Test Mercedes Class A 200 Sedan (gasoline 163 CV) manual 6v

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200

Although premium brands do not stop launching SUV and crossover-style products, in addition to electrified vehicles, luckily they do not forget more traditional segments either. Since the launch of the fourth generation of the Mercedes A-Class, in 2018, we have tested this product many times. But this time we wanted a different version.

Thus, we have opted for the four-door body and a mechanical gasoline with manual transmission. Yes, it is the first time that I drive for you a Mercedes-Benz with manual transmission. And with that said, welcome to the test of the Mercedes Class A 200 Sedan.

Mercedes Class A Sedan, three volumes well integrated

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 front

As you can see, the Mercedes A-Class Sedan derived directly from its five-door brother, being traced in the front half. Our unit comes with the always attractive AMG Line package, which provides that extra visual sportiness. The star predominates in the beautiful radiator grille, introducing a more aggressive bumper and on the sides there is no lack of headlights, in this case the adaptive Multibeam LED headlights.

The side reminds us a lot of a C class, since it has three volumes extending the back. In any case, the integration of this longer rear three-quarter is very good, not penalizing aesthetics at all. In my opinion, much more successful than in the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé that we tested weeks ago. The wheels are the optional 18-inch ones, which in my opinion are not the ones that suit you best.

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 rear profile

If we move to the rear we are greeted by a stylish but not very practical trunk lid, the split LED lights between the aforementioned trunk and the bodywork, as well as a bumper that is also very marked. A pity that the exhaust outlets located in the beautiful diffuser are not real…

The dimensions of the body are 4.549 mm long, 1.992 wide, 1.446 high and 2.729 mm wheelbase.

Technological cabin, but with improvable materials

Test Mercedes Class A interior

Meanwhile, the interior is well known. We have the double running screen of the MBUX system, fully customizable. Without being the most complicated, the control of the frame and the central screen (both 10,25 inches) requires some adaptation time to have all the menus and functions located.

El steering wheel It has a very successful design and has a small touch surface in each horizontal radius to move between the box (the left one) and between the main screen (the right one). You end up adapting, but it is no less true that on more than one occasion we accidentally touched it.

Everything inside has a very nice, technological and modern appearance. On a visual level it is really attractive, although not everything is good. For example, there are soft materials in the high areas of the dashboard, but abuse hard plastics, many of them in glossy black.

The shiny black always protagonist, for worse

Test Mercedes Class A dashboard

It is true that it has given me a feeling of greater solidity than in other similar units tested in Class A (and GLA or GLB), but continues to present the occasional creak when pressing. Both on the dashboard and on the doors. On the other hand, having so much glossy dark finish, dust and fingerprints are unavoidable, and it seems that almost we always have a dirty interior. I think that a brand like Mercedes should take more into account these details.

For the rest, we have correct holes to leave objects, some heated sports seats with electric adjustment in multiple directions, which have also been comfortable for me to travel, aluminum pedals and an intuitive dual-zone climate control that is handled very well as it is totally separated from the screen.

Something that I do see could be improved is that this Mercedes Class A Sedan it has several USB sockets, but the problem is that they are all type C. By not having connectivity for the wireless smartphone, it is somewhat cumbersome, since we have to look for a specific cable or adapter.

Does it improve in space to the five doors?

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan rear seats

And in terms of space, the Class A is not one of the most spacious compacts. In any case, two relatively large occupants will travel comfortably in the front seats, with enough space in all dimensions.

Access to the second row is not complicated, but it is not the most practical for older people or people with low mobility, because you have to bend your trunk to avoid hitting your head. Once inside, the height for the head is sufficient if we measure less than 1,80 meters, being able to rub with the head on the ceiling if we exceed that size. Also keep in mind that we have a panoramic sunroof, which always reduces the height somewhat.

Meanwhile, the space for the knees and feet is correct, but if the driver is large and travels with the rear seat, it will reduce our comfort and sense of space. On the other hand, the central seat is impractical and uncomfortable, something that is not unusual in the C segment either. And to top it off, we have holes in the doors, nets in the front seatbacks, central air vents without temperature control and another pair of USB sockets in the central area.

