Free online car appraisal

Are you looking for a service for appraise your car online for free And with all the guarantees? Use our free car appraiser and find out the value of your vehicle instantly. 100% reliable!


When is your car worth?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most common questions we ask ourselves when we want to sell our car and we need to know what price to put on our vehicle. If this is your case, then you are in luck since in Motor News we put at your disposal our service for appraise your car online for free

Yes, yes, you are hearing correctly, now you will be able to appraise your car without costing you a penny and with all the guarantees on the market. It's a 100% reliable service And it will only take a few seconds.

free online car appraisal

How does the appraisal tool work?

The online car appraisal tool is very simple. It is only based on three simple steps.

Step 1 – free online appraisal

Enter your car details (make, model, year of registration, engine, kilometers, …) and once you complete all this information, in a few minutes you will receive the appraisal of your car in your email.

Step 2 – face-to-face assessment with our experts


Once you have received the appraisal of the vehicle, you can contact one of our experts to carry out a face-to-face assessment. There more than 50 subsidiaries spread throughout Spain so you don't have to move.

Step 3 – Payment and free change of ownership

Once the face-to-face valuation of the vehicle is certified all that remains is for you to receive the payment. We change the ownership of your car free of charge so that everything is much easier.

And if I don't sell my car, will I have to pay anything?

If you finally decide not to sell your car You will NOT have to pay anything. Our service is free regardless of whether you choose to sell your car or not.

Save time

Avoid waiting and wasting time to appraise your vehicle. If you are wondering how much your car is worth, now you can know it with total precision in a matter of minutes. Use the form above and discover the value of your car in seconds and without hassle.

Free online car appraisal

The best service to appraise your car and totally free. Do not pay a euro to discover the value of your car is now possible thanks to the service offered by Actualidad Motor. Seize it!