How to watch F1 for free in 2023


Ya the 1 F2023 season is here. This year will be a continuation of the previous season, since no big surprises are expected. The cars remain the same, there was no radical change in the technical regulations. Therefore, all the teams will present their evolutions, and not revolutions. Unless there is some surprise waiting… Will there be? Well, so you don't miss anything, we have created this article with everything you need to know to see all the Formula 1 sessions this season.

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In addition to seeing how they will be and how they work the new F1 2023 single-seatersIt will also be interesting to see if Red Bull will continue to lead, if Ferrari has been able to recover and the rumors of a super-engine are true, or if Mercedes has really fixed last year's problems. And, of course, all the other teams, we will see if there are significant changes in the performance of any...

Watch F1 for free

In addition, there are many other incentives. For example, see if George Russell can stand up to Lewis Hamilton again. Or see how the rookies perform during this new season. The truth is that the controversies, the action on the track, the overtaking, and the surprises are not going to be lacking. So, start engines with this article for what is coming and do not miss anything. As you know, we will previously inform each race of the news and the broadcast schedules of each GP.

As I always say, don't forget to leave your feedback in comments in this article. Sometimes, some users may know certain contributions that can help more users to be able to watch F1 2023 for free or in the best possible way. Together we can better solve problems...

How to watch F1 2023: all the methods

There are many ways to watch F1 2023, some forms are legal and paid, others are free. Within the latter there are legal and illegal ones, although from this web page we do not encourage the use of pirate methods, in addition to warning from now on that the quality and benefits that you will get with them is much lower than the legal methods...


DAZN logo F1 2020

The large DAZN streaming platform, has become a Netflix of sport. It offers a multitude of sports at the moment, but they want more. Formula 1 is very juicy, and could not be missing from its sports catalog. If you want to watch F1, DAZN is one of the most recommended options.

The new platform already had Moto GP, and now adds this category, staying with the two most watched motor sports. DANZ has a huge sports package that includes football, tennis, motorbikes, boxing, basketball, and much more, as well as other motor categories... All in HD. And the prices for this year, which have risen, are as follows:

DANZ 2023 prices

Commentators will continue to be the same as Movistar+ F1, since Antonio Lobato and Cristobal Rosaleny follow, and the regulars: the engineer Toni Cuquerella and the ex-pilot Pedro Martinez de la Rosa (when he can escape his duties as Aston Martin ambassador). Albert Fabrega and Melissa Jiménez will also return from the circuits, and Noemí de Miguel from the set as presenter and substitute for Nira Juanco, the latter will be part of the DAZN F1 team as director in this case.

All the action starts now from March 5 with the new F1 2023 season. In addition, you will also have information about the pre-season tests, from February 23 to 25 in Bahrain. In other words, uninterrupted activity every day with current races, reports, interviews, documentaries, historical races, and much more...

In addition, they offer 1 month free trial without any kind of commitment.

Try DAZN 1 month free

How to watch F1 2023 on mobile

DAZN can be followed from the comfort of your Smart TV, installing the official app available for the main platforms, such as the WebOS operating systems for LG TVs, or TizenOS for Samsung, as well as other TVs (and Android TV boxes) based on Android.

Of course, you can also follow F1 2023 from mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Thus, if you are traveling or you are away from home, you can follow the World Cup without losing detail. To do this, you can install the app on your mobile for free:

If you already have a subscription, you will not have to pay another fee to watch it from your mobile. Your same username and password will also be used for the mobile app without extra costs. Again, you can also enjoy 1 month for free if you sign up today.

Movistar F1

Movistar F1 logo

In Spain, the exclusivity of F1 2020 was Telefonica-Movistarbut now that has changed. DAZN has taken over the exclusivity of Formula 1 in Spain, breaking that "monopoly" of this OTT platform to offer yet another alternative. However, they have made an agreement with DAZN to be able to broadcast this content too.

In other words, the agreement they have reached with Movistar does not terminate them being able to offer Formula 1 and Moto GP (with this agreement he returns) through his platform. Therefore, this year Movistar+ will continue to broadcast the channel DAZN 1 (dial 59) and DAZN 2 (dial 60) so that those who have a contract with this telecommunications company can continue as before, enjoying the races.

In short, Movistar+ users will be able to enjoy the same content that DAZN users will see, at least until the end of 2023, at which time the agreement expires and we will see if Movistar renews or if they run out of these motorsport competitions.

Try DAZN 1 month free

F1 TV Pro and F1 TV Access


Liberty Media has been with its official streaming service to see the F1 World Cup 2023 and get all the necessary information about this sport. This platform is available in several countries, with access to content in Spanish, French, German, and English, access to GPS to follow the cars around the circuit, map, 20 cameras of the 20 drivers to choose what you want to see at any time .

La F1 TV Access app and F1 TV Pro It is available from the web version, to be able to see it from any device that has a compatible web browser, but it is also available on platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, and the App Store.

All for a subscription quite affordable, which also includes talk shows and pre- and post-race specials. The price without advertising is about €6.5 to €9.8 per month. And for that you will also have access to content from other categories such as Formula 2, GP3, Porsche SuperCup. But unfortunately, the exclusivity that Movistar now maintains due to the contract signed with Liberty prevents this type of alternative from competing in Spain.

Watch F1 through the official The Dream VR app

VR to watch F1 2020

Liberty Media wants to change F1, and with an alliance they made with The Dream VR, you can also bet on streaming in a different way. The Spanish virtual reality firm has reached an incredible agreement to allow F1 2023 to be seen in an amazing way, with access to 360º videos thanks to the technology of virtual reality glasses.

The service is available at More than 180 countries, with a simple app in which you can immerse yourself in the starting grid, be "present" at the podium celebration, or get on the fastest laps of the weekend, and even visit the paddock, garages, etc. That is to say, almost as if you were present, but without being...perhaps a good idea with the one that is falling with the coronavirus and that does not seem to stop with the vaccination.

However, at the moment it is a limited service, and it is not exclusive to F1, but it issues part of the calendar of season races and other sports. But it can be a great option for the future...

Watch F1 for free using IPTV or satellite dishes

See F1 with parabolic

Leaving payment methods behind, other options that exist to watch F1 2023 and not miss anything go through using IPTV or satellite services. In this case, they can be both legal and illegal methods, everything will depend on what your ethics limit you to do.

Conclusion legal if you use IPTV, both with apps such as SSIPTV, Smart IPTV, Kodi, VLC, etc., with lists of channels that broadcast freely and for free. Another option is to do the same, but using a satellite receiver that broadcasts free-to-air. For example, you can capture channels from countries where it is broadcast free-to-air, such as Germany, etc., and thus be able to watch F1 2023 even if it is not in Spanish.

But you can also do it as illegal if you use IPTV services or satellite television decoders to capture pay channels that broadcast an encrypted signal (such as Movistar's pirate signal). With these methods you can intercept the signal and decode it so you can see it. Although the results may not be the best, with some possible cuts and not working all the time.

As from AM we do not incite to do illegal things, here I show you a list of channels that they have the rights to F1 2023 and that they broadcast openly and for free, and that you can capture through IPTV or through satellite receivers with a dish:

#8211; #8211;
Canal Country Language
RTSH Sports Albania Albano
Network Ten Australia English
TV Azerbaiyán Azerbaijani
Globe Brazil Portuguese
CCTV-5 China Mandarin Chinese
Guangdong Sports China Cantons
SPTV Croatia Croatian
TF1 France French
TMC France French
Channel 4 UK Ireland English
MBC Persian Iran Persian
irib varzesh Iran Persian
MBC Middle East Arabic/Persian
Viasat 4 Norway Norwegian
ABC Puerto Rico English Spanish
TV match Russia Russian
Channel 4 United Kingdom English
ABC United States English

How to use IPTV through Kodi

Kodi to watch F1

There is software to implement Media Centers such as Kodi, LibreELEC, etc to be able to use IPTV by adding a series of channel lists. With Kodi we can have a large number of channel lists thanks to the lists and addons that can be added. With them, their capabilities can be extended to add new functionalities, although if we opt for payment channels, we again incur something illegal or at least illegal, such as the field of IPTV. The authorities cannot report users, although they can the providers of these services that allow you to watch F1 for free...

Kodi is one of the best known implement a Media Center on the computer or device where we install it. The good of Kodi It is the large number of addons, that is, of complements that it has. With them, its capabilities can be extended to add new features and channel lists, including thematic channels cataloged by categories from which we can watch F1 for free among other sports. Also, if you have the opportunity to connect the device where Kodi is installed to your TV with an HDMI cable, you will be able to watch it on a bigger screen and comfortably from your living room.

Another advantage of Kodi, apart from the fact that it is free and is in Spanish, is that it is multiplatform, so it works on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, GNU/Linux, Apple TV OS, BSD operating systems and of course on your Raspberry Pi. Therefore, it covers a wide range of systems. And the only thing you will have to worry about is installing Kodi by downloading it from the official website if you use a computer, or from the iOS or Android App Store.

Kodi app to watch formula 1

Once installed, you can start install plugins from Kodi. To do this, download the addons, and from Kodi go to System, Settings and then click on Addons and you can find either an addon search engine (although only those that are in the database appear), or an option to Install from ZIP, which is the one you must select to install from the ZIP you downloaded. Once installed, you can watch the channels from the video option in the main menu and then click on Add-ons.

