Comparative Opel Corsa Vs Renault Clio

Comparison of Opel Corsa and Renault Clio

Both the Opel Corsa such as Renault Clio They are two very veteran names. They have been with us for decades and several generations, being two of the models of the segment B with more sales in Spain. And this is nothing new, since historically they have been very well accepted in our country. In 2019 they have been renewed, premiering the sixth generation of the Corsa and the fifth of the Clio.

how are two cars utilities very successful that have just been renewed and that we have already tried, we have thought that there are no excuses for not making a comparison between the two. dowhich car is betterThe Clio or the Corsa? In what aspects does each one stand out? Which is more spacious? Is there much price difference? We solve all these doubts.

Exterior design

As we always say, we don't like to get too involved in exterior design. Basically because everyone has their tastes and what seems beautiful to me may seem horrible to you, and vice versa. In any case, you can take a quick look at their aesthetics to check the character of each of them.

Starting with Opel Corsa F., it is worth noting the jump compared to its predecessor, which had been on the market for more than 8 years. The change has been total and now a lower and sportier body is seen. Design cues have completely changed on all four sides. The forms are somewhat more aggressive than before, but it is not a car with a very "angry" face either.

In the case of Renault Clio V.Aesthetically it looks a lot like its predecessor. Although it is a new generation, they have limited themselves to updating their exterior design. This does not surprise us either, since the previous model performed very well. The main changes stand out in the headlights and taillights, which convey a more technological and updated aesthetic of the French brand.

Interior design, technology and qualities

Vauxhall Corsa Interior

If we go to the cabins of these two models, the first thing to note is that the leap from its predecessors it is very big. Yes, both have improved remarkably with the generational change in their interior; especially in the sections of quality and technology, something in which they were somewhat fair before.

I'm sure you all know that Opel It no longer belongs to General Motors, but to PSA. It is not that the French group is the best in terms of infotainment technology, but it is clearly above what the American manufacturer could offer to the German brand. The new Corsa has adopted many traits from other Opel models, such as the Astra, Insignia o Grandlands. Above all, it can be seen on the steering wheel, on the instrument panel or on the screen.

Anyway, if you expect high doses of technology, it is not the best car in the B segment either in that sense. The instrument panel is somewhat classic and although there are versions with a fully digital panel, it does not meet expectations. The central screen is also not a big deal and, to be a totally new model that arrived in 2019, one more step was expected. This screen can be up to 10 inches in the most equipped versions (7 inches in the lowest).

Interior Renault Clio

In this sense, the Renault Clio -as they say- gives it a thousand laps. It has a well-used and easy-to-read digital instrument panel, as well as a much more successful central screen for infotainment and with much better software. The screen of the French model can be up to 9,3 inches, it has a very good touch and its layout is vertical.

According to the overall quality, again the Renault beat the Opel utility by a landslide. Most of the Corsa's plastics are hard and the perceived quality feel is inferior to that of the Clio. The latter, for its part, uses materials that look better and are more pleasant to the touch, some of them being very soft. It is also true that the French model is better at soundproofing at a general level than the German, making it more comfortable when traveling.

Exterior dimensions and interior space

Length Width Height Battle
Length Width Height Battle
Opel Corsa 4.060 mm 1.765 mm 1.435 mm 2.538 mm
Renault Clio 4.050 mm 1.798 mm 1.440 mm 2.583 mm

If we take a look at the body size, the outside dimensions, we see that the total length is practically identical, the Renault Clio being slightly higher. The biggest difference is found in the battle, the wheelbase, with an extra 4,5 cm for the Renault.

Both are offered only with a five-door body.

Renault Clio rear seats

In the front seats, the space for normal-sized adults is correct, similar to that of most models in this category. Nevertheless, yes we notice differences in the rear seats. The Corsa is not one of the most spacious in the category, with a notable difference in the Clio, whose rear seats are quite spacious. If we get on one and another we see that the Renault Clio offers more legroom and a little more width.

The central rear seat, as is normal in cars of this size, is of little use if three adults travel in the second row. You can go, but with a lot of discomfort.


The tonic is repeated in the section of trunk space. While the Opel Corsa is content with 309 litres, the Renault Clio achieves a total volume of 391 litres. The difference is very noticeable, and it is important to note that the length of the body is practically identical. Therefore, the French has been able to take advantage of much more space than the German, both in the passenger compartment and in cargo capacity. One more point in favor of the Renault Clio.

Mechanics Offer

Opel Corsa petrol engine

Changing the third, we turn to the engines. The truth is that the mechanical range is varied, logical and very similar between both models. The Corsa has three gasoline engines and one diesel, while the Clio model is available with three gasoline and two diesel mechanics.

Both offer electrified versions, although different. Opel has in its offer the Opel Corsa-e, which is a fully electric car with 136 CV and 330 kilometers of autonomy. For its part, the Renault Clio will soon have a non-plug-in hybrid of 1.6 liters and 140 hp, which will be called E-Tech.

