EuroNCAP: The DS 9 “falls” with 4 stars and the others shine with 5

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The year 2022 is coming to an end and EuroNCAP does not want to end it without doing their homework. So it is that the fulfillment of your plans is above all and here comes the last round of models that have gone through their security test. It is one of the most generous of the year and there is no shortage of members of recognized firms and others not so much. In addition, and in order not to lose the habit, there is also some unpleasant and sad surprise...

Yes because all those who go through the EuroNCAP test round reach 5 stars minus one. And it is not just any vehicle, we are talking about a representation saloon of the E segment that wants to rival models like the Audi A6. In addition, there is also another surprise, although in this case pleasant. The "oldest" of the group not only wins the highest mark, but in two tests he is the safest of the group. Good work…

The DS 9 is the fiasco of this EuroNCAP batch: premium sedan and is content with only 4 stars…

The DS 9 is the model that has to settle for the 4 EuroNCAP stars. The Stellantis representation saloon has been evaluated with the standard safety equipment and therein lies its problem. It can be seen that the score obtained in pedestrian and cyclist protection is a discreet 67%. But where it stands out for its low level is in active driving aids since he signs the lowest score of the group: a poor 66%.

Honda Civic: the eleventh generation is still at the top...

Honda Civic EuroNCAP 0

La safety of the eleventh generation of the Honda Civic confirms that it makes the leap to the premium spectrum. Its 5 stars are the result of obtaining scores in all EuroNCAP tests with marks above 80%. The tests in which it has shone the most are two: protection for adult occupants with an 89% grade and infants also with 87%. In the one that is least satisfied with 82%, which corresponds to the overall pedestrian protection rating.

The Hyundai IONIQ 6 not only shines for its great autonomy, but also for its high security...

Hyundai IONIQ 6 EuroNCAP 0

El Hyundai IONIQ 6, in addition to promising a generous autonomy, it also offers great security. And not only does it get 5 EuroNCAP stars for passing the tests, but it does so with very high marks. In fact, in the present batch it is presented as the safest for adult passengers with 97% protection. It also stands out in active driving aids with 90% but "noisily clicks" with 66% for pedestrians...

5 EuroNCAP stars for the Isuzu D-MAX Crew Cab: Pickups no longer have to be unsafe...

ISUZU D-Max Crew Cab EuroNCAP 0

Pick ups have traditionally been considered unsafe vehicles. This was due to the fact that their technique and high center of gravity did not make them very suitable for depending on what uses. But no, he Isuzu D-MAX Crew Cab arrives and shows that they can also win the 5 stars EuroNCAP. In fact, the protection for adult and child occupants is almost close to outstanding with 86% and in active aid it deserves 83%. Of course, not everything is good...

In the protection of pedestrians and cyclists, he has to settle for a discreet 69%. It is not the worst data that has been registered in the group but because its hood is high and the very vertical front can not obtain a higher note.

Land Rover Range Rover: The English premium stand out…

Land Rover Range Rover EuroNCAP 0

Land Rover was the one who invented the SUV's and as a good premium manufacturer its models have to be at a high altitude. And with the Range Rover proves, by its 5 EuroNCAP stars, that yes. And although it is a model that weighs close to two tons, it stands out with a 72% protection for pedestrians and cyclists. Infants and adults are also well protected with a score of 87% and 84% respectively..

And the Land Rover Range Rover Sport also matches the 5 stars…

Land Rover Range Rover Sport EuroNCAP 0

As expected, if the Land Rover Range Rover rises with 5 stars, its sporty brother Sport was not going to be less. However, the grades obtained by the latter vary downward or are maintained with respect to the former. Thus, in adult occupant protection it rises to 85% but in infants and pedestrians it drops to 85% and 69% respectively. Of course, the section of active driving aids he traces it with a remarkable 82%.

NIO ET7 5 stars EuroNCAP: Almost hunting the Tesla Model S…


The NIO ET7 is the mirror model of the Tesla Model S. In fact, its design and a large number of data related to its electric powertrain are very similar. In addition, his security is also very high because he has been deserving of the EuroNCAP 5 stars. The Chinese electric saloon stands out for 91% protection for adult occupants and 95% active driving aids. Of course, with such a level, it is a bit weak in pedestrian protection with 73%.

Nissan Ariya: The electric Qashqai does not disappoint...

Nissan Ariya EuroNCAP 0

The Nissan Ariya is the first one hundred percent electric SUV from the Japanese firm and as such it does not disappoint. So much so that it gets the highest score: 5 EuroNCAP stars. Thanks to the use of the CMF-VE platform in this test round proves to be one of the safest. The section in which it stands out the most is active aid with an outstanding 93%. Also, for an SUV it offers a remarkable protection for pedestrians and cycles: 74%.

Renault Austral: 5 stars to illuminate its difficult path in the market...