The interesting addons are:

  • adrienlist: allows you to add a wide list of thematic channels, among which you will find sections of series, movies, sports, etc. If you go to sports, you can find the Sky Sport F1 channel (in English), from where you can watch F1.
  • Plexus: it is advisable to install the Plexus addon that complements the previous one, otherwise you will have problems. Thanks to Plexus you can watch p2p channels through Sopcast and AceStream. To install it you have to go to the PROGRAMS section of Kodi and after selecting it, everything that is needed for it to work correctly will be downloaded.
  • acestream y Sopcast: two interesting modules from which you will be able to watch channels, such as those from the sports category, if you have previously installed Plexus.
  • Catholic: with it you will be able to see a multitude of Latin channels, as well as other international channels, DTT from Spain, France, and channels by categories such as sports, music, documentaries, etc.

With this you have enough to see all kinds of content, including F1. And one last recommendation, always have the librtmp library updated to the latest version, since otherwise you will find some problems when playing the content of the servers that provide the video.

The biggest drawbackWell, if we opt for certain lists of pay channels, IPTV usually has SD quality in some cases, and in the best of them HD. Also, if the video buffer is not large enough or our connection is not several megabytes of speed, the video can be cut off. On the other hand, for everything to work, you have to follow the existing manuals on the Internet to put everything you need on your site and update the lists periodically or they will stop working in some cases.

Listen F1 2023

RADIO F1 2020

If you don't want to pay for F1 2023, and you don't mind not being able to see it, another option is to listen to it. Yes, listen to her. In fact, some websites have their YouTube channels where they broadcast their Podcasts live during the race, listening to what is happening.

In addition to that, there are also some radio stations that do their programs about F1 to listen to what is happening. A good way to find out what's happening while you're travelling, or from an app on your mobile, MP4 player with integrated radio, etc. In Spain, the radios in which you can listen to this sport are:

  • SER chain: You can listen to narrations by Jorge Escorial and José Antonio Ponseti. With commentators like Isaac Prada, Xavier Saisó, Andrea Zanoni, etc. They even have their envoys to the paddock like Mela Chércoles and Manu Franco.
  • Onda Cero: This other radio station also has Rafael Fernández and Alberto Pereiro as narrators, with commentators such as Joan Villadelprat, Oscar Lango, Jacobo Vega, Pipo López, Paco Martín, or David Alonso. In the boxes they have the reporter Gonzalo Palafox.
  • COPE chain: Another option is to listen to the narrations of Carlos Miquel, with varied commentators.
  • Radio Brand: another of the possibilities in Spanish by Carlos Santos and Pablo Juanarena. With commentators like Cristóbal Rosaleny, among others.

If you are outside of Spain, or want more alternatives to listen to F1 2023 on the radio and in Spanish, then you also have these Latin American options, like the one in Argentina with ESPN.

You already know that you can tune into these radio stations your fm radio, or from various mobile apps, computers, and other platforms that support this type of option.

Mediaset to watch the Spanish F1 GP 2023 open

Mediaset Spain, F1 2021, Spanish GP

El Spanish GP It is usually an exception every year, since some chain takes over the rights to broadcast it openly and for free. This is the case of TVE, which has been bidding to obtain the rights of Movistar+ to be able to offer this "home" race.

On the other hand, last year it changed owners, and the one that has taken the cat to the water in the bid is the Mediaset España group, owner of channels such as Telecinco and Four. And it will not be deferred, but open, live and free of charge on one of its channels. Therefore, if you do not have Movistar+ or DAZN, it is another alternative for this race...

Beyond F1 2023: A much brighter future for fans

La exclusivity of Movistar in Spain was leaving out many fans who wanted to enjoy the content but could not for various reasons. Either because they were happy with their current Internet package and did not want to switch to Movistar's fiber services, because fiber did not reach certain rural areas, or because they simply could not afford to pay the prices of the entire package. of this service.

Now with the arrival of DAZN all users with an Internet connection will be able to enjoy the content for a modest price from anywhere. Without the barriers that existed before, in addition, this agreement will be at least until 2023, although DAZN could renew this exclusivity if it sees fit...

Enjoy F1 on DAZN 1 month free

F1 TV and F1 TV Pro

(see the previous section on this official service)

Free F1?

Free F1 2020 Logo

This seems to have hinted LibertyMedia, the current owners of the rights to Formula 1. They consider that the more parties that bid for the rights, the greater the profits they will achieve. They don't seem to like those rights with exclusivity so that only one operator can bid, as it's taking away other potential buyers or revenue streams.

But it is that in addition to its streaming service F1 TV and F1 TV Pro, and other OTT services that have flourished, the owners want something more. The current CEO of the company Greg Maffei assures that: «If we bet on free television, we'll probably grow our endorsement earnings faster. If we bet on the payment platforms, they will probably increase significantly from broadcasting income, but they will see sponsorship income threatened.«.

If that desire to earn income leads them to pressure and bet preferably on television stations that broadcast free and open, it is likely that in the future, channels such as Telecinco, Antena 3 or La Sexta will be able to broadcast this sport again.

Methods that no longer work

There are other alternatives not recommended, some of them no longer work for F1 2023, others do so in an erratic way or with questionable quality. For this reason, they tend to generate more frustration and in the end they end up abandoning...

Watch F1 2023 with YouTVPlayer

youtvplayer to watch f1 for free

There is an alternative quite similar to Wiseplay, only in this case we don't have to add lists or anything like that, in addition to the video and audio quality being quite good. I'm talking about an app called YouTVPlayer for Android that you will not find in the Google Play store, but that you can download and install (no olives allow installation of .apk from unknown sources) on our device.

Once installed, it will ask us for a Facebook or email account to register, it is a free registration and after registration we can access the content of the app. Find your favorite channel and you can watch it. Obviously you must do this under your own ethics, as is the case with IPTV, Kodi, Wiseplay, etc., since it is not legal...

TVE to watch the Spanish F1 GP on deferred

See F1 on TVE and tdp

El Spanish GP is a special exception, since as you well know, TVE already got the broadcasting rights with agreements with Movistar to be able to broadcast it free of charge and openly through its TV channel in the past (although deferred). Therefore, the race in Montmeló was the only one that we can follow without investing a single euro or opting for other alternatives.

With the current DAZN-Movistar F1 2023 deal, this is likely to happen again this year. «With F1 on DAZN and Movistar+, in addition to a package of open rights already secured, we have a great capacity to reach new audiences and grow sport in Spain", said Ian Holmes, director of F1 rights. So, it is likely that this type of open agreement will be included in that communication…



This app is very well known and popular to watch football. mobdra It has excellent quality and a wide variety of channels that you can tune in for free. You should not search for lists like in Splive TV, or others. You just have to find the channels, and once tuned you can enjoy them on your mobile devices.

Mobdro is one of the apps that users are most satisfied with. However, it has its drawbacks, since it is not on Google Play, but you must download the .apk from its official website, since was removed from the play store. That is precisely why it is in this section, since being from unreliable sources, it is not well known what it does on your mobile. So you must use it at your own risk.

To View Live TV

tvcatchup to watch f1 for free

ToView Live TV (previously called TVCatchup) is another application that can be used to viewer free-to-air live television in the UK through the computer, phone or tablet, and even from the video game console. The operation is simple, once we have it installed from the app store of our device or in its online version for computer, we can access it and choose the channel we want to see, adjust the quality of the video (according to the speed of our network ) and then see an ad that will give us access to the chosen channel. If we are using the online version from our computer's browser, we can even record TV.

First the app would only be valid for those residing in the UK or for all the citizens there who be out and have a valid license to watch TV in that country. For this, the system will check our IP to see if we truly reside in the country and once verified, it will give us access. Certainly there are methods to bypass this procedure and watch it from any country, but in AM we will not describe this method because it is illegal.

Watch F1 online in Streaming and VPN

Watch f1 in streaming with VPN

Some have already integrated systems to detect VPNs, or they tend to offer poor quality video, with cuts, etc., and it can be annoying.

You already know that some websites offer content from others streaming channels. Some completely legal and others not so much. For example, broadcast media usually also have online platforms through which they broadcast content legally, the same content that you can see on the respective TV channel. The problem is that many of these media restrict access by geographical area and if we want to see them from another country we will be blocked.

to avoid that we can use a VPN. This will camouflage our IP to prevent the web from detecting that we are from another country. You already know that there are many services to have our VPN, both free and paid. Such as HotSport Shield (for Windows, MacOS, Ios, and Android), or other similar ones (VPN One Click, HideIP VPN, USAIP, ItsHidden,... also for Linux). In the Apple App Store and Google Play you will find several apps for VPN...

On the other hand, we also have more alternatives like the AlphaCentary project and website in which we can access and select a channel from among the logos that appear at the top and the video will appear in streaming to be able to see it. Among the channels are some of Movistar TV such as Movistar F1. As to AlphaCentaury is a virtual IPTV decoder to watch Movistar TV channels, that is, it simulates by software the operation of the physical decoder that they give you when you contract Movistar services. Of course it's not legal either, but it works...

Watch F1 with Wiseplay

Wiseplay to watch F1

The app works well, the problem is that the channel lists that exist stop doing so very quickly and you have to update the lists periodically, something that is very annoying. In addition, sometimes certain channels may not be visible or may be cut off.

Wiseplay is an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to install it on our Android device (laptop, tablet, phablet or smartphone). If you search in the Play Store search engine, you will also find other apps that provide links to add to Wiseplay and have lists of channels on different themes. Just like Kodi with its addons, Wiseplay also allows you to watch channels of all kinds, from open DTT channels to other paid ones that can be seen from the app for free.