The third volume does not finish compensating in the trunk due to its shapes

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 trunk

Leaving the passenger compartment and taking a look at the trunk, opening the lid welcomes us 420 liters of cargo capacity. They are 50 liters more than in the five-door body, which can make a difference for many. However, it must be taken into account that the loading mouth is not large and the interior shapes are not regular, so we lose a lot of practicality despite the gain in volume. This is quite common in three-volume cars, which have a trunk lid and no tailgate.

In our test, three of us took a weekend trip with our luggage, and although there were no huge problems, it was we had to play a little tetris to place some large objects.

What I don't find pleasant is that it remains sheet metal and screws or rivets with the naked eye when we open the trunk lid. I know that for brands this is not so easy to camouflage and that they have to adjust budgets, but it does not look good on a car of this brand to leave those details so visible.

Five mechanical options, including the A 35 AMG

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan takes the architecture and mechanics of the entire compact range of the star firm. Thus, as far as engines are concerned, we can choose between three gasoline and two diesel options.

Variants of gasoline are A 180 (136 hp), the A 200 (163 hp) and the sporty A 35 AMG (306 hp). The first two share the same 1.332cc, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine block, and are currently only available with a manual transmission.

If we prefer diesel mechanics, we only have the variant At 200 d Sedan, which is a 2 liter of 150 CV. The 8G-DCT automatic transmission is mandatory, although we can choose the simple front-wheel drive or opt for the 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

Mercedes Class A 200 Sedan: Performance

Mercedes A 200 gasoline engine

Taking a look at the technical sheet we see that this tested version develops 163 hp at 5.500 rpm, plus 250 Nm of torque available from just 1.620 laps. The traction is front and it has a six-speed manual transmission, declaring a 0 to 100 in 8,3 seconds and a maximum speed of 230 kilometers per hour.

In turn, the homologated combined consumption is 5,9 l/100 km, with emissions of 133 g/km. As it does not carry any type of hybridization, this Class A corresponds to the DGT environmental label C. What it does have is an effective cylinder disconnection to reduce consumption, a system that goes completely unnoticed by the driver while driving.

At the wheel of the A 200 Sedan

Mercedes A-Class Sedan AMG line

We started the Mercedes A-Class Sedan in its 200 version and, as a curiosity, it is somewhat noisier than this same mechanism had seemed to me on other occasions. It does not transmit any vibration to the interior, but when cold it does get a little more sound usual. In any case, when it warms up and the revolutions drop to the normal idle speed, it practically goes unnoticed.

Left foot to the clutch, we put first and go out. this engine does not stand out for offering brilliant performance despite the declared performance data, but it makes up for it with a pleasant smoothness of operation. It is not abrupt or rough, leaving a response at low speed more common in naturally aspirated engines, something very nice.

Like I said, once you're up and running at medium or expressway speeds, it's not as ferocious as it might seem. The technical sheet tells us that from just 1.600 revolutions per minute we already have all the torque available, but in reality it is not until approximately 2.000 when it is already solvent.

The developments of the change are "a tad" long

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 manual

Honestly, I think this is due to somewhat long shift paths. A slightly more closed staggering of the gears would allow driving with greater ease in high gears and with the engine at low revolutions. But of course, consumption (and emissions) could be significantly affected and brands have to do everything in their power to lower them as much as possible.

Thus, forces us to downshift from time to time to raise the engine speed to the good zone of the rev counter. If we want a great response, we have to stretch the engine and not let it drop a lot of revolutions, being ideal for such situations to move between 3.000 and 5.000 rpm.

Regarding the transmission, it is the first time that I drive a Mercedes with a manual transmission and the touch of the change seemed to me successful for a car of these characteristics. The knob is pleasant to the touch and visually, although it is no less true that the placement of the reverse gear still seems somewhat strange to me.

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 frontal

You have to pull the entire lever up, move it to the left and then down. On more than one occasion I have failed and inserted second, a compromised situation if we are parking downhill, for example.

Uncomplicated and focusing well on the main consumer

Otherwise, it has a slightly firm suspension, but very good care of the occupants. In fact, to travel alone it is perfect, although logically it is somewhat soft if we travel with several occupants and the trunk is loaded. In any case, it is something that happens in practically all cars, of course.

El steering touch it's nice to drive quietly and wander around. It gains some weight in sport driving mode, but there's not a huge difference either. I believe that a little harder -at least in sports mode- it would have been better, and it is not that it reports too much of the grip limit, as is usual in modern cars. It's too filtered.

