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Motor News is one of the main websites on the motor vehicle world that day by day collects the main news that arise in the sector. Founded in 2006, since its inception it has specialized in producing quality content, as well as Rigorous testing of new models launched on the market and that they have been tested in detail by our expert team of editors. If you want to see in detail all the topics that we cover on our website, we recommend you access the sections page.

In 2014, received the prestigious Bitacoras Award al best motor Blog in Spain delivered by RTVE.

The editorial team of Actualidad Motor is made up of editors with years of experience in the evaluation and testing of all types of vehicles. Naps interested in working with us you only have to complete the following form and we will contact you.


  • Diego Avila

    Lover of everything that moves thanks to the energy of an engine and supports on asphalt through tires. During my childhood I was looking, among the parked cars, for the speedometer with the highest top speed figure. Fortunately for me, digital paintings were not in fashion in those days. Learn, learn and learn.


  • Jose Navarrete

    From Tower of Miguel Sesmero (Badajoz). Graduated in Labor Relations and Human Resources from the University of Extremadura, but since four wheels are my weakness, I decided to specialize in Marketing and Communication in the automotive sector. For me, the perfect car must have Italian design, Japanese engineering, German interior and the rage of American muscle cars, but since that is impossible, I enjoy all of them individually.

  • louis gaton

    Palentino from 83, from a very young age I was interested in gutting and observing how everything that had the misfortune to fall into my hands worked. As is logical, I ended up very hooked on the motor world, a showcase of almost all existing technologies. Nowadays I try to test any motorized device that I have nearby. You can contact me at luis@actualidadblog.com

  • Henry Leon

    Extremeño in love with the motor world. When he had not yet learned to count to ten, he was already collecting key chains with the logos of each car brand. Also, I have been a basketball player most of my life. Perhaps, for this reason, I studied the Degree in Physical Education at the University of Extremadura. I have always looked at cars with different eyes: I enjoy their look, their lines and of course, the pleasure of driving them. A dream? Tour "the green hell" in a Porsche 911 Turbo. I hope you like my articles where you can comment and ask about whatever you want, I will be delighted with your collaboration. You have me on Twitter and in most social networks. Follow me and let's share the passion for this wonderful world!

  • Miguel Hernandez

  • Javier Gomara

    Since I can remember, cars have been my passion. Everything that has an engine and wheels attracts me, and for a few years I have been lucky enough to be able to work on what I am passionate about.

Former editors

  • Diego Lopez Donaire

    Journalist specialized in science, technology and the motor world. He is passionate about everything related to cars, gasoline and, why not confess it, now also with 100% electric and hydrogen vehicles. From Actualidad Motor I will try to tell you what you need to know to get the right purchase of a car through articles and videos, as well as recording tutorials on mechanics and driving techniques. I can assure you that with everything that happens in this sector you will not get bored.

  • Inigo Ochoa

    My name is Iñigo Ochoa, I am 22 years old and I am from Vitoria. I have been part of the team of editors of ActualidadMotor since 2010. I am a Senior Automotive Technician and have worked for some time in a dealership. Since I was little I have been in love with cars and an avid consumer of content related to four wheels. I am crazy about unusual cars, regardless of their performance or price. Proof of this are my two cars, a veteran Golf Cabriolet Etienne Aigner 1.8 from the year 90 and a Mitsubishi Galant 2.0 from 1998. For any questions you can contact me through inigo.ochoa@actualidadblog.com

  • Alejandro Ortiz

    Engineering student, I have been passionate about cars since I was a child. Learning more about this great sector every day, I feel a special feeling for compact sports cars.

  • Eduardo Lausín

    Passionate about motoring since I was born, I started blogging in 2009. It will be easy to see me any weekend at the Jarama Circuit, where I've been the commissioner since 2010. Personally, I'm from Madrid and a university student.

  • Mario Walnuts

    I am Mario Nogales, a Madrilenian with a degree in Journalism from the UCM. Passionate about four wheels, my interest in the motor comes from a young age, so I had no doubts when choosing where I wanted to direct my career.