Companion apps for add channel lists to Wiseplay they are not as interesting as the channel lists that we find online. Therefore I recommend the website where you will find the best channel lists, such as those belonging to Movistar+. You do not need to register, simply access and download the desired list to see the channels in HD. In addition, they are updated daily, to guarantee the operation of the channel, something that Kodi is not guaranteed with addons.

Once Wiseplay is installed from the Google Play Store, we only have to add the list or lists that we want to view. It may not work for you, in fact this one does not work for me ready to watch f1, but you can use Google to find more lists. Here you will find a link or URL to the website where the list is located. Access the website where these links are provided and once there, we will find the real link that we must copy and paste into our Wiseplay app. For example, a link I've tested that works is this one that I leave you here.

To add it, we simply open Wiseplay, click on the + button on the back of the main screen and two options will appear. Add List from QR code or Add List from URL, we will choose the one from the URL. If you click on it, a dialog box appears where you paste or write the address of the channel list and accept with OK. Now a new entry appears on the main screen, which if you click on it you will see the Formula 1 icon on which you can click to see the available videos.

Two last tips, it may ask you to install AcePlayer To view the videos, Wiseplay will directly provide you with the download address and all you have to do is install the .apk. And one last thing, if you're not going to move from home, I recommend using virtualization from a PC if you don't have a device that can be connected via HDMI to your TV. In this way, with an Android emulator or virtualizing the operating system from VirtualBox or VMWare, for example, you can connect your computer that usually has an HDMI connection to your TV to see it on a big screen. Or better yet! The Wiseplay app itself allows you to screencast if you have a smart TV with WiFi, transferring the video directly from your smartphone or tablet to your TV screen.

There are also some alternatives, although they are not as recommended, such as splive Player for Android, with lists of channels to watch, although it can cause problems, so it's not recommended. There is also Acestream, and others. But almost all with the same performance and features...

With all this, this post is updated on the alternatives and possibilities you have to see F1 2023, I hope I've helped, any contribution or comment will be welcome...

F1 Calendar 2023

F1 calendar

At AM we always try to offer you the most relevant information about Formula 1. And, for this reason, prior to each race of the season, you will have all the schedules so that you do not miss any event of this F1 2023 season. In addition, to complement schedules, you can also take a look at the official calendar:

#8211; #8211;
Date Career
Winners will be announced in March Bahrain GP
Winners will be announced in March Saudi Arabian GP
April 2 Australian GP
April 16 ̶G̶P̶ ̶d̶e̶ ̶C̶h̶i̶n̶a̶ (Portuguese GP: possible substitute)
April 30 Azerbaijan GP
May 7 Miami GP
May 21 Emilia Romana GP
May 28 Monaco GP
4 June Spanish GP
18 June Canadian GP
2 July Austrian GP
9 July UK GP
23 July Hungarian GP
30 July Belgian GP
27 August Netherlands GP
September 3 Italian GP
September 17 Singapore GP
September 24 Japan GP
October 8 Qatar GP
October 22 United States GP
October 29 Mexican GP
November 5th Brazilian GP
November 18th Las Vegas Grand Prix
November 26th Abu Dhabi GP

If you also want to see the complete grill for F1 2023 and know the lineups of each team for this season, you can See this other article.

If you've come this far and still don't know how to watch F1, we recommend you try DAZN, you have 1 month free taking advantage of this offer.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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    The ideal is then to synchronize the audio of a radio in Spanish with the image of the satellite. Using a pc with a satellite card is easier using progdvb and clac radio. but if not in some specialized online satellite stores you can buy a special radio that has a delay button. That delays you up to x seconds the sound.

    Nothing new under the sun :). That is if the rtl does not put little windows, old-fashioned ads cutting the race. And I don't know if it broadcasts all the free practices now, a couple of years ago the ones that broadcast the free practices on Fridays were sport1 (another open channel on astra). And the free 3 the rtl threw them a little in differ (1 hour or so).

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    In F1 it is more debatable, it was always brands that set it up, so its "public" character is more hidden. But let's not kid ourselves, there is a lot of public money in vintage circuits, and there has been a lot of public money and wear/wear/logistics in urban ones and endless historic urban installations.

    Public participation and citizen attachment have been necessary for these great shows to take root. Now, you take them from us and we must pay for them.

    I have seen broadcasts on Movistar, and they are not even up to the soles of De La Rosa's Shoes, if that is close to the Cub of the good times. There is already a disconnect with people's bikes, now there will be with F1. You have preferred to bleed, squeeze and charge the fan and the faithful follower, than continue to grow in number while cutting profits.

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    This Movistar is a shame! Boycott Movistar and see if we all manage to find a channel that broadcasts Formula 1 openly and in Spanish without having to drop a penny.

    1.    Teo said

      I just want Movistar to go bankrupt, just like you, they are sons of ……, I unsubscribed, my friends and my family from Movistar for that reason, from now on I'm going to watch the races through the dish I don't care the language, I am going to try to get as many people as possible to change operators, Boycott to Movistar+..

  14.   Alfred said

    I switched to jazztel and I'm delighted. I don't know if I'll see the f1, but I'm not going back with Movistar. Now I have a fair price.

  15.   Ramon said

    In my opinion, I believe that these types of sporting events are created and paid for by brands. As was said in a previous comment, it is true that a lot of public money has been put into this in our country (Valencia is that urban circuit in which the untold amount of "our" money has been wasted) but, ultimately, the organizers of races seek sponsorships to raise capital to cover the cost of organization.

    What is unfair, I think, is that Movistar monopolizes the broadcasts and forces people to pay for a complete package that many people are not willing to shell out to watch 20 races a year. If someone wants to watch football, motorcycles, Formula 1, etc, they have to mortgage a stratospheric fee for at least 12 months.

    The broadcast of sporting events of general interest should have a stricter regulation and allow any cable company to broadcast this recording or not, if they wish, the cost of broadcasting to their subscribers.

    In short, if you want to see a match or a race, you pay your corresponding ticket and that's it. Imagine arriving at the field and being told that with the entrance it is mandatory to take out life insurance, another health insurance and a subscription to the magazine on duty or else, you will not enter...

  16.   Luis said

    If we could see F1 on an open channel from abroad and we could listen to Antonio Lobato and de la Rosa broadcasting from the radio... I would pay for that. Movistar is going to fail yes or yes.

  17.   El Tigre said

    One of the problems that arise in the options that you propose is the amount of popups and stupid advertising that appears when you try to connect through them, point what I would propose would be to go to bars that have Movistar and there the fans meet, it would have the advantage of giving an environment relatively similar to that of being on the circuit. As it happens with soccer. Although I already know that Formula 1 is infinitely less popular than the ball. We'll find some way. Good luck to everyone.
    tiger tiger

  18.   Manolo said

    What is clear is that with this they are not going to gain popularity in this sport, the fault lies with the leaders of F1 for promoting these businesses, which in the long run will harm F1, but as in all companies what they look at is profitability now the future does not matter to them they will have already sold it and taken their money.
    Greetings, friends.

  19.   Antonio said

    It's not logical. A monopoly always abuses but only gets the rejection of the majority. I would only understand paying if it is per event and at the time you choose to see it. Like a movie or a game.

    1.    Alex said

      I totally agree with you, I would understand that I would have to pay if they give me the option of seeing only the f1 race that I want and with the connection that I have, forcing them to hire services to watch F1 will not give them a good image, I have followed F1 for many years but I will not pay for imposition, I will look for other alternatives.

  20.   Antonio said


  21.   vidaltg said

    But is there any way to watch it for free???

  22.   ersevi said

    Do what I have done the adsl and the four mobile lines of my house I have unsubscribed, in moviestar

  23.   ersevi said

    And I'm trying to get family and friends to do the same. The power against these abuses is in the union.

  24.   pepper said

    you have to be very stupid to be paying movistar and the politicians who are behind throwing up with the revolving doors. I recommend changing the operator, honestly

  25.   Oscar said

    But does anyone know how to watch it for free? I have tried an app called all sports tv for android where sky f1 hd is quite good.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to watch it with guarantees? For example paying sky or something like that

  26.   Juan Pérez Inigo (@muller787) said

    I would say that this year for the German RTL it will not be seen, since I think that the rights in Germany are held by Eurosport.
    Watching f1 with movistar costs 88 euros a month, when now I pay 42 euros on jazztel and with more speed. I would be willing to pay 20 euros more, but 48? It's abusive. Keep putting ideas and channels, even if you have to pay a fair price. One idea would be to contract a Movistar package for 88 euros and share it on a private network among those interested.

  27.   VICTOR said

    I shit on everything that shakes are some bastards

  28.   Pepe said

    I am investigating with KODI, and with the help of PLD digital light project I am watching movistar f1, what I don't know is if this option will continue when the championship starts. If anyone has an idea on this topic, let me know. Greetings.

    1.    Mark said

      You install Kodi in an Ubuntu or Windows distribution and then Adryanlist. You will see F1 and by the way football.
      If you don't want to get complicated, on an old Openelec computer that already has kodi and install adryanlist


      1.    rafael said

        thanks but I don't have much idea about computers and it's a bit complicated for me

      2.    Pepe said

        Thanks Marcos, I'm on it. At the moment I can see it on skysports f1, movistar f1 and f1 latinoamerica, I suppose that the litmus test will be tonight if you can see the summary program of the first tests on movistar, although I suppose that on sky and latino you can continue watching.