Opel Corsa engines

Denomination Number of cylinders Displacement Power Engine Torque
Denomination Number of cylinders Displacement Power Engine Torque
1.2 75 3 cylinder 1.199 cc. 75 CV 118 Nm
1.2T 100 3 cylinder 1.199 cc. 100 CV 205 Nm
1.2T 130 3 cylinder 1.199 cc. 130 CV 230 Nm
1.5D 100 4 cylinder 1.499 cc. 100 CV 250 Nm

Renault Clio engines

Denomination Number of cylinders Displacement Power Engine Torque
Denomination Number of cylinders Displacement Power Engine Torque
SCe 72 3 cylinder 999 cc. 72 CV 95 Nm
TCe 100 3 cylinder 999 cc. 100 CV 160 Nm
TCe 130 4 cylinder 1.333 cc. 130 CV 230 Nm
dCi 85 4 cylinder 1.461 cc. 85 CV 220 Nm
dCi 115 4 cylinder 1.461 cc. 115 CV 260 Nm

dynamic behavior

One time we go drivingThe most notable difference is the soundproofing. the renault Clio is clearly better insulated rolling noise, engine and, above all, aerodynamics. The Opel Corsa does not reach the average compared to its recently renewed rivals (although it is not one of the worst either), while the Clio is in the high zone, at the level of Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo I would dare to say.

Renault Clio front

Otherwise, both German and French are two quite agile utilities to get around town and, at the same time, precise enough to face a very winding road with total confidence. Perhaps in that section the Corsa is slightly more fun because it is somewhat more reactive.

The protagonists of the B-segment have come a long way in their behavior when it comes to leaving the motorway and motorway. It wasn't long ago that this segment gave very little confidence to go out on these expressways, but now they feel very more poised and solvent.

Between these two models, the Clio is somewhat more comfortable and shows a better tread than the Corsa, but honestly the Opel does not do anything wrong either. Both are cars with which a long trip can be planned without problems.

As to suspension comfort, the truth is that the two fulfill very satisfactorily taking into account the segment in which we are. Both filter well enough and do not allow excessive body roll when cornering.

Security systems

Opel Corsa GSi Line

Both the Opel Corsa and the Renault Clio are two completely new models with safety in mind. That is why they have numerous driving assistants and active safety systems.

In the Opel Corsa and in the Renault Clio we can find adaptive headlights and IntelliLux LED matrix, front camera, automatic emergency braking, traffic sign recognition, involuntary departure alert with steering control, adaptive cruise control, side assist or blind spot assistant They are two cars that can be very equipped in terms of safety.

EuroNCAP results

The two protagonists of this comparison underwent the EuroNCAP crash test in 2019. However, one of them scored four stars while the other scored five. Yes, the Corsa had to settle for the lower score. The reason, as in the case of the Peugeot 208, is that the lower trim front camera is not always as reliable as its competition. In any case, in the superior finishes, another technology is used and the problem is solved. Let's see the valuations in each section:

Opel Corsa Renault Clio
Opel Corsa Renault Clio
adult occupants 84% 96%
child occupants 86% 89%
Pedestrians 66% 72%
Active security 69% 75%

As you can see from the table above, the Renault Clio is a safer car according to EuroNCAP ratings. It is not that the Corsa is an unsafe car, because it is not, but it is true that the Clio is a little above in each and every one of the sections evaluated.

What are their prices?

Throughout this comparison we have seen that the Opel Corsa is in almost all aspects one step below the Renault Clio. This is neither better nor worse, but a different positioning. However, in the end, it is the price that determines whether being a notch above or below is justifiable. Let's see the price of the access versions and of two intermediate and reasonable units with similar equipment.

starting with the starting prices (always according to the configurator), the Opel Corsa starts at 12.450 euros with the Edition finish and the 1.2 hp 75 naturally aspirated engine. Meanwhile, the cheapest variant of the Renault Clio is the Life termination and the 1.2 hp 72 engine, priced at 11.038 euros. All this, let us remember, are configurator prices and are subject to financing of different characteristics.

Opel Corsa-e

But few people buy a car in its most basic version and with such poorly solvent engines. As a general rule, at least in Spain, we opt for a medium-high finish and in, the case of this segment, for mechanical gasoline with around 100 hp. Thus, in the case of the Corsa we select the 1.2 hp 100T engine and the Elegance trim level, whose price is 16.100 euros. In the case of the Clio, we go to the TCe 100 and the Zen finish, which gives us a price of 14.642 euros.

As you can see, the price we receive from the configurators is clearly higher in the case of the Corsa. However, it is true that we do not know the financing characteristics of the Opel. We do know those of the Renault, that in the case of that version they end up paying more than 19.000 euros for the car. The best thing, without a doubt, is to carry out the configuration with an agent, who makes the numbers very clear and calculates the money that will end up being paid for each vehicle.


From my point of view, the Renault Clio is a much more logical and interesting option. Aesthetic tastes aside, the French model is more usable in terms of interior space and trunk (having the same exterior length), it has a better interior presence, more general and construction quality, a better infotainment system and greater driving comfort.

At the level of equipment, both can be very loaded and with respect to the engines there are no great differences. In both cases there are several gasoline options, in addition to a diesel in Corsa and two in Clio, as well as the fully electric Corsa-e version of the German and the hybrid in the case of the Frenchman.

Opel corsa profile
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other rivals

Renault Clio rear

Talking about rivals of these cars is practically mentioning the entire B segment. From the Citroën C3 until Audi A1, to Peugeot 208, Seat Ibiza, Volkswagen Polo o Ford Fiesta, without forgetting the Hyundai i20 o Kia Rio.

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Botton line

Good points Opel Corsa

  • Very nice youthful design
  • Agility on urban roads

Negative points Opel Corsa

  • Interior space
  • Overall quality printing

Positive points Renault Clio

  • safety equipment
  • price-output ratio

Negative points Renault Clio

  • Improvable refinement of the 1.0 TCe
  • Improvable feeling in "happy" driving

Gallery Opel Corsa

Gallery Renault Clio

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