Test Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo 100 CV AT8 Elegance

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Welcome back to the section pruebas de Actualidad Motor. Today we bring you the first contact with him new opel corsa, Opel Corsa F., whose presentation has been developed in Zaragoza and its surroundings. The utility of segment B debuts its sixth generation, which also has the role of being the first Opel car created entirely by PSA. You already know that the German brand left General Motors a long time ago and joined the French manufacturer.

Focusing on this product, the Corsa has been active since 1982, with more than 13 million units produced in these 37 years. And it is no coincidence that Opel has brought us to Zaragoza. As many of you know, the lightning brand manufactures this utility vehicle here from its origins. It is currently the only center where the Corsa is produced in the whole world. Soon they will start the production of the electric Corsa-e of 136 hp. I won't keep you any longer, let's see what this new Opel Corsa F offers us!

The new Corsa greatly evolves its exterior design

As we always do, let's take a quick look at your Exterior. The change is quite big compared to its predecessor, right? As far as aesthetics are concerned, the new Corsa bets on a sportier aesthetics and is supported by technological featuresLike the available Intellilux LED headlights on higher grades and their aggressive look. The grille, for its part, has not sought large dimensions, but a careful design with the brand's logo presiding.

Opel Corsa rear profile

In the side stand that dynamic point is also noticeable. There are bodies with a contrasting roof and the final fall has a certain coupé style that, as we will see later, does not help much to access and habitability of the rear seats. Their rear It is also more emotional, with an upper spoiler and LED pilot lights, although this will also depend on the chosen finish. The sportiest variant corresponds to the GS Line finish, and has a double exhaust outlet.

No less important is the aerodynamics. Opel says they have done a lot of work and many hours of study in the wind tunnel on this car. In fact, they have achieved Cx of 0,29, which places it as one of the most efficient in this regard within its category.

Finally, let's talk about the outside dimensions of this car that, as you know, belongs to segment B. The Opel Corsa measures 4.060 mm long, 1.765 wide and 1.435 high, with a wheelbase of 2.538 mm. It's now slightly longer and has a slightly higher wheelbase, but it's also shorter.

More technology and better qualities inside

opel corsa dashboard

El interior of this Opel Corsa F It has also made a huge leap. He now looks more like his older brothers, Astra e Insignia. Of access we will find a 5-inch touch screen, although depending on the equipment it may be 7 or 10 inches. You can also opt for a digital instrument panel, although the truth is that it does not take advantage of as much as might be expected. It is traditional as standard, with two large clocks.

La organization of the main commands is now more studied And, in short, the jump is big because, among other things, the predecessor model was quite old-fashioned in that sense. Without a doubt, it has been updated as this car deserves.

The qualities are not that they are the best in the category, but they are convey a good presence. Obviously, most of the materials are hard plastics, but the feel is good. This presence is also reinforced by the feel and design of some controls, especially in the center console area. On the other hand, although some PSA models integrate the climate control on the touch screen, Opel has been more intelligent and has kept it separate, with easy-to-use wheels and buttons.

Front seats of the Opel Corsa

Get driving position correct is simple in this car. The seat can be electrically adjustable, with extensive adjustments and also a massage function. Not that the latter is something very important in a B-segment car, but hey, there it is. The steering wheel is also adjustable for height and depth, with generous settings, so pretty good in that regard.

Regarding the holes to leave objects, as it is an urban car and of contained dimensions, we cannot expect much, but there are enough. Small water bottles or soda cans can be placed, and there is no shortage of places to leave your mobile, wallet and keys; for instance. Surprisingly it is the glove box, which is not particularly wide, but its depth is striking. It's really deep. And now, let's move on to the rear seats.

Rear seats with improvable access and spaciousness

It's time to take a look at the second row of seats of the new Corsa. The truth is that this car has not been characterized in any of its previous generations by offering particularly large rear seats. In this Opel Corsa F it has not been like that either.

For a car of this category, access is not good. First, because the upper part of the bodywork is relatively low and forces us to bend down a little more than usual. And second because the rear pillar is very high and it is easy to hit the hip when wanting to enter. The new Corsa does not do a great favor to the elderly or people with low mobility, really.

