Test Audi A1 Sportback 30 TFSI S tronic 116 CV (video)

Test Audi A1 30 TFSI S tronic Epic Edition

Although it may not seem like it, time passes faster than we realize. nearly a decade ago We were waiting for the arrival of Audi A1, a utility model that shared its base with the Volkswagen Polo and Seat Ibiza of the time. Although many of us thought at the time that a vehicle for segment B of a premium brand and with a high price it would not be well received in the market, without a doubt, we were wrong.

Thanks to its young and urban design, the first generation of the A1 was a resounding success. And it is that there are also customers willing to scratch their pockets more to buy a small car and different from everything we are used to. The second generation of the German utility vehicle, which is produced in Spain, by the way, has recently reached the market. Join us in this test Audi A1 30 TFSI 116 hp with S tronic gearbox and finish Epic Edition.

Youthful, urban, sporty and more manly

Beginning, as we usually do, with the exterior aesthetics, the new Audi A1 renews its bodywork almost completely. Our unit corresponds, as I have mentioned above, with the Epic Edition finish, which is a launch, but also incorporates many optional elements to achieve a very cute design. Of course, at the cost of greatly fattening the final rate.

The brand with the four rings has thought that a good way to attract customers is by offering the possibility to customize notably its aesthetics. In addition, his design has a very youthful, urban and also sporty approach. We have several shades for the bodywork that can be combined with contrasting finishes for the roof, the mirror caps, the sill plates or the model identification anagrams.

Unlike the previous model, the new only available with 5-door bodywork. There are no three-door variants anymore, so they are all Audi A1 Sportbacks.

Audi A1 Epic Edition front

In our case, red has been chosen as the base color of the bodywork and contrasting black on the roof, sills, mirrors and brand logos. However, wheels are white and 18 inches, incorporating the Audi Sport lettering and hiding red brake calipers. The result is very attractive, so much so that on several occasions we have been asked if it was a sporty variant of the Audi S1 ​​style. The disappointment was maximum when we affirmed that it is a 116 hp three-cylinder… In any case, it was quite liked.

Evaluating the design by parts, on the front of the friendly urbanite with this sporty aesthetic finish, the large singleframe grille stands out in gloss black with the contours and the four rings in the same tone, the three false air intakes on the edge of the hood paying homage to the 84 Audi Sport quattro, the new full LED headlights that add a lot of character, as well as the false air intakes at the lower ends. Although it is an urban car, some fog lights would not have come amiss instead of so much air intake simulation; at least in my opinion.

La rear It is the one that can most remind us of its predecessor. The new pilots provide a very technological and modern touch, as do the main headlights on the front. The bumper has many channels (for decoration, once again) of air in black and in the lower and central area another black plastic simulates a diffuser. A pity that they have decided to hide the exhaust, because I think that a couple of tailpipes on one side would have been good and, in addition, really add sportiness to the aesthetics.

Rear profile of the Audi A1 Epic Edition

Thinking about the exterior design, as it now looks much more youthful and dynamic, his appearance is more manly and somewhat less feminine than in the previous one. I wonder if this change will make some women not see a car as "flirtatious" as the predecessor, since a high percentage of the A1's clientele was female. Time and sales data will be the ones to resolve this question.

And before finishing, tell you that the new A1 measures 4.029mm long, 1.740 wide, 1.433 high and has a wheelbase of 2.563 mm. It's not much wider or taller than the predecessor, but it does grow about 6cm in length and almost 10cm in its wheelbase.

An interior well oriented towards the driver, although with excessive plastic

Moving on to the interior, as on the outside, many features and lines are also marked in the passenger compartment. The first thing to note is that the Audi A1 already has the Audi Virtual Cockpit, the 10,25-inch fully digital instrument panel where all travel information, radio, navigator and part of the car's systems are collected in a highly configurable and easy-to-use way from the steering wheel controls.

Audi A1 dashboard design

In the central area of ​​the dashboard we find the main console, made up of a second 10,1-inch touch screen and that offers, without a doubt, best quality in terms of fluidity and handling of the segment information and much higher than that of other vehicles of larger sizes. In addition, in Audi they have been logical and, in this case (in other cars they do) they have not integrated the air conditioning into any screen, but instead have physical controls.

Below are a series of buttons that are used to select the driving mode desired, manage stability control, turn off the stop/start system, hazard lights, parking sensors and the parking aid system. what it seems to me a success is that it has a clear orientation towards the driver, making the whole handling of this part simpler and easier to see.