        1.    rafael said

          Hello, I have installed Kody on my Windows 8 PC and now what should I do? I don't know much about computers I hope you answer me thanks a greeting

        2.    rafael said

          hello I have already downloaded Kody but the Adryanlist program I don't know how to download it and then install it in Kody I hope your help thank you very much greetings

          1.    Pepe said

            Hello Rafael; (sorry but I was wrong and I had answered the user Juan, and that he will be saying "what the hell does this tell me", hahaha), in short I repeat the answer; adryanlist is not a program, it is a list in video add-ons format. Once Kodi is installed, you have to go to system, add-ons, install from a .zip file, and a menu will open with all the available locations, and you must choose the adryanlist list where you have downloaded it, usually in downloads, and wait for it to tell you add-ons activated in the lower right margin (it takes very little). Once this is done, you can go back to the beginning by clicking back or the little house icon in the lower right margin, click on videos, video add-ons, and if everything went well, you will see adryanlist, among others. Click on adryanlist and you will get a menu of sports, movies, etc..., then click on sports and you will have a huge list of sports channels, among which you can see movistar f1, sky f1 and f1 latinamerica. The latter is the one that works best, although sometimes the quality of vision is somewhat poor, but it doesn't matter... You can see the others sometimes, sometimes not, they will be down or will drop from time to time. Also to view some channels (not for f1 latin america) you would have to install the plexus add-ons, but this is somewhat more complicated, not much but something else. For now, I'm staying with f1 latinamerica, which until now is always visible and has no cuts, at least with the wifi that I have from ono. Remember that there is not only one link to the channels, that is, within adryanlist sports, there are many links to the same channel, so if one does not work, you can try another, and they are not followed, although for f1 latin america I have only seen one; It is also moderated by Nira Juanco, and it seems that De la Rosa and Mark Gené will also be there. Greetings, I hope I have helped you.

  29.   Juan said

    One thing is that I don't like paying to watch TV, another thing is that it's a lot and another thing is that Movistar and F1 are 2 businesses and both are within their rights to do this. Yes, if almost no one pays They would change their minds, but I can't stand it without Alonso.
    The "free internet" thing, beware of what is not legal: 1. Because I don't know if they denounce the user. 2. Being illegal, it has a virus.
    I think I will choose to see it in a bar like I do with football, the problem is that there are races at dawn.
    And by the way I even had a few beers.
    I'm done: those who complained about advertising when it was free, there you have it, and that it doesn't carry advertising now the same as the first year, but Canal plus had advertising and it was paying.

    1.    Pepe said

      Hello John; adryanlist is not a program, it is a list of video add-ons. Once Kodi is installed, you have to go to system, add-ons, install from a .zip file, and a menu will open with all the available locations, and you must choose the adryanlist list where you have downloaded it, usually in downloads, and wait for it to tell you add-ons activated in the lower right margin (it takes very little). Once this is done, you return to the beginning by pressing back or the house icon in the lower right margin, click on videos, video add-ons, and if everything has gone well, you will have adryanlist, among others. Click on adryanlist and you will get a menu of sports, movies, etc…, well, click on sports and you will have a huge list of sports channels, among which you can see movistar f1, sky f1 and f1 latinamerica. The latter is the one that works best, although sometimes the quality of vision is somewhat poor, but less give a… The others you will be able to see sometimes yes, sometimes not, they will be down or will fall from time to time. Also to watch some channels (not for f1 latinamerica) you would have to install the plexus add-ons, but this is somewhat more complicated, not much but something more. I'm staying with f1 latinamerica for now, which up to now is always seen and has no cuts, at least with the wifi that I have ono. Remember that there is not only one link to the channels, that is, within adryanlist sports, there are many links to the same channel, so if one does not work, you can try another, and that they are not followed, although for f1 latinamerica I have only seen one; It is also moderated by Nira Juanco, and it seems that De la Rosa and Mark Gené will also be there. Greetings, I hope I have helped you.

  30.   joaquin598 said

    Good post! We'll see if in March it works for us! Thank you

  31.   Juan said

    In Asturias I don't know how things are going to be. Asturias is perhaps where there is more interest relative to the population, but in this province there are many people who subscribe to Telecable, which is a medio-Asturian company.

  32.   Albert said

    Well, no matter how much boycott we do, it doesn't matter to them... they have half (if not 75%) of Latin America, which in number of inhabitants, are a few more than us....

    Spain no longer represents an important volume for Telefonica / Movistar... I mean, if we want to watch F1... we either pay or go to the Bar (which is not a bad option), since, although it's not free, at least they give us a beer...

    A resigned...

    1.    more M said

      They forget that they have mediapro's Latin American f1 channel there, so timofonica doesn't do business with F1 there, I don't think Movistar will last more than a couple of years without selling the rights to F1, almost certainly they won't amortize it And to prove the price drop that they had to make, before they charged 20 euros for the sports package and you had no choice but to hire it to watch F1, they have already released a package for 10 euros, half, to see F1 and the motorcycles and another for 7 euros to see F1 and 8 euros for the motorcycles, and that is because they are not getting the contracts they expected.

  33.   Marta said

    Today I read in Marca that for €10 a month you can see F1 and motorcycles, but they don't say how or where… the world championship is going to start and I still don't know how I'm going to do it… this is because of the politicians who they manage Movistar to steal even more.

    1.    more M said

      Marta, in the only place where you can see them on Movistar, at a minimum you have to have Movistar+ contracted with the basic TV package and then for 10 euros more contract the F1 and MotoGP channels

  34.   RIP F1 said

    My best wishes for telefoni/movistr: Fucking bastards, fuck your ass and shit in the mouth, disgusting vultures from my house you won't get a single penny, put F1 and MotoGP up your ass that surely fits you. fuck you

  35.   RIP F1 said

    Approx. €42 per month + deposit of €100 …… it is not expensive…. it's a fucking robbery

  36.   RIP F1 said

    Question: what would happen if 6 or 7 people got together around a piece of dog shit?…..well, these assholes would come and privatize it.
    A thousand apologies for the comparison.

  37.   TRONER PEGASUS said

    It is a private business, both Movistar and F1, but supported by tens of millions of public euros. Circuits, security, medical assistance, insurance… They are paid with the cuts to the citizens and also if you want to see them pay. His ambition has no limits.

  38.   Sergio Molds said

    Hi guys, these guys from Movistar want to annoy us but they won't be able to. Does anyone know how I can watch f1 live on my PC and honestly I don't care if the comments are in Spanish or not. If someone can help me I would appreciate it very much. PS: I hope Vomistar's business goes under.

    1.    rafael said

      I am desperate for money, if I were from mivistar and lived outside a city in the countryside, for example, and the signal did not arrive, I would report them. Regards

  39.   Javier said

    I'll try to watch F1 2016 online… And if I can't, well… bye-bye F1! There is something that is clear to me: I will not pay to see F1 (or anything). And we should all do that... Fuck them... This is just a small annoyance derived from the dictatorship of capitalist neoliberalism ("if you don't have money for us to steal, we don't give a shit about you"), when they privatize essential things like healthcare , education, pensions... you'll see what a laugh...

  40.   Joseph M. said

    If no one sees paid f1, they will have to rethink the business, but if we pay to see it, they will rub their hands. I will not see it if it is paid.

  41.   juanillo said

    Beware of Movistar offers!! I was with them all of 2015. I started paying 68 euros a month with Formula 1 and Moto GP and ended up paying 104 or more euros in the last few months. Once you contract the service, a month or so, you receive a letter informing you that they will raise x euros per package that you have contracted to update the prices. They sent me the fucking letter 3 times in a year. Now I am on Vodafone ono and I pay 45 euros with tv, adsl and mobile. But the director of Vodafone is already warning on the net that they are considering carrying out the same usurious practices as their competitors in the coming weeks.

  42.   rafael said

    someone please tell me how i can see f1 i have installed kody and adryanlist. but I don't know how to find where to see it thanks in advance for answering greetings

  43.   ivan said

    Honestly, your fucking mother is going to rehire a mobile line for them, sons of the great whore, thieves and a bunch of scoundrels, which is the only thing that the telephone companies are, bye bye to F1, but I'm not going to pay, see apart from everything. What he created today is a whole fucking business for Mr. Eclestone and now Telefónica, among many others, and on top of that, to see my favorite driver lose, so put the F1 in your ass, gentlemen, sons of the great whore of Telefónica, you eat shit.

  44.   Nelo said

    Fucking bastards...

  45.   gucho68 said

    it would be nice to watch f1 for free

    1.    rafael said

      gucho68 I'm with you I want to see f1 for free but how?

  46.   Miguel said

    I have kodi and with 3 addons I watch it, when one doesn't work I go to another and so I go, I have PalcoTv, adrianlist and catoal installed, palco tv has the option to watch it in hd but since my connection is from 10mb cuts me a lot, but come on, it works perfectly for me with catoal, and by the way you see all the movistar plus.

    1.    rafael said

      can you tell me what addons you have for codi thanks

      1.    Miguel said

        Of course, I have AdryanList, catoal and PalcoTv, and I also added Sports devil which is sometimes needed for PalcoTV, you can visit a youtube channel that is quite good at explaining all this content, it's called nereo or just looking for the doubt you have on youtube you will get a tutorial.

