How much has the Seat Ibiza risen in price?

Seat Ibiza prices rise

As we have been saying in recent months, the prices of all cars have skyrocketed. Both new and second-hand vehicle market. It is not surprising that fewer and fewer new cars are being sold, that the car fleet continues to age and that ownership changes in old cars are also increasing. Let's see how much a car as common in our streets as the Seat Ibiza has risen in price.

El Seat Ibiza It has been for a long time one of the protagonists of the top 5 sales in Spain. Its economic price, its youthful style and its versatility for urban and surrounding use they raised it to the highest area of ​​the listings. How much does a Seat Ibiza cost now and how much did it cost in 2021? And in 2017?

Like all cars, the Seat Ibiza also has increased its price in a matter of months. Even more so if we go back five years, as we will see later. The microchip crisis, the rise in all production costs, as well as transport and energy costs, added to the fact that manufacturers have been forced to increase the prices of their products to obtain profitability, mean that it is increasingly difficult for any citizen to access a vehicle.

Test Seat Ibiza
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Seat Ibiza: price difference between September 2021 and today

Seat Ibiza rims

As we did when analyzing the Dacia Sandero Stepway and its price increase in recent times, we have pulled file. We're not going that far back, just yet. We compare the official prices of September 2021, when the utility received its restyling, with those updated in July 2022, moment in which the brand de Martorell made some modifications to its range. In both cases without discounts or promotions.

We start at more accessible versions, where we find that just a year ago a Seat Ibiza Reference MPI 80 CV had an official rate of $16.200. From my point of view, for a utility vehicle with hubcaps and without a turbo, it is already a high amount. However, today that same version with practically traced equipment costs 17.040 euros. yes it costs 840 euros plus 10 months later, which represents an increase of 5,2%.

Seat Ibiza rear

we go to one more balanced and demanded variant, such as the Ibiza in intermediate finish Style and the 1.0 TSI engine, which with its 110 CV offers good solvency. Its official price at the beginning of last fall was $19.720. That same car, whose equipment is currently called Style XM, is 20.720 euros. MÃ ¡s 1.000 euros representing a rise of 5,1%.

Let us now imagine that we want a version that conveys a certain sportiness to us, both aesthetically and at the driving level. In this case we would have to make the jump to the Ibiza in finishing FR and with the 1.5 hp 150 TSI engine, which is only marketed with the 7-speed DSG gearbox. In September 2021 it had a rate of 25.760 euros, rising in July 2022 to 27.760 euros. Namely, it costs 2.000 euros more, which means spending 7,8% more.

How much did the Seat Ibiza cost in 2017 when the current generation was released?

Seat Ibiza inside

If we look further back in time and we go back to 2017, at which time the Seat Ibiza presented its generation still in force, the price increase is much more pronounced. Of course, in favor of the Spanish brand we must say that Now it has a larger supply of equipment at all trim levels.

La access version in mid-2017 it was the Ibiza Reference, with the 1.0 hp 75 naturally aspirated engine. cost $14.060 without discounts, while as we have already said, its rate is currently 17.040 with five more horsepower. Cost almost 3.000 euros more, which comes to mean a rise of 21,2%. I repeat, now with much better equipment.

We turn to turbo engines and look at the price of the Seat Ibiza Style with 1.0 TSI 115 engine from five years ago. 17.550 euros it cost at that time, while now it goes to 20.720. The increase is 18,1%, translating into 3.170 euros.

As you have been able to appreciate, the price increase has also considerably affected the Spanish utility vehicle. In the last year the price has increased by about 5%, which is much less than the 20% rise in the Dacia Sandero.

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