Some trims can be customized when purchasing the vehicle, with the possibility of choosing between various colors to play with contrasts and give the interior a more individual touch.

Audi A1 10-inch touchscreen navigation

In the horizontal plane of the dashboard there is a molding that, although it is made of hard plastic, tries to remind us of aluminum due to its finish. And speaking of hard plasticsHere is the part that I liked the least inside. Audi has accustomed us for many years to top quality materials, and in the case of the A1 this is not the case. The settings are pretty good and the feel of all the controls (indicators, buttons, electric windows, etc.) too, but we only find soft and good-touch finishes on the upper part of the dashboard and on the armrests. Everything else is hard plastic.

I must also say that some parts appear to have been stolen from the Ibiza or the Polo, such as the gear lever area and lower part of the center console, much of the interior paneling of the doors, the paddles on the steering wheel for the automatic transmission or even the sound that the windows make when raising or lowering. Not that it's bad, but more is expected from a brand like Audi, although you already know that it is a small car and you have to try to save costs and take advantage of all available resources. Finally, we have two USB sockets and one wireless charging pad for smartphones in front of the gear lever.

Now there are room for four adults

And what about habitability? Well, the previous Audi A1 did not stand out precisely for having a very spacious interior, rather it was one of the smallest in the category. Now, as we mentioned before, grows almost 6 cm in length and 10 cm in wheelbase. The width is more or less similar, being somewhat narrow but not narrow in the front seats. Let's see the rear.

Rear seats of the Audi A1 Sportback

As you have seen in the video, it is not that the rear seats of this car are the best in the segment, but the jump is very big compared to the previous A1. Now four medium-sized adults can travel comfortably, although without leaving space. I am 1,76 tall and with the front seat adjusted to my position I have between three and four fingers left over to brush with my knees and a couple of them to touch the ceiling with my head. It is not left over, but it is enough. The one that is not enough, as is logical, is the central square.

The trunk grows considerably

Trunk of the Audi A1 2019

If the interior has grown, look at the change when we open the tailgate. Now we find a 335 liter trunk, having increased the load space by no less than 65 liters compared to its predecessor and placing among the best in segment B. We have a double-height floor and cubic shapes that allow us to make good use of the space. We can also fold down the rear seats and obtain a maximum volume of 1.090 liters. A good jump in this sense, without a doubt.

Audi A1 mechanical range

Test Audi A1 30 TFSI 116 CV engine

At the moment, the mechanical range of the Audi A1 only offers gasoline engines, having a certain logic in a car that normally will not cover many kilometers a year and that, in addition, the vast majority of its routes will be between city traffic and ring roads. In this way, we can choose between two 3-cylinder engines and as many 4-cylinder engines, delivering power from 95 to 200 hp.

All of them are turbocharged and the traction is always front, there is no quattro version. There are manual and dual-clutch gearboxes. Unfortunately, we still do not know if an Audi S1 ​​sports car will arrive as in the previous generation. Let's hope so because, when we tried it, we simply fell in love with it. Cross our fingers.

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Version Motor Power and torque Manual shift? Stronic?
Version Motor Power and torque Manual shift? Stronic?
25 TFSI 1.0 turbo 95 hp and 175 Nm 5 marches No
30 TFSI 1.0 turbo 116 hp and 200 Nm 6 marches Stronic 7 gears
35 TFSI 1.5 turbo 150 hp and 250 Nm 6 marches Stronic 7 gears
40 TFSI 2.0 turbo 200 hp and 320 Nm No Stronic 7 gears

30 TFSI – 1.0 Turbo 116 hp

Audi A1 30 TFSI inscription

As I mentioned at the beginning, our unit corresponds to the mechanical version 30 TFSI. For those of you who have not yet finished getting used to the new Audi names, we are talking about a block 1.0 turbo petrol engine with three cylinders and direct fuel injection. This car comes with the optional gearbox from S-tronic double clutch, which has 7 relationships.

On paper, the Audi A1 30 TFSI S tronic develops 116 hp (between 5.000 and 5.500 revolutions) and a maximum torque of 200 Nm (between 2.000 and 3.500 revolutions). It reaches a maximum speed of 203 km/h and it takes 9,4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. Their average consumption approved in WLTP is 6 liters every 100 kilometers travelled. Good and sufficient performance data for what the majority of the public demands in a city car.