        1.    rafael said

          thanks Miguel I will try to download them although I don't know much about computers but I will try greetings and thanks again where I can consult you if you want, apart from this medium my email is

        2.    rafael said

          hello miguel i have installed palcotv and sports devil there i am messing around but i don't know where i can see f1 (if you can see f1) a little help would be nice greetings

        3.    rafael said

          hello I hope that when you can and you have time you answer me and give me a little help greetings and thanks

        4.    rafael said

          hello miguel greetings I have installed adryanlist, catoal and sportdevi on kodi I can only see f 1 on adryanlist-skysport f1 (plexu) on inlges I ask you, is that channel you refer to that looks very good, on catoal-movistarplus-formula 1 I only see races from last year I hope you answer me thanks

        5.    rafael said

          Help! I don't know but I have installed ACESTREAN ENGINE and now when I go into catoal f1 (which looks very good but in English) I get the ACESTREAN logos in the middle of the screen and I don't see it, what should I do thanks a greeting

        6.    rafael said

          sorry miguel for giving you the embers i have another nod on palcotv i can't see anything i don't know where to go thanks

    2.    rafael said

      hello greetings miguel with palcotv it gives me two options and in one of them a little circle appears at the bottom of kodi going around and that's all it's normal

  47.   carlos1964 said

    Some of you can comment on whether in the option k that colleague gave us k he saw it but while waiting for the vet if they cut it off at the beginning of the official training sessions. an image is cut off or is still displayed. You'll say colleague to hook us all. About the foreign chains they give it open, do they have pagers? Would it be an option to connect with proxy?

  48.   Pedro M said

    I fear that we have it crude, as Fernando or another Spaniard does not win, there will not be enough audience for any company to be interested, because here everyone signs up for someone else's work without having contributed anything.
    We have athletes of all kinds who have managed to reach the top with great physical and economic effort without receiving almost any help and then everyone signs up for victories (second places are of no use to them) to the sound of WE HAVE WON, have we?
    Lately they didn't even show F1 in the bars because hardly anyone was looking (not like they used to orient the chairs).
    They are that simple in this country (and perhaps in quite a few others for consolation).
    This was "sung" and all that remains is to pray that the victories return and we can resume.

    1.    Juan said

      You tell some truths, last year with Alonso's bad season we have returned to see F1 the 4 friends who saw it before Alonso's triumphs and if that can be one of the reasons why giving it in the open does not pay what What should Ecclestone order?
      Although good, soccer has a large audience and is not open.
      I trusted that Alonso will triumph again, I trusted him and I trusted that he is in one of the big teams and the same engine.
      Focusing on the topic of the forum, I keep thinking about the bar on Sunday at 7 in the morning, the first race and that Movistar has it and that the waiter doesn't tell me to go to hell.
      If not, that radio career can be a good option if a station broadcasts it or they let you broadcast it.
      I repeat the internet thing, watch out for viruses from certain websites.

  49.   vic said

    The Spanish Grand Prix is ​​going to be broadcast on TV3 openly, something is something

  50.   Juan said

    Today I called Movistar, I was late because I didn't want my call to serve them as statistics that people are interested.
    But I was already pissed off yesterday, well actually today because it was the program that started at 00.00, in the COPE sports program a journalist told Fernando that it cost very little.
    I think he said €10, he must have been referring to an offer that is out there for €15, he said what some kubatas were worth.
    This is the Movistar price:
    During the first 3 months 83.50. Fusion offer plus extra Premium package, be careful with the 3rd. month you change your package.
    Rest of the months 88. Fusion offer plus Sports package.

    Right now they charge me about €37 with Vodafone.
    It is a very basic package and without tv.
    Flat rate landline phone for landlines.
    Mobile only payment establishment I think, mobile internet I have little free data so I don't even use it.
    ADSL I don't know if it was 20 MM, I only use the internet to read.
    If it wasn't for F1, I have enough.
    So you should pay €51 more just to watch F1.
    Yes, the Movistar offer I already have all the tricks, which I don't need, but the tricks, like:
    -from landline 550 min to mobile
    -Mobile: Unlimited calls and 3GB
    -The Yomvi that is to watch TV on a tablet, ect (in fact it can be a solution to pay half with another,
    I pass the passwords to another and he pays me something)
    -tv to be able to see those series that are so famous that there are now, and the Champions and the motorcycles

  51.   Juan said

    Interview with Alonso at COPE, they do not transcribe the journalist's response that you had to pay but little, €15 (of course if you already have the mandatory €68 Movistar package):

    – What do you think that this year Formula 1 cannot be seen in the open?

    – Wrong. Sport is there to improve people's lives. It is a way of living healthy and also entertaining and I think that the fact that Formula 1 is not available to everyone is a mistake on the part of who runs it. We will go from 6 million a year ago to 2 million today, and from that to 40.000 or 50.000 viewers now. I think that's devaluing the product, slowing down the entry of sponsors a bit... I think it's worse for everyone, but it's the trend that all sports are following.

    1.    Juan said

      I forgot, it's only €15,50 if you have the mandatory package and only the first 3 months,
      Then, instead of 3 kubatas, it costs €65 plus the 68 of the mandatory package, which add up to 133.
      Instead of paying Movistar, you keep those €133 and in 10 months you buy at least one kart for €1330.

  52.   Ivafe said

    For many years, when no channel in Spain broadcast f1, I saw it through RTL. The RTL can also be seen through a dish oriented to the astra satellite. I don't know now, but before they used to turn to her, they threw everything at you, antenna 3 style, but better.
    Buying a satellite dish does not seem like a crazy option to me, in two months it was amortized compared to movistar

  53.   José Miguel said

    Let them spend all the money they earn on medicine.
    And of course a 0 to Mocostar and its toxic derivatives

  54.   Andoni said

    I work for euskaltel (a Basque telephone company) and the truth is that there are many people who just for football, motorcycles or f1 who do not move from mlvistar, and that I have found people who were paying more than €100 per month while for €45-57 they have the same with me but without sports, today there are online platforms with fees of €20 per month, I offer them a device (android tv) where they can install applications and watch sports from there, it is the solution what we usually give But really with android tv there is no need to hire an online platform if you find an application to see things like kodi or splive but that already depends on each person. It would be great and very nice if everyone said goodbye to timofonica haha ​​but there are many close people who will always want to pay, even so for those of the Basque country if you want to send timofonica out for a walk do not hesitate to contact me and we will fight together against them hehehe

    1.    Sergio said

      I go neither
      I live in Idiazabal, in the deep Gipuzkoa, where Euskaltel doesn't reach and I have to make do with the only one that offers me service... Movistar... How can I get Euskaltel to give me a service?

  55.   Nacho said

    The problem is not only being able or not being able to pay for it, but there are places where they directly don't have coverage. A pity, it is very possible that I will not see it, but of course, somehow you have to pay both former minister and others who charge from Telefónica.

  56. said

    I've been traveling abroad a lot for a while now. And I can see all the plus channels including free porn through a web server. Without any interruption. This next Saturday I'll post the link stay tuned. Why is the motor channel of old timofonica movistar safe? And we will be able to achieve the dream of seeing f1 in the open. Not being able to hire this channel exclusively forces one to pirate.

    1.    rafael said

      Hello, we are waiting for you like May water, greetings and thanks

    2.    vic said

      where are you that we wait for you to give us information?

  57.   vic said

    I say the same if we get it and they give him a pc to throw up

  58.   Eduardo said

    If it is paid, let her mother pastry chef see her.

  59.   severjuan said

    In Splive Player today you see. I have it on an Android terminal and you have to download a list of channels. I am useless, I managed to do it by watching tutorials on youtube

    1.    rafael said

      thanks I'll try it because I'm a little clumsy with the pc greetings

    2.    rafael said

      sorry splive player download and install or get into kodi

  60.   Emma said

    Another one who joins the bandwagon of not paying a single € to those unpresentables. I'll try it online with the help you give and if not, we'll install a satellite dish. Thank you for so much help and it is a relief to see that there are many people with a finger in front, Union is strength…. I hope we can with them.

  61.   Pako said

    The best option is Kodi, with the “Adryanlist” channel list, and watch it within the Sports section on the Sky Sport F1 channel. Very good quality and sound, it doesn't stop, the only bad thing is that the commentators are British, that is, it's in English, but the important thing is that it looks good and doesn't stop. Then if they want, they can do what I did, buy a cable that connects from the laptop to the TV, and thus be able to watch it on TV much more comfortably than on the laptop or PC.

    1.    grs said

      Hello Paco.
      I would be grateful if you would explain to us what to do, step by step, to be able to see F1 as you indicate in your post.
      Kodi which is a program, a website….
      thanks and regards.

      1.    Pako said

        Search in google "download kodi adrianlist" there will be everything explained.

    2.    rafael said

      Greetings, Pako, I tried to see it on sky sport f1 [(UK), skysport [ILIVE] and skysport `[ addon plexus ] and I can't see one of them, the others just don't work, will I need something? I would appreciate if you would answer me, thank you

      1.    Pako said

        I see it because of the plexus addon. What I did is look for a video on YouTube that explains how to download and install it on Kodi. Let's see if you are lucky. Put in the search engine “addon plexus kodi”

  62.   Miguel said

    I'm watching f1 perfectly on movistar plus through kodi, and it's going very well, I'll give you a little guide, first you have to install kodi, and put it in Spanish, for this you go to the system, and several options will appear on the right, you give the first and then the second, and in the second the language will appear on the left and you change it, once that is done you download an addon called catoal, if you search on youtube how to install one it will come out, and once installed That's all, you can also install the addons you want, but with Catoal 5.2.5a it works perfectly, and once installed you go to video, video addons and there you will have your addons, I hope you have understood, I have been a little fast because I'm in a hurry, I'll help you if you have any questions.