Rear seats of the Opel Corsa

In the rear seats there are no air vents and neither a central armrest. What we do find, and I find it fantastic, are two USB sockets in the central tunnel; that always come in handy.

Once inside, space for knees and feet not to spare. I measure approximately 1,76 and with the front seat adjusted to my driving position I have no more than three fingers left to rub with my knees on the backrest. Headroom isn't top-of-the-line either, but there is more room than knee room. I think that people of 1,80 will be just enough to brush their heads on the roof, but before that they will hit their knees on the front seat unless the driver is short. Of course, considering a long trip with five adults is not very logical.

The trunk of the Opel Corsa

Moving on to the cargo space, the new Opel Corsa has a 309 liter trunk. So, grows 24 liters compared to its predecessor, but it is still not close to the largest in the B segment. The best thing about it is that its shapes are very straight, so it is easy to make good use of space. We can knock down the seats and we will obtain a volume of 1.081 liters, although there will be a step since the floor cannot be placed at double height.

Mechanical offer: three gasoline, one diesel and one electric

The range of motorizations of the Opel Corsa is made up of three gasoline engines and one diesel. In addition, at the beginning of the year the Opel Corsa-e will be added, the fully electric version with a 136 hp engine and up to 330 kilometers autonomy approved. Let's not forget that each and every one of the Opel Corsa is produced entirely in Zaragoza, leaving about 1.000 units a day, and from where they are exported to more than 60 countries.

Meanwhile, the gasoline engines they enjoy three power levels; all with a block 1.2 of three cylinders. The access version corresponds to an atmospheric 1.2 of 75 CV; while the 1.2 Turbo is offered in versions of 100 and 130 CV. Logic makes us think that the 100 CV mechanics will be the most demanded. On the other hand, Opel has not wanted to leave aside the diesel despite the fact that their sales will be minimal, offering us a 1.5 of 100 hp.

As you know, the Opel Corsa is created on the PSA CMP platform. This means that it shares architecture, engines and many components with the B-segment models from Citroën, DS and Peugeot. Yes, it is a first cousin of a Peugeot 208, for example. In fact, in this plant in Figueruelas, in addition to the Corsa, the Citroën C3 Aircross and the Opel Crossland X are manufactured.

At the wheel: with the 1.2 Turbo 100 CV and automatic transmission

New Opel Corsa

We are in a presentation and in this type of conference time is always very limited. More than a thorough test of the Opel Corsa, this is a small contact that helps us to know all the details of the car and get some first impressions. Later we will have more time to test it thoroughly and bring you a video on our YouTube channel.

The point is that we got into the Opel Corsa in Elegance finish and with the 1.0 Turbo 100 hp engine, linked in this case to the 8-speed automatic gearbox. The manual transmission will be more in demand for reasons of tradition and price, but it is interesting to think that the automatic transmission will save us a lot of stress in traffic jams and urban roads.

Starting with the theoretical part of its engine, as mentioned above, it is a three-cylinder 1.2 turbocharged. Develops 101 hp (although it is commercially referred to as having 100) at 5.500 rpm, while its maximum torque of 205 Nm it is available from 1.750 laps. The WLTP approved combined consumption is between 5,4 and 6,2 l/100 km (depends on equipment). Its top speed is 188 km/h and it needs at least 10,8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

Opel Corsa automatic gear lever

Having seen your data on paper, we go with the impressions that you have transmitted to us when driving it. Starting with your engine, this 1.2 hp 101 turbo goes quite unnoticed in terms of noise and vibrations, although it is true that at idle some typical vibrations of three-cylinder engines are appreciated.

It offers a decent response and recoveries for a model in its category. It is probably the most interesting engine for this car, as it is not refined enough, gives satisfactory performance in most situations, and for a car that will spend most of its time in and around the city, its power delivery is sufficient. Furthermore, as we have seen, on fast roads it doesn't fall short either.