Test Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 rear

Anyway, we remember that is a conventional and rational version of a Mercedes Class A Sedan. As much as we have a sporty exterior and interior aesthetic package, it's not a true AMG, so it makes sense that it's not the most emotional car in the category. That is not your intention and It more than fulfills the purpose for which it is intended.

enviable consumption

The biggest surprise has come from the hand of consumption. We made a trip of about 860 kilometers round trip with him, with three occupants in the cabin and the trunk loaded with luggage. Practically everything by highway and with little traffic. The outward journey we did at a happy pace for a part of it and according to the trip computer we spent an average of 6,3 liters per 100.

Mercedes A-Class Sedan interior

For the return we made a more relaxed driving, but always at the legal maximum. In this case the instrument panel reflected a consumption of only 5,9 liters every 100 kilometers travelled. Without a doubt, it seems to me a really low figure for a gasoline engine and the load conditions that we had.

At the end of our test, with about 1.200 kilometers traveled, the total figure has been placed at only 6,3 liters. In the city we will move between 6,5 and 7 liters, although, as we always say, our driving style and the traffic and terrain that we find will depend a lot.


Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 AMG

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan Fight against him Audi A3 Sedan, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and also against Mazda3 Sedan. The three are similar in terms of interior roominess, counting their competition with an easier use of the trunk. This star model has the most technological interior, but the quality of materials is inferior.

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Regarding the price, the Class A Sedan part of the 31.174 euros in its most economical version. Of course, our unit, because it has a 163 hp engine and a multitude of extras, raises the figure to approximately 43.000 euros according to the configurator. With even equipment and the 186bhp Skyactiv-X engine (with Eco label), the Mazda would be considerably cheaper than its rivals.

Standard equipment Mercedes A-Class Sedan

Test Mercedes A-Class Sedan 18-inch wheels

  • Progressive Termination
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Comfort seats
  • lighting and visibility package
  • Folding rear seats
  • Storage net in front backrests
  • Black cloth headlining
  • Multifunction sports steering wheel
  • knee airbag
  • Active Brake Assist
  • cylinder disconnection
  • Active lane departure detector
  • Reversing camera
  • Comfort undercarriage
  • MBUX system
  • Rain Sensor
  • Automatic climate control
  • High Performance LED headlights
  • Cruise Control

Mercedes A-Class Sedan Prices

Mercedes Class A Sedan 200 prices

Motor Change Traction Price
Motor Change Traction Price
A 180 Sedan manual 6v Front 31.174 €
A 200 Sedan manual 6v Front 33.875 €
AMG 35 Sedan 7G DCT 4Matic 60.574 €
At 200 d Sedan 8G DCT Front 38.075 €
At 200 d Sedan 8G DCT 4Matic 40.525 €

Prices according to mercedes configurator.

Editor's opinion

Mercedes A-Class Sedan
  • Editor's rating
  • 3.5 star rating
31.174 a 60.574
  • 60%

  • Mercedes A-Class Sedan
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 80%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 65%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 70%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 55%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 70%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 85%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 80%
  • Price
    Publisher: 55%


  • Overall running smoothness
  • Very tight consumption
  • Technology


  • Poor use of trunk space
  • Final price with options
  • Rigid materials inside and a lot of Piano Black

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  1.   CART said

    As always, it's nice to read a totally objective test, with the true opinion of the tester, not only highlighting virtues but also defects. What is the use of reading propaganda, for that we have the advertising of the brands, we must inform the reality so that the reader finds out about the pros and cons. It is clear that the class A, in addition to being beautiful, is a good car, but everything must be said, as is happening with Audi, the latest Mercedes interiors leave much to be desired in terms of quality of materials and in this case also in settings. always clear in relation to its price and claims.

    1.    Diego Avila said

      Thank you very much for appreciating the work. It is very comforting that you, the readers, take this into account.

      And regarding the qualities of Mercedes, well yes, they have nothing to do with the cars they made 15 or 20 years ago. Among the "premium" brands right now that section is headed by BMW and Volvo, although personally I think that the most successful aesthetic and the one that most attracts the attention of customers is that of Mercedes (always talking about the interior).