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Toyota is first japanese car manufacturer and is among the three largest in the world. Their vehicles are synonymous with reliability, safety and quality. Thanks to this, they have the favor of the public worldwide, since the Corolla is the best-selling car year after year. In addition, in recent releases they have improved the design of their cars, perhaps the point that they had neglected the most compared to the competition.

The model that opens its range is the Aygo urban bus. This arises from the collaboration between Toyota and the PSA Group. It is developed and manufactured by the Japanese firm but motorized by the French group. Its design is very striking and the equipment is remarkable. The problem with the Aygo lies in its limited mechanical range, as it only has a 1-litre gasoline engine, 70 hp and an automatic gearbox.

El Toyota Yaris is only urban market which presents a gasoline hybrid version, allowing you to bypass anti-pollution controls in big cities. Unlike its predecessors, it has improved in design, finishes and technology. The only point where it falters against the competition is in its interior space, something that is due to its tight external size.

Toyota's flagship model in Europe is the compact Auris. Direct successor to the Corolla, it has brought a new and improved design, more quality, equipment possibilities and a gasoline hybrid version (140H e-CVT). Its mechanical range does not include performance versions, but in addition to the hybrid version it has a diesel block and 112 hp of power from BMW.

With the Toyota PriusHybrid the commitment to clean vehicles of the Japanese firm materialized. The new generation is built on the modern TNGA platform and with respect to its predecessor it has improved in habitability, dynamic behavior, manufacturing quality and technology. Its power has dropped from the 136 hp of the previous version to 122 hp, but its efficiency and performance have been improved.

El Toyota Prius has a brother minivan format and seven seats. Bill Prius + It is developed on the previous generation of the Prius, but retains the hybrid mechanics (with improvements in the battery) and its low consumption. Its exterior design has undergone changes to adapt it to the aesthetic language of the firm; In addition, the technological and safety equipment has been improved.

To cover segment D, Toyota has the Avensis. The third generation of this model has a very attractive design in its two body variants (family and 4-door). Inside stands out for its equipment, quality and generous space. The mechanical range is not one of the widest in the segment, but it has gasoline and diesel versions, the latter from BMW.

Within Toyota there is a special niche for minivans and they are To y proce Verso those in charge of this task. The Verso is built on the Avensis platform and features a revised design and mechanical range. The Proace Verso is a development of Toyota together with the PSA Group, unlike the Aygo, it is manufactured and motorized by the French group. In addition, the Proace Verso also has an industrial body with three different sizes.

After a while without having a sports car in the range Toyota, the Japanese firm decided to launch the coupé GT86. This model is co-developed with Subaru and among its hallmarks is the rear axle drive, a 200 hp opposed four-cylinder engine. Their driving has improved with the last restyling that has undergone being more direct and sporty.

The range of Toyota models is closed by the C-HR and Rav4 SUVs, the Land Cruiser all-terrain vehicle and the Hilux pick-up. The first of them, the C-H, is developed on the same platform as hybrid Prius. In addition to maintaining its structure, it is also moved by the same drive unit. It is presented as the first hybrid coupé SUV on the market, backed by its first-class equipment.

The Rav4 is the first all-road in history, as much as other brands do not recognize it. The current generation is bigger, more powerful, more spacious and equipped. Their mechanical range contemplate versions gasoline, diesel and hybrid although there are rivals with a range of higher powers. Reliability is one of the pillars that defines the identity of the Rav4.

Above the Rav4 we have one of the best all-terrain vehicles on the market. The T it is a reference for reliability, behavior in the field (it defends itself magnificently on the road) and rugged design. The current generation has two bodies, one short and one more capable (measuring 4,76 meters). Its mechanical range maintains the same block diesel, although it has reduced its consumption.

Closes the Toyota range pick-up Hilux. This is one of the best sellers in the world for its reliability, mechanical robustness and ability to function in the field and on the road. The latest generation has seen its design modified, its mechanical range (it only has a block with 2.4 liters of displacement and 150 hp) spends and pollutes less and its quality of execution has been increased. We can find it with three types of bodywork (single and extra cab and double cab).
Toyota is one of the main leaders of the global automobile market. In 2007 it was the first manufacturer worldwide by sales, taking the position from General Motors. in 2011 it lost the lead due to production problems after the Fukushima disaster. Today it is consolidated as a leader in the sale of hybrid vehicles, thanks to the Prius, and one of the most trusted brands From the market. Toyota's presence is great in the United States as it is one of the first foreign brands to arrive. In Europe it has a good reputation and little by little it is increasing its already good sales levels.

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