At the wheel: agile and fun

We have already seen that it is a very striking car, customizable and all its theoretical part; let's go with him dynamic behavior. As you can guess, the Audi A1 shares a platform with other VAG models such as the Volkswagen Polo, the aforementioned Seat Ibiza and also the Arona, that is, it uses the modular platform MQB A0.

Profile of the Audi A1 Sportback Epic Edition test

Clearly, the Audi A1 is a city car, but thanks to its new architecture it conveys a great sense of security and poise on fast roads. On the motorway, at 120 km/h, it appears to be well established on the road, although it is no less true that we expected better acoustic insulation, since the aerodynamic and rolling noise is noticeable in the cabin more than we would like. Maintaining stable rates at the legal maximum, we have obtained consumption of between 5,8 and 6,1 l/100 km.

Yes, the suspension is a bit stiff and it has a rebound that, in the face of the most abrupt irregularities, can be somewhat annoying. Anyway, I think I've noticed this more because we carry 18 inch wheels and low profile tires, so the absorption of these potholes is complicated and they end up being transmitted to the bodywork. Although they look very nice aesthetically, this size of rims is not advisable for a small and urban car because, as I have experienced, it partially penalizes the comfort section.

Audi A1 Dynamic test

It is in the city where we will take advantage of the Audi A1 for its size, but also for the response of the engine. Being associated with the 7-speed S tronic gearbox, driving it is quite simple. Yes indeed, It will take us a little while to adapt to the response of the double-clutch gearbox to measure in slow maneuvers and also to leave the intersections or traffic lights at the speed we want., because sometimes it can be a bit abrupt when starting the march.

Thanks to its external dimensions, the small turning radius and its direct steering, it moves like a fish in water and, in addition, the parking sensors, reversing camera and assisted parking make life easier.

La engine response, as I said above, is enough for practically any situation. More than horsepower, its 200 Nm torque allows it to get along quite easily, being the middle zone of the tachometer where you feel most comfortable. The recoveries are good, but it is true that the gearbox is always looking for a long gear and, although it is quick to reduce when we hit the right pedal, at times the engine is a bit "muffled" and transmits some other vibration .

Audi A1 30 TFSI Black Line front

I have not been able to resist taking "a walk" for a good mountain road with little traffic and variable asphalt, to see how well it digests the curves when the ground is perfect and when we find the occasional pothole. This unit has driving modes that influence the management of the change, the response of the engine, the stiffness of the suspension and the weight of the steering. Why do not do it?

El engine sound is increased when we select the Dynamic mode of the drive select, but don't be fooled, it's artificial and it comes out through the speakers. Tracing curves at a happy pace and with the asphalt in perfect condition, the dynamism that this car brings is surprising. Its chassis is very good and could easily accommodate that sporty S1 version that we are so looking forward to. He maintains his composure at all times, there is no great inertia and he experiences great agility. The side grip is very high. If we hollow out the gas, the rear helps to round with a very slight yaw.

To this sensation of great dynamic behavior in rattling sections it helps, and a lot, the direction. It is enough direct and it is never necessary to release a hand to make the turn, so we can always keep our fingers glued to the shift paddles and manage the transmission to our liking.

Audi A1 30 TFSI dynamic test

I liked it less when I practiced agile driving through areas of bit more broken asphalt. If we find a pothole during braking or at the beginning of the curve, the suspension it doesn't finish absorbing it and the car shifts a hair from behind. Although it recovers the trajectory almost instantly and without the ESP getting to enter, this can cause the occasional substitution. In any case, (I repeat) it only appears while driving fast, on quite asphalt. regulero and a good part of the blame also lies with the big wheels and their low-profile tires.


As you have seen throughout this test, the Audi A1 clearly committed to design and customization possibilities exteriors and interiors to win over the public. At the quality level, it is above the generalists, but it is no less true that we expected something more. The MINI models (main rivals), for example, convey better interior quality and sound insulation, while also being more fun to drive.

Test Audi A1 30 TFSI rear

El 30TFSI engine (1.0 petrol with 116 hp) is positioned as the more interesting and logical mechanics, because it has a more than enough response for practically any situation, although I understand that whoever wants a great punch when sinking the right pedal bets on the 35 TFSI (150 CV) or 40 TFSI (200 CV).