  • Javier Montoro

    Valencian settled in Madrid, graduated from ADE and specialized in the automobile industry, my great passion. I am in favor of the idea that driving transcends the fact of transporting and must be translated, whenever possible, into a unique experience

  • Master Sunday

    My name is Domingo Maestre Rodríguez, I am a young ADE student from Malaga and a lover of cars. My love for them was born the day I first saw the powerful, trademark, elegant and sexy hips of the Porsche 911 993 Turbo. Since then I have done nothing but think about cars and how to earn a living to get to enjoy some automotive jewel. You can follow me on Twitter @DomingoMR2

  • Jesús Moreno

    Ever since I was little, everything with a motor always caught my attention, although what fills me the most are cars. I can't stop reading, watching and learning about everything related to the automotive industry. Photography is another of my hobbies, looking for the perfect place and time to take the best photos of that four-wheeled machine in front of you.

  • Miguel Galán

    I am an Asturian living in Barcelona who learned to drive very young and since then I have not stopped. As a child I knew cars by the noise of the engine. Now I prefer to drive calmly, it allows me to observe my surroundings, be critical of them and describe them in an acidic and sympathetic way.

  • Jorge Moreno

    Hello, my name is Jorge Moreno and I live in Miranda de Ebro, although I am from Logroño (La Rioja). I am currently a viticulturist but my passion has always been cars. I think it all started when my grandfather taught me to drive his Land Rover Santana from a very young age, then came the Mitsubishi Pajero... that's where it all started. I studied Advertising and Public Relations and recently graduated as a superior technician in Automotive, but the current situation has led me to dedicate myself to the family business, although I do not close doors to the automotive world if it leaves a door open for me... time at the time I am delighted to collaborate on this blog and share my passion with you about everything related to the motor world. Greetings to all.

  • Mario Garces

    I was born in Seville, Official Headquarters of Hell from May to September. Although I have lived in other places, I returned to my city, where the love of motoring is somewhat anecdotal. Late student of Mechanical Engineering, since the beginning of 2013 I run my own space www.hispaniatecnica.com where I give free rein to my passion: gasoline and old junk. I also collaborate in www.actualidadmotor.com and www.tallervirtual.com

  • Adrian Lopez

    I have a great passion, my obsession towards the motor world. I have grown up surrounded by it and perhaps that is why I like to write, to try to convey it in the best possible way. I started in 2011 with a small blog and I don't want to stop. I am a natural maniac from Zaragoza, recognized in love with BMW, its rear-wheel drive and I do not say no to a good "hot hach". You can tell me what you want and follow me on Facebook or my Twitter account: @ALT_555 Try it 🙂

  • Jesus Sanchez Bolance

    While some see simple steel bodies, I see art. While others hear noise, I listen to symphonies. I am one of those who thinks that, for decades, vehicles have ceased to be mere means of transport. The passion for the automotive world has always been an intrinsic value in me. And Communication, to a greater or lesser extent, too. A perfect combination for a motor loving journalist.

  • Jorge Majdalani

    Journalist, editor at Actualidad Motor. Born in Talavera de la Reina, the passion for the world of cars transmitted by my father has always been present, so much so that Sunday races have been sacred. Specialized in motor sport and professionalizing all its news and new forms of mobility, I have been dedicated to the world of content writing for more than 10 years. Curious learner and storyteller.

  • Carles Sagales

    Lover of everything that moves with an engine. Especially car competitions, and more specifically single-seaters of any kind: Formula 1, GP2, GP3, World Series by Renault, Toyota Racing Series... A sports professional, I try to improve myself day by day with what I do.

  • Enrique Del Pozo

    Born in Madrid in 1982, Telecommunications Engineer working for the aerospace sector, particularly in Earth observation systems. Cheerful and enterprising technocrat, always looking for new challenges or anything that brings me something on a personal level... my philosophy is "I'll rest in another life". Passionate about everything related to the engine and the world of technology.