    1.    rafael said

      thanks miguel for your help i am going to uninstall everything and do it again greetings

      1.    x053 said

        Thank you very much. It works like a fable.
        Do you know if there is a way to get it in high definition HD (or at least medium definition MD). What I see is in simple SD definition and it is not very clear.

        1.    x053 said

          Sorry Rafael, I wanted to answer Miguel and I was wrong.

    2.    rafael said

      hello miguel, I have installed kodi, adryanlist, catoal and plexus there are two channels that I see f1 but only the 2015 races is normal or is it that I have to save the schedules thanks

    3.    rafael said

      greetings miguel i have already installed adryanlit, palcotv, lexus, catoal i can't find moviestar f1 or f1 latinoamerica and catoal is not going very well. another little thing when you give a link to watch some sport and in the lower right part of kodi a little circle appears spinning and no error or anything just stops and everything remains the same, what could it be? I don't know if I've explained myself well, thank you very much for reading and answering.

    4.    x053 said

      Thank you very much. It works like a fable.
      Do you know if there is a way to get it in high definition HD (or at least medium definition MD). What I see is in simple SD definition and it is not very clear.

  63.   racingshot said

    Well, I'm going to see it super Agusto in my little house without commercial breaks on my 55 curve 4K Tele curve.
    Come on, don't be skinny and scratch your pocket a little bit. Then everyone has money to pay for a drink?

    1.    drop said

      hahaha, I see that everyone is fooling you, Movistar and the TV sellers hahaha

  64.   paul_99 said

    hahahahaha, skinny!! says skinny!! miraracinghot, I do not pay 83 or blah! Fuck robofonica, timofonica, or whatever the hell they're called, there will be someone who devises a method to be able to see it, for now thanks to catoal, we can see it without paying!!
    those are some strips to vomistar!!

  65.   paul_99 said

    the skinnier you will be! if you are so kind, tell us in which bars you get those drinks of 83 euros! xD, either you're a multimillionaire, or you really like this guy's dunks, hahahahahaha

  66.   racingshot said

    You pelaos are the wanker geeks who are looking for a way not to pay a dime (send people to a circuit in another country to broadcast a program worth money) to Costa to see 400 ads per Grand Prix or see it in another language.
    And if many times I pay more than 80 euros in any Garito and I prefer to invest it in seeing formula 1.
    And if the one who could have studied!!!

    1.    paul_99 said

      here the only straw man is you!
      and instead of being disrespectful and insulting, you should think that if you can pay the €83, maybe you can also pay to see a good specialist, because come on, it won't hurt you, there are many people who don't drink alcohol, nor do we stop at gambling dens.
      If you continue with that plan, I will report your messages.
      you are free to do with your money what you want, except miss the others!

    2.    drop said

      You are a clown who does not even know how to write

      1.    rafael said

        hello drop the comment of the geeks jerk off who is

      2.    rafael said

        leave it drop, it doesn't even deserve to be taken into account, it's subnormal asshole and it doesn't write well

  67.   Miguel said

    Well, I'm also going to see it in my little house without commercial breaks in my Tele curve of 55 curve 4K by kodi without commercial breaks, while you pay €83

  68.   racingghot said

    Report them pelao ????

    1.    drop said

      Go trolling somewhere else because I'm sure you don't even have a place to drop dead, peagatos

  69.   Raul said

    It was already boring enough to watch a Formula 1 race for free... who would want to pay to see a parade of cars one after another with Mercedes in the lead?

  70.   Beatriz said

    Can someone explain to me step by step how to watch f1 online...
    As if you would explain it to a three year old?
    Thank you!
    I don't know what kodi is or anything you're talking about...
    Can you please put links?

  71.   jose said

    thanks for this page. I will be aware of all the news that there is. My situation does not allow me to pay for a private channel.

  72.   Miguel said

    Ok I EXPLAIN HOW TO INSTALL KODI PLUS ADDONS, man you have to have a basic knowledge of computing first of how to download something or install it.
    First of all you download kodi on uptodown (I don't know if that's the page where I downloaded it) Once downloaded and installed it will appear in English, and of course we want it in Spanish, well then we go to system, then to appearance and in appearance we click on international and on the right it will put language and there we change to Spanish (Spanish). Ok, we already have the kodi in Spanish, we need to install an addon, but first, what is an addon? Well, in the case that we want it, it is a list of channels that we can see from the internet, such as all movistar plus and English channels, etc. Let's proceed to install it... I am going to explain how to install Catoal, I like it a lot and it is very complete, the truth is that it is practically the same for everyone. Well we download Catoal and save it on the desktop or in the folder you want, once this is done we go to our kodi, click on system, we give the tab that says addons, click on install from a zip file. there you go to the first option (it will come out something like C: windows) and click, then click on users, then on your user, well there you will see several options, that's why I leave the addon on the desktop. In my case, I would click on Desktop and click on the one that says catoal plugin (or something like that, I'm not sure). Ok once pressed it will be installed. Here is all the work done. You leave settings and click on videos, then click on video addons and there you will have all the addons that you have installed, click on catoal, click on movistar plus, and you will see Formula 1 written, click, wait for it to load and that's it! I have to say that it is not in HD, I think it is in 480, but I am satisfied with that quality to see what magic Alonso is capable of doing this year. And finally I recommend several addons that I have installed and they are Adryanlist, palcoTV, and Palmera, I think that palcoTV has the option to see it at 720 but you have to have a good connection so that it does not cut you off, but the installation of palcoTV is more complex yes I don't remember wrong. And this is all, I hope I have helped those of you who did not know much about this topic. If it is difficult for you, leave a question and I will try to help you.

  73.   Miguel said

    I just explained the whole process step by step and I think it hasn't been published. I'll try again, because maybe it was too long.

  74.   Miguel said

    Okay if it has been published, up there you have it 🙂

    1.    Pako said

      I downloaded the catoal, but I don't have any channel within the Movistar section. I don't know if it's down or the problem is just mine. I could uninstall the kodi completely and reinstall it, to see if the catoal works for me, but I'm too lazy to do that, because I already have adryanlist and plexus installed, which is going quite well for me, and with the sky sport f1 channel I can be more than happy.

      1.    rafael said

        hello pako I also have the Adryanlist and I get to see f 1 but the 2015 races I don't get it now, could it be that I don't know the schedules? greetings I hope you answer me thanks

        1.    Pako said

          If they are broadcasting things from last year, until the free practice of the 1st race starts, they will not get with this year. On Adryanlist the two best options are Sky Sport F1 good quality, good sound, but this one is in English. And the F1 Latin America channel, which is in Spanish, the sound is not bad, but the image is of very poor quality, very pixelated.

  75.   Jesus said

    As the business of the cabins is over, steps to 7.69, not giving back the change, etc. etc., then to look for new formulas. The question is to put our hands in our pockets and sell us as they are, things in packs that we don't want.

  76.   vic said

    I also see f1 with the katoal but as they say there are the 2015 races, will it be what moviestar is giving right now? I hope that when the grand prix is ​​live from Friday to Sunday it will be seen

    ps: there are people who cannot or do not want to have 83e per month to see something that was previously open
    thanks to those who contribute something constructive

  77.   Klaus Drexler said

    I'm Fichtel
    It seems outrageous to me that they all want to checkout.
    If F1 is paid, I will not see it.
    The same goes for Moto GP.

  78.   Miguel said

    If I'm watching movistar f1 with catoal and everything is going perfect, in fact yesterday I was watching last year's monaco gp.

    1.    rafael said

      ok i will try again thanks

  79.   Pako said

    Gentlemen, we are in luck. RTVE is going to broadcast the Spanish Grand Prix race live (probably on TVE1) and also a 1-hour summary of each Grand Prix (probably on Teledeporte). This confirms that Movistar lowers its arms, and begins to share Formula 1 with the other competitions. Cheers !!!!!

  80.   Juan said

    I already have a bar that opens at 6 in the morning every day and that has a contract with the entire Movistar package.
    But there is an added problem: the Sunday of the first race in Australia is Palm Day and in my family we usually go out to eat all together, so:
    1-If I get up at 5:30 and make a minimum of noise, my wife can kill me, whether Ramos or not, if it is more likely.
    2-it doesn't kill me and after this early morning we will meet at 14:00 pm at the latest with the family to have vermouth
    and then eat and then something after dinner. I'll have coffee with vermouth, at lunch and red bull after dinner.

  81.   Juan said

    TVE will broadcast the Montmeló Formula 1 race openly
    by law it is of general interest.
    I don't know, it doesn't solve anything for me that a race can see.

  82.   Francisco said

    The question is to impoverish Spain little by little to enrich these luminaries whose only aim is to further enrich their coffers. Not even high competition sports can be seen in Spain. We are miserable and the fault lies with the one who pays. What a shame of a country my God! In the end you will have to pay even to go shit. Shameful that these robberies are allowed to the already battered economy of the one who has nothing. I will at least stop having any kind of relationship with moviestar. We are crazy? A few years ago someone had the idea of ​​paying to go through certain roads. (highways) now you have to pay to watch sports on TV, what's next? what is clear is that if we Spaniards agreed we would not have to pay anything.