If you wonder about the consumptions, during the more than 800 kilometers that we have finally done with our test Audi A1 Sportback, when returning the vehicle we have registered a total average consumption of 6,2 l/100 km, which is not entirely bad considering that we have not sought efficient driving and that we have given ourselves some other joy on twisty roads.

El main negative point is its price. The most accessible version of the A1 starts at practically 21.000 euros, but of course, nobody wants to buy the poorest version of a premium car, right? our unit, with the “Epic Edition” launch finish, several packages and many other optional extras, round the 35.000 euros. Yes, 35.000 euros for a three-cylinder city car with 116 hp.

It is true that it is an exclusive car and, in our case, very equipped. But it is not normal that some elements such as the reversing camera or the electric folding mirrors are optional; also having some details to improve such as the soundproofing of the passenger compartment. Although everyone does what they want with their money, I think that personally, if I could invest that amount of money in a car, I would go for a Volkswagen Polo GTI or a Ford Fiesta ST and still save several thousand to go spending on gasoline.

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Standard equipment

Detail Audi A1 LED headlights

In the following points we leave you the list of optional equipment. In addition to this, there are a large number of equipment packages and options "loose" quite large.

A1 Sportback

  • 15-inch alloy wheels with 185/65 tires
  • Halogen headlights
  • rain sensor and lights
  • manual air conditioning
  • Folding rear seats
  • Three-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel
  • 10,25-inch digital instrument cluster
  • radio with 4 speakers
  • Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
  • USB socket
  • Voice control
  • Audi pre sense front
  • Four-wheel disc brakes (for 30 TFSI)
  • Unintentional lane departure warning with steering assistance
  • Speed ​​limiter
  • Front multifunctional camera (for active security systems)
  • Automatic emergency call

Advanced (adds)

  • 16-inch alloy wheels with 195/55 tires
  • MMI Plus Radio
  • Possibility of roof in black color

S Line

  • 17-inch 215/45 alloy wheels
  • Optional sports running gear at no cost (in 30 and 35 TFSI)
  • Audi Drive Select with sports suspension (in 40 TFSI)
  • Moldings on the footrests in aluminum
  • Audi rear parking system (in 40 TFSI)
  • Full LED exterior lighting (in 40 TFSI)
  • Dual zone air conditioning (in 40 TFSI)
  • S line exterior package
  • S line roof spoiler
  • Contrast color roof

Black Line (adds)

  • Specific 17-inch wheels with 215/45 tires
  • S line outer package
  • Black exterior styling package including mirror caps
  • darkened glasses

Epic Edition (adds)

  • Audi Sport wheels in 18 inches 215/40
  • S line outer package
  • LED headlights and darkened LED taillights
  • Exterior Contrast Package
  • Emblems and logos in black


Test Audi A1 Sportback front profile

mechanical version Motor Change Finish Price
mechanical version Motor Change Finish Price
25 TFSI 1.0 95 hp manual 5v Base 21.540 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp manual 6v Base 22.770 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp manual 6v Base 24.430 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp S tronic Base 24.710 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp S tronic Base 26.380 €
25 TFSI 1.0 95 hp manual 5v Advanced 23.000 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp manual 6v Advanced 24.220 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp manual 6v Advanced 25.890 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp S tronic Advanced 26.170 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp S tronic Advanced 27.840 €
25 TFSI 1.0 95 hp manual 5v black line 25.600 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp manual 6v black line 26.820 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp manual 6v black line 28.480 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp S tronic black line 28.770 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp S tronic black line 30.430 €
40 TFSI 2.0 200 hp S tronic black line 34.560 €
25 TFSI 1.0 95 hp manual 5v epic edition 27.370 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp manual 6v epic edition 28.600 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp manual 6v epic edition 30.260 €
30 TFSI 1.0 116 hp S tronic epic edition 30.550 €
35 TFSI 1.5 150 hp S tronic epic edition 32.210 €
40 TFSI 2.0 200 hp S tronic epic edition 36.330 €

Editor's opinion

Audi A1 30 TFSI S tronic 116 hp
  • Editor's rating
  • 3.5 star rating
21.540 a 36.330
  • 60%

  • Audi A1 30 TFSI S tronic 116 hp
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 90%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 75%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 80%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 70%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 75%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 70%
  • Price
    Publisher: 40%


  • Exterior design
  • Improved interior space
  • Customization


  • High price
  • Some interior design details
  • Improvable insulation

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