Renault Austral EuroNCAP 1

The Renault Austral is the bet of the French manufacturer for the European C-SUV segment. And its 5 stars show that the CMF-C/D platform confirms its good performance with adult occupant protection of 88%. The section on active driving aids is solved almost with an outstanding score, staying with 87%. On the other hand, where it does not obtain a noteworthy note, for not reaching the noteworthy mark, is in pedestrian protection: 69%.

Smart #1: Geely's Chinese have gotten their batteries right...

Smart #1 EuroNCAP 1

El Smart # 1 is first model to emerge from the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Geely. But also, his technique is the work of the Chinese, so his 5 stars EuroNCAP they are even more important. And it does not achieve them by "chance" because in protection for adult occupants it rises with the second best grade: 96%. Nor does it do badly in child protection and driving aids with 89% and 88%. Of course, it is weak with 71% pedestrians...

5 EuroNCAP stars for the Japanese Subaru Solterra…

Subaru Solterra EuroNCAP 1

El Subaru solterra It is the first XNUMX% electric model that the Japanese house launches on the market. For its design and development, it has had the help and technical collaboration of Toyota and this translates into its note: 5 stars hotel. This score comes from offering 88% protection to adult occupants or 91% in active driving aids. In addition, it does nothing wrong in protecting infants with 87% and pedestrians and cyclists with almost a remarkable: 79%.

5 EuroNCAP stars for the Tesla Model S: The oldest and by far the safest…

Tesla Model S EuroNCAP 0

We have previously pointed out NIO ET7 as the archrival of the Tesla Model S. However, the model of the house from Palo Alto and the oldest of the group shines with its 5 stars EuroNCAP and the best security of the bunch. This is so in the protection of infants with a large 91% and in active driving aids with outstanding 95%. And not only that, protection for adults is a remarkable 94% and for pedestrians and cyclists with a remarkable 85%.

That traces, or vice versa, his brother Toyota bZ4X...

Toyota bZ4X EuroNCAP 0

As we have said before, the Subaru Solterra is a Toyota bZ4X and therefore the 5 EuroNCAP stars of one are those of the other. But not only that, because the scores obtained by the model of the house of the constellation of Taurus are traced to those of the bZ4X. Both one and the other are based on Toyota's modern TNGA platform and this translates into great security. Especially in active and pedestrian aids, even if they are not the highest...

Toyota Corolla Cross: The Japanese saga does not disappoint yet with an SUV silhouette…

Toyota Corolla Cross EuroNCAP 0

The Toyota Corolla Cross is the most country and playful version of the legendary Corolla. And like his brother, he makes use of the TNGA base that is giving such good results to the Japanese house. So much so, that he stands with 5 stars EuroNCAP standing out in sections such as the protection of adults and children with 85% and 83%. But where he plays a great role is in protection for pedestrians and cyclists with the highest grade of the entire group: 87%. 

WEY Coffee 02: Matching the 5 EuroNCAP stars of little 01…

WEY Coffee 02 EuroNCAP 0

El WEY Coffee 02 is the last member of this long list. All in all, the Chinese electric model repeats the pattern already offered by its o1 brother. That is, it rises with the 5 stars EuroNCAP and very satisfactory performance. He stands out more, with the third best grade in the group, in protection for adult occupants with an outstanding 94%. And not only that, in active driving aids it shines with 93% or protection for infants with a remarkable 87%.

Summary table of scores in EuroNCAP…

Euro NCAP logo

Once reviewed one by one the members who make up this EuroNCAP list Here we leave a summary table that will help you see their respective notes at a stroke. In short: the level is very high and cases like the DS 9 make us think that brands can still improve. Especially if they are models located in the premium premium spectrum. On the other hand, very good Tesla, NIO and WEY. The Chinese “squeeze”…

Make model Final score Passive Safety (Adults) Passive Safety (Children) Pedestrian and cyclist protection active security
Make model Final score Passive Safety (Adults) Passive Safety (Children) Pedestrian and cyclist protection active security
DS 9 4 stars hotel 79% 86% 67% 67%
Honda Civic 5 stars hotel 89% 87% 82% 83%
Hyundai IONIQ 6 5 stars hotel 97% 87% 66% 90%
Isuzu D-MAX Crew Cab 5 stars hotel 86% 86% 69% 83%
Land rover range rover 5 stars hotel 84% 87% 72% 82%
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5 stars hotel 85% 85% 69% 82%
OIL ET7 5 stars hotel 91% 87% 73% 95%
Nissan ariya 5 stars hotel 86% 89% 74% 93%
Renault Autral 5 stars hotel 88% 83% 69% 87%
Smart # 1 5 stars hotel 96% 89% 71% 88%
Subaru solterra 5 stars hotel 88% 87% 79% 91%
Tesla Model S 5 stars hotel 94% 91% 85% 98%
Toyota bZ4X 5 stars hotel 88% 87% 79% 91%
Toyota corolla cross 5 stars hotel 85% 83% 87% 82%
WEY Coffee 02 5 stars hotel 94% 97% 73% 93%

Source - EuroNCAP

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