  83.   Sergio said

    In Brazil it can also be seen on the balloon channel

    1.    rafael said

      Hello Sergio, could you guide me to get to Globo de Brasil, if it's by adryanlist, by palcotv, etc., thanks, greetings

    2.    rafael said

      Hello Srgio, when can you send us the link to see f1 in a balloon, greetings

    3.    rafael said

      Hello everyone, greetings, I can see it so far in adryanlist-skysports formula 1 and in catoal-movistar plus but in palcotv I am not able, you can give me a hand, thanks

    4.    rafael said

      hello sergio when are you going to put the link to see f1 the balloon of brazil if you can, it would be of great help to be able to see f1 a big greeting and thanks

    5.    rafael said

      hello sergio in one of your chast d writes the following: In Brazil you can also see it on the balloon channel, could you please tell us the link or the application thanks I hope you answer when you can we will thank you all greetings

  84.   Sergio said

    And on the internet it looks perfect

  85.   vic said

    German public TV gives it to the whole World Cup and ours…………………1race and then as a prize the summaries, thank you gentlemen directors of Spanish TV do not stretch yourself so much that it may give you a bad thing, my mother what a country …………….

    1.    rafael said

      hello sergio I'm going to ask you a question and installed ACESTREAN ENGINE it won't work and I don't know what it's for I saw it in a youtube video for kodi you know something about this thank you greetings

  86.   Sevillian54 said

    It's a shame I can't watch F-1, because of pay TV, I'm left without watching the races. With MOVISTAR I don't want anything, they are some sausages. My absolute boycott of these thieves.

  87.   Juanma said

    I will not see formula 1 if it is paid, I think the drivers should do something. Since the majority of the world is in crisis, few people will be able to afford to pay. I'm sorry this year there won't be many Spaniards….

    1.    vic said

      fernando alonso already said in an interview last week on the clown program that he said that the moviestar package only came out for 20e that it was like stopping drinking 3 drinks, what he didn't say on the air is that first you have to have a contract moviestar + to then opt for the sports package, and we already know the amount that comes out of having the 2 things contracted, but well, in short, what Fernando said is that he did not think it was right that f1 be paid that sport has to be free for everyone and that I was going to lose even more audience

  88.   Jose martin said

    I won't be able to see it in f1, when I used to see it in the 80s in the jarama but I'm retired and I can't afford the payment, it's a shame

  89.   Roberto said

    The biggest fault is Eclestone
    If they don't remove him from there before he dies, he will completely end this sport.
    For my movistar you can put the package through the …….
    I encourage everyone to boycott movistar.

  90.   nuguis said

    I'm near the border with France and it's easy to watch French TV where they don't show the training sessions but the races.
    In the interior Some of you can catch it by satellite or in one of the channels that you have contracted with your telephone companies, etc...
    I don't know exactly if they put it in tf1, tf2 or tf3 since they don't even know it.

    1.    rafael said

      greetings I have procone and I think they do not give it, do you have a link where to catch French television

  91.   Ramon said

    With how well we were seeing it with a3 t5 etc and now this one comes and pays it with what I like f1 and now that I couldn't see it disappointing

  92.   mack said

    hello, I have asked about the installation of a satellite dish to watch rtl or some other and the colleague who knows people who buy a kind of tuner via the internet has commented and, paying a minimum fee, they can watch channel f1 of movicabrones

  93.   Eladio said

    Hello, another option to see it is with an Android application called wiseplay. You download it, install the channels that interest you (there are all kinds, sports, movies, etc…) and with a Wi-Fi connection and hdmi connection with or without cable to the tv solved. I hope it helps you. Cheers

  94.   Germanium said

    We are always in Spain, with the monopolies and the duopolies, there is no right to this, they care about playing open soccer.

  95.   Iron said

    Hello, I agree with you, they are sons of bitches, that's why we are going to get it and we are going to see F1 on face. I have done the following and I already see it on the mobile perfectly. I downloaded the SPLIVE player app on the web after installing it without any complications I went to playstore and downloaded splive XMLS. Copy and paste the channel list and you're done. I have no idea it's already been easy. Now I am trying to see on the LG smart tv that I have. At the moment nothing but when I get it I'll tell you. There is on the Internet a list of channels from all over the world that broadcast F1. I downloaded a filmon live tv app from playstore, in which some channels appear on the list, such as British channel 4, etc. And this if I can see it on TV. We'll see if it works when the races start. I hope it serves you. My mobile is an S5 G4 plus. I will inform you a greeting

  96.   Javier said

    en español

    1.    Julian said

      Hi Javier. The link from the (foxsports) is very interesting. However, I am unable to access the engine events they point to. Could you explain to me what steps I have to take to connect and enjoy our favorite sport. Many thanks.

  97.   José Antonio said

    I understand that it is the business of these gentlemen, surely in cahoots with others who would also get a succulent cut if the "deal" turned out well for them, in my case, since I did not like this maneuver or the way of proceeding, I will simply limit myself to giving myself cancellation of the contracts I have with them and I'll see if I see Formula 1 or if they tell me about it later, it's not an issue that makes me crazy, but that they try to rip me off by restricting things that we had before…it's like it's going to be no.

  98.   Rafarl said

    What interest is this year to see F1, if we already know who is going to win it. «MOVIESTAR».

  99.   Antonio Menendez said

    Thaks so much for the orientation. Kodi + adryanlist working. We cannot let mobile phone operators make this country one of the most expensive in Europe for services and remain so wide. It's enough that they tease us...

  100.   Javier said

    I think you can see three from FOX Play, but I don't know if you can see it live on the same Fox Sports page

  101.   vic said

    Well, I think that the bargain we had seeing it in sportshd and with the ace stream is over and the thing is that it looked like pm but suddenly it stopped working I don't know if we donate for it or because

  102.   Alvaro Lopez Pardo said

    hello it is very easy to download codi and download catoal is the addons you install it and you already have the movistar channel ;)), greetings

  103.   Alvaro Lopez Pardo said

    by the way in Spanish then hdmi cable and you see it on TV ;))

    1.    vic said

      no if that's how I'm seeing it with kodi and then katoal what happens without the quality of the retransmission being bad, compared to that of ace stream there is no color but well we will have to settle

    2.    vic said

      What I don't know is how to see it on TV, and if I have the TV connected to the computer by cable but I don't know how to configure Kodi so that the retransmission that is playing on Kodi can be seen on TV if someone can put any tutorial would be appreciated

  104.   Alvaro Lopez Pardo said

    Hi Vic, I didn't have to do anything, just put the hdmi on the TV and put the cable. If it doesn't work, take the cable out and put it back on the PC and on the TV. It also happened to me the first time, greetings.

  105.   Alvaro Lopez Pardo said

    by the way vic on the pc it looks a bit bad you're right but when you connect it to the tv with hdmi it looks like a movie.

  106.   x053 said

    The ace stream works now. Let's see if it lasts all weekend.

  107.   vic said

    sisi already shoots the ace stream that's good now that it lasts, thanks alvaro

  108.   vic said

    well it seems to be working for a moment because now it doesn't work for me

  109.   Pako said

    Get out of acestream. Kodi is the best option.

  110.   johnmorog said

    I have Kodi with catoal installed on a Samsung S6 and I see it on TV via screen mirroring, mine is a modern one of these smart tvs and connects to the smartphone without anything additional, if the TV is old there is a little device that connects to the tv via usb and hdmi and connects to android with the proper apk without problems, the device in question is called EASYCAST OTA and can be found in Chinese stores such as gearbest, bangood, etc. and costs less than 15 eur.

  111.   johnmorog said

    I forgot to say that it goes via 2,4ghz wifi so you have to have a wifi modem

  112.   vic said

    now suddenly if you see the ace stream I don't know if this is a joke or they just do it to put honey on our lips and that we donate I don't know I don't know ………….

  113.   bird said

    Good!! Will have to try kodi. By the way, do you know of any website that hangs the races on the same day? Better delayed than nothing!

    1.    Iron said

      Hello on filmon tv, on UK TV LIVE look for channel 4 at 13:30 p.m. Saturday qualifying and Sunday 14:30 p.m. the race. Mark weber comments. They are going to take I think 10 races on a delayed basis and the others live. It looks very good and without cuts and if you have a smart TV you already have it on TV by the face. All the best

  114.   rafael said

    hello greetings to all if you get into google and put (programming movistar formula you will get the programming of the f1 races by movistar and I think if I have not misunderstood that the race is made in deferred several times I hope that serves you

    1.    Pako said

      Yes. Movistar and Sky Sport F1 repeat the race 2 or 3 more times during the day.

  115.   dario said

    I already pay for public television with my taxes, like everyone else, and what do you give us in return? Shit, is it that this sport of crowds, where great recognized Spanish athletes compete, is not of interest? go to the same shit

  116.   Wow. said

    We already saw that coming, this happens to us Spaniards, we have what we deserve, this is the result of the bad politicians we have in this country, we do not realize what the goats are doing to us, he only cares about the chairs, remove your that I wear. That of the gypsy, that the gentleman put me where he is, that I'll take care of the rest. They are great scoundrels, we are Spanish, what do we want.

    1.    carmelo said

      All the reason, we are going back to the times of the dictatorship, now covered up with the word
      DEMO SCAM,
      With these corrupt leaders, who are only interested in benefiting the big ones, and so they continue to finance themselves with bribes and stealing everything they can,
      The broken middle class and the poor don't give a damn.
      This Rotten Party will take us to the time of the Galleys, if we let them.

  117.   sarajb said

    Good, from you can see the f1 channel of movistar. a greeting

    not to move

  118.   JOSEPH. said
    visit this page, I just saw the free ones quite well, downloading a program «Ace Stream» that uses P2P technology
    the more people connected the better it looks, I recommend it.

