Test BMW 320d Touring, engine, driving and consumption (with video)


The time has come to get comfortable in the seats of the new BMW 3 Series and hit the road to see how this car that aspires to be behaves. Internet Car of the Year 2013. We know that it will not be as functional as the 328xi that Sunday tried, but the 184CV, propulsion and a Pack M with some dynamic improvement promise, a lot of.

This press unit equips the motor diesel 2.0 184CV with TwinPower Turbo technology. Its trade name is 320d and this time the engine is associated with an eight-speed automatic gearbox signed by ZF. It is an intermediate power mechanic within the 3 Series range, and is an excellent balance between performance and consumption.

An athletic boy for everything


This engine includes various technologies that make it performant as well as efficient. One of the main elements is the twin-scroll turbo that gives the engine its name. with your design exhaust gases are used to the maximum, avoiding pressure losses caused by the cylinder that is in the intake phase at all times. It is complemented by technologies such as VANOS or the stop-start system.

This diesel engine does not stand out for refinement, but for performance. To begin with, it is difficult for it to reach operating temperature, and if we are going to walk a lot around the city on short trips, it will not be the best for the life of the engine. The stop-start contributes to this problem, which works almost from the moment we start with moderate temperatures and sleeping in the garage, the engine stops while one waits for the parking door to be lifted.

The stop-start can be improved in terms of softness. We will always realize the operation because it gives a small shake when stopping and restarting. It uses the starter motor and not a reversible alternator to start, which shows in the smoothness. At the moment the best stop-start I know of in particular is that of the Honda CR-Z, while in general the most refined is that of PSA Peugeot Citroën. Versions with manual transmission transmit an annoying jolt to the gear lever.

Once at operating temperature the engine is still somewhat noisy, although at constant speed it is not heard, because the insulation of the BMW 3 Series is good. Now is when we can check its performance and see that we can easily gain speed at any time and that there is always a reserve of power. With a 0-100 of 7,7 seconds and a top speed of 230km/h, the BMW 320d Touring is a fast car and a lot of fun.


This unit is equipped with the M Pack, which highlights the sports suspension and 18″ wheels with run flat tires, wider at the rear. These three elements make this 320d Touring a little tougher than other cars (even than other Series 3), somewhat penalizing comfort, although opting for this configuration will prefer dynamics to comfort. Where we will notice it most will be in the city, due to the greater irregularities of the terrain. The Pack M can also be aesthetic, without the specific suspension.

Despite this, the Series with this configuration is still a car practical and usable. You have to take into account the low driving position and its sportier touch, but knowing that, it can be our round car. Good space for occupants, generous trunk, powerful engine, low consumption... What more do you want?


When it comes to manoeuvring, we will find the greatest difficulties in the city, especially because when we go low we have less visibility and because it's easy to get stuck on curbs of the sidewalks with the nose so low that it has. You even have to be careful when entering garages, because the lower part of the front could rub. Fortunately, the front overhang is not very long.

On the motorway, comfort is remarkable, perhaps a little clouded by the rolling noise and aerodynamicbut not exaggerated either. On curved roads the behavior is exemplary, with a car that is very neutral and docile, without strange reactions. It allows us to go to devilish rhythms with total confidence. The steering is direct, precise and the brakes have good bite and good resistance to fatigue.


In all these tours we will have been accompanied by a extraordinary automatic gearbox, of converter trains, of eight relationships. Shifts between gears are incredibly quick, more worthy of a double clutch, and they're not jerky. In any of the situations the operation is exemplary. I would opt for this box, even if it means an extra cost over the manual of almost 2.800 euros.

Different driving modes


On the center console there is a button with which you can change the driving mode. There are four available: Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport and Sport +. The first offers a change management designed to save that even acts on the management of the air conditioner. The loss of performance is noticeable, but in any case they are sufficient. In Comfort it is somewhat looser and consumption continues to be book, reduced. Sport and Sport + offer much more radical management, with more forceful acceleration and a faster box that works higher in turns. Sport + differentiates itself by turning off stability control, which allows us to play a little more, because well, it's a BMW and such.

In addition, right next to it we find the traction control button. It can be always activated, in a more permissive mode or totally deactivated. It's a multifaceted car and if you want to have fun it lets you, of course depending on which way you go it won't be there watching to catch you in the air and prevent you from hitting yourself.

 Really tight consumption


More than the benefits or the proper functioning of the whole, consumption has left me perplexed. On highways and roads at legal rates, the figure will range between 4.8-5.2 liters traveling with one occupant. Eye, that these are consumption of a Citroën C3 HDI. In a mixed city, motorway and highway route, with abundant sporty driving, the average remains in an immovable 7 liters. If we go at the speed of a thousand demons on roads with their ups and downs, we will pass 10 liters, which is nothing for how much fun one gets to have. Given what we carry under the heavy right foot...

Tomorrow we are going to review the range of engines of the BMW 3 Series, as well as the options that this 320d Touring press mounted. We will wait for you.

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