percentage changes depending on the generation, although it currently shows values ​​above 30%. All available units correspond to versions prior to the generation launched in 2023.

If we take a look at the used or second-hand market, we see that the most affordable units are for sale with a price close to 600 euros. This is an assessment for models from the early 2000s with diesel engines and more than 200 thousand accumulated kilometers. On the contrary, the Km 0 channel is practically non-existent. The low sales of the model do not encourage dealers to accumulate stock. The few units available have interesting discounts.

Rivals of the Renault Scenic

Gradually the segment of compact minivans has been lost. Almost all brands have decided to leave the segment, and many buyers opt for multipurpose solutions such as the Renault Kangoo, For example. Despite its transformation into an SUV, the Scenic still has models to contend with like the Volkswagen ID.4, BMW iX1, BYD Act 3, mercedes eqb or Volvo XC40 Recharge. Among them, the French model stands out for its good interior space and its 100% electric mechanics.


  • habitability
  • internal quality
  • Integrated

To improve

  • short mechanical range
  • 100% electric only
  • Pricing

Renault Scenic prices

Although the new Renault Scenic will be officially presented in the summer of 2023, The commercial stage does not start until the first third of the year 2024. For now, the retail prices are unknown, although given its electric status, a notable increase in rates is expected. It is logical to think that the access models are available from figures close to 48.000 euros, perhaps more.

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