    1.    rafael said

      hello jose I've gotten into the page you indicate but I don't know what to do once I get into it, could you be more explicit thanks a greeting

      1.    JOSEPH said

        you have to click on start blog then on the first box on the left where it says how to see f1 for free

        1.    rafael said

          thanks jose I see you greetings

          1.    Jose said

            It can also be seen without downloading anything on the "TV" button at the bottom right, it looks great and in Spanish

          2.    Rafael said

            I'm seeing it on the page that you said for now, does it look good? no cuts thanks

    2.    Akasha said

      I get lost, let's see, I went to that page and I guess you have to create an account to be able to see it...

    3.    Akasha said

      okay I found it 😛 let's see if it works because getting up at that time is for nothing...

      1.    Jose said

        At 13:55 p.m. they retransmit it on a deferred basis

  119.   rafael said

    Hello, I need a favor. Can you please tell me the color code of the dacia duster OLIVE GRAY. I want to whistle a motorcycle and I have no way. They ask me for the code. Thank you and a greeting. Thank you all for your comments. I can see the F1.

  120.   Iron said

    Hi, peña, if you don't mind the filmon tv language, I'm watching it on channel 4 right now, perfect on the smart tv. Neither kodi nor splive nor ostias. Try it to enjoy agur

  121.   rafael said

    Can someone tell me if kodi can be installed on a lg smart tv thanks

  122.   Leo said

    hello, does anyone have an idea if radio colony of argnetina broadcasts f1 live?

  123.   Juan said

    I on the radio, the COPE, I think they kick him out, I don't feel like getting up at 5.30:XNUMX in the morning and besides, my wife would kill me,
    remember that it is Palm Sunday and you have to go prepared and ect. to dinner with the family.

  124.   Juan said

    Sorry, neither did tv3 and the radio in Spain say in this article that they didn't either, this week they announced it.

  125.   set said

    With kodi it looks and smells decent right now

    1.    set said


  126.   set said

    Sportsdevil FORMULA 1

  127.   johnmorog said

    To those of you who have kodi a question: today Sunday I got up at ten minutes to six to watch the F1 race and the catoal addon did not work and I had to update it to the latest version, my question is if this latest version gave problems or is it that you have to update every so often for it to be seen, or if you have any version installed, let's say recent, it should work over time, uff is that today they often rushed I hardly see the output

    1.    rafael said

      help me I have problems with caotal it does not work and many of movistar f1 do not help

    2.    rafael said

      hello juanmorog what you say with catoal has happened to me and I don't know how to fix it can you tell me thanks regards

      1.    johnmorog said

        rafael you have to update the catoal addon to its latest version 5.3.2 on March 19, I did it from scratch again: I reinstalled kodi and catoal and it goes well, yesterday Sunday I saw F1 at 6 and MotoGP at 19pm

        1.    rafael said

          hello juanmorog and thank you I have already installed catoal 5.3.2 from March 19 and I am doing very well greetings

  128.   carmelo said

    All the reason, we are going back to the times of the dictatorship, now covered up with the word
    With these corrupt leaders, who are only interested in benefiting the big ones, and so they continue to finance themselves with bribes and stealing everything they can,
    The broken middle class and the poor don't give a damn.
    This Rotten Party will take us to the time of the Galleys, if we let them.

  129.   José Manuel said

    It is commented here that by satellite it can be seen on TF1 (French channel) it is no longer true, in France the rights of F1 are held by Canal+, that is, for a fee. Actually, the big problem with Formula 1 is Bernie Ecclestone, who is dedicated to making money, taking Formula 1 to countries where there is no history or tradition of that sport and excluding most of us by selling television rights to pay channels, a shame.

  130.   rafael said

    hello everyone today I have had a hard time watching f1 and look I have all the channels you gave me but in all of them (except one) I got pre-buffering and then nothing what happened thanks for answering a greeting

  131.   vic said

    How nice are these from acestream who let us see the race in syndication but live when I wanted to get hooked yesterday at 6-15 in the morning there was no way that HDP are first they put candy in your mouth throughout the week and then when there's no way to connect early, of course you know how they work DONATE, DONATE, DONATE
    luckily I could see it on the Mexican channel F1 and quite well

  132.   acg said

    With Kodí and adryanlist I have been able to see this first GP without problems, if you have a chromecast, via smartphone to TV and enjoy…

  133.   x053 said

    I managed to see it on Acestrem from Arena Vision (they cast it on channel 12).
    On the livetv website, selecting the engine and then the F1 race, they offer you different options. An Acestream era of Arena Vision.
    I left the Ace player recording and then I saw it on TV with very good quality. The worst thing about the Movistar commentators, it seemed that they were in a bar instead of commenting on what was happening in the race. The only one who is saved is De la Rosa who was attentive to everything.

  134.   Toño said

    It seems to me a shame that access to culture and sports is prohibited to a society, privatizing it for the use of a few who can afford it or who accept these impositions, and it seems to me a shame that our children can access it for free and without will to trash TV like that of telecinco or many other channels that do not care about educating, if not, on the contrary. I am not going to pay to see Formula One and I will look for alternatives to see it. I would also pay to continue watching interviews by Lobato and De La Rosa's comments, because I always liked them and to show these Imperialists that not all the people swallow. Greetings and thanks for sharing your opinions.

  135.   johnmorog said

    Right now I'm watching the Bahrain free ones on kodi and these movistar commentators are sad, I don't like them at all, we always complain about Lobato but what I said, these movistar ones are kind of close, I haven't just hooked up with them, anyway all for the F1

  136.   x053 said

    Kodi doesn't work for me and neither does Acestream. Any ideas for today's race?

  137.   vic said

    It doesn't work for me either, shit the p………

  138.   x053 said

    Fixed Kodi. You have to update the Catoal plugin and other libraries.
    About Acestream: The Movistar+ F1 channel disables it before qualifying on Saturday and re-enables it the following Monday after the races. Alternative: in the Arena Vision programming they put on which channels and days they are going to broadcast the classification and the races (it is the Movistar+ F1 broadcast but they only broadcast that live). So far it has worked in the first 2 of the year.

  139.   Jose said

    Hello, through a smart tv, a tablet pc or smart phone, search for "teletetv" select the channel you want to see and that's it, you have to put the channel on for a while before seeing the event you want because you have to close a few from pop-up advertising windows when the screen is clean it is given full screen and you are ready to enjoy the f1 motorcycles premiere movies and even xxx the only thing that not all channels are compatible with all devices.

    1.    johnmorog said

      Thanks Jose it looks perfect and without hitches or stops once the pop-up windows and tabs are closed,
      in my case on an imac and on the explorer of my 39-inch smart tv with more than decent quality and sound, let's see if it lasts

  140.   Joan said

    Ace Stream and Ace Player installer and the SKY Sports F1 executable, there are Movistar F1 and Moto GP executables but they stopped working, Movistar has modified its accesses, SKY Sports F1 working as of 14-04-2016.

  141.   Joan said

    If you have AceStream installed here you have a link with a multitude of channels including Movistar F1 and Movistar Moto Gp working, on the video screen it gives you the option to run with AcePlayer.

  142.   User said

    Messrs. from Movistar: Excuse me for saying, sirs. It's good that you want to do business. But there are ways to make customers. and if you they want to see comments that exist, because the best advertisement is word of mouth which, the luminaries who devised this marketing system for (Jod….) the Spanish. Some with possibilities and others without them. I don't know if I understand what I want to tell you. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart. not to say something stronger THANK YOU (GO BACK TO OPEN STATE)

  143.   Pablo said

    How good your comments are, haha, I don't know when you will realize that people don't work for you for free, f1 costs many millions and is a company like any other, that sells its products. Movistar does nothing but buy that product If it wasn't them, it would be a French or English company, that would be better, let's continue screwing up our companies and let Orange or Vodafone destroy us

  144.   fafonso said

    Hahaha Movistar is upset seeing the comments and we are going to do this and we are going to do the other haha ​​you can do whatever you want life is hard years ago you could see Barça or Madrid for free and now you have to pay for this the same what you don't it was logical to see it as before an advertising program with a little f1

  145.   rafael said

    hello family, one more year looking for a link to see the f1 those of us who don't have to pay, is there anything new? I for kodi does not go or I do not know a greeting to all and thanks in advance

  146.   rafael said

    hello another year here greetings to all

  147.   rafael said

    Hello Mirco, the link you refer to is for 2017? Grace

  148.   rafael said

    Hi Mirko, can you give more details about TV-online. I've gotten into it for free, but I don't know, thanks

  149.   Saul said

    Hello everyone.
    I see that this site despite being very interesting has little participation lately.
    Do you know if there is any forum, facebook or platform where people come together to boycott timofonica?
    For example, I no longer accept phone calls that I know are from movistar, I only accept washap, and there are more ways to complain against timofonica. you know the union is strength.

  150.   Osger said

    Do you know anything where to watch F1 live or deferred? please I can't find anything

  151.   Pablo said

    in 2017 I could watch the races live on fox sport3 in the middle of the year I saw them deferred at night, in 2018 it became codified by fox sport premium and tnt premium very badly... but here it is if you have the channel pack fox (in my case I have the complete gold package in the telecentre) the fox Action channel broadcasts the free tests 1,2 and 3 the classification live and the race also live, I am happy for that I found it by chance resigned because it was not going to be able watch the race in australia, that day while doing zapin I found the channel and since then I watch FORMULA 1 LIVE on FOX ACTION!!! FROM ARGENTINA, GREETINGS

  152.   Efren said

    Dazn low price? Does 99,99 euros per year seem little to you? To see Formula 1 from home and now, I was reluctant when private television bought the rights, yes, but if they are going to do it for a fee, they offer only Formula 1 but at a low price of common sense. Because if not nobody will see it.