As I mentioned before, the unit tested in this presentation was associated with the eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is a smooth transmission, both at very low speed and when jumping from one gear to another. We can manage it with the paddles that we have on the steering wheel, although the truth is that it seems quite intelligent in the sense that it usually correctly chooses the appropriate relationship at all times. The truth, I liked this gearbox.

According to the suspension, has a slightly firm setting, not allowing large body leans at a fast pace, but also it's not awkward and filters sharp potholes well; although there are other slightly more comfortable cars in that sense. From my point of view, the suspension has an ideal balance for a car in this category.

Opel corsa side

As a curiosity, the browser has given the occasional failure when guiding us through urban areas, just after starting, on two occasions.

I liked the least address, in as much as has a very assisted touch and, although it is fast enough for what is required in a B-segment car, it is very filtered. This is especially noticeable when cornering at a "happy" pace, as we don't receive tire grip information from the steering wheel. But hey, considering the car it is, it's not too negative either. The feel of the steering wheel is quite nice.

We have had the opportunity to drive both on two-way roads and on the highway. in these expressways It is noted that the car has increased its wheelbase and that the height of the bodywork has been reduced. The truth is that it feels more poised and gives a greater sense of security and control at high speed, which is always appreciated and less fatigue for the driver on long trips.

In addition, Opel has put a lot of effort into seeking maximum efficiency. In addition to what I told you at the beginning of the aerodynamics, with a Cx of only 0,29, also have reduced weight everything they could. To give you an idea, the lightest versions do not reach 1.000 kilos, assuming in some variants a saving of more than 100 kilos compared to the previous model. This translates into more adjusted consumption and a more agile dynamic behavior.

What I did not like so much is the sound insulation. The engine is barely noticeable in the passenger compartment once we are running, but in the tested unit, more aerodynamic noise was filtered than desired. There is also some rolling noise, but not as much as aerodynamic noise.

Some interesting equipment of the new Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa details

And given the above, I want to review the equipment that the new Corsa can mount. between all of them IntelliLux LED headlights stand out that do not dazzle other users by having several independent modules, signal recognition, adaptive cruise control, blind spot assistant, lane keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, fatigue detector.

It can also have a 180-degree rear camera, automatic parking, wireless charging for the mobile, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Opel Connect connected services. As you can see, very well equipped to be a model of this category.


We come to the end of this first contact with the Opel Corsa. Although aesthetically it has changed a lot, still a corsa; that is, a multipurpose car. A pity that it is not so practical in the rear seats. The brand claims that this is because they have sought a more emotional design instead of focusing 100% on practicality and habitability.

Opel Corsa LED tail light

It should highlight the gain in technology and assistance systems to driving, to what its predecessor sinned a lot. Dynamically it has also improved, being a more stable and plumb car on fast roads; maintaining good agility in the city and on twisty roads.

For now, the new Corsa is available in three trim levels (Edition, Elegance and GS Line); and with four engines, three gasoline and one diesel. The electric Opel Corsa-e will arrive at the beginning of the year. starting price with discounts for the most accessible version is 12.100 euros. If we go to an Elegance finish and the 100 hp gasoline engine, which will be one of the best-selling versions, the advertised price is 15.400 euros.

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Equipment highlights Opel Corsa


  • Upholstery and specific decoration
  • 3,5-inch screen in the instrument panel
  • Touch screen of 5 inches
  • 60:40 folding rear seats
  • Steering wheel with height and depth adjustment
  • Height-adjustable driver's seat


  • Specific bumpers
  • Dual chrome exhaust outlet
  • Sports seats
  • Specific upholstery
  • Red interior accents
  • Interior headlining in black
  • Aluminum pedals
  • LED headlights, taillights and fog lights
  • stiffer chassis


  • Chrome grille
  • Chrome exterior and interior trim
  • Mixed leather seats
  • Specific console with armrests
  • Ambient light
  • LED headlights and fog lights
  • Automatic lights
  • Rain Sensor
  • electrochromic mirror

Opel Corsa prices without discounts

Opel Corsa 2020

Motor Change Finished Price
Motor Change Finished Price
1.2 75 hp manual 5v Edition 16.300 €
1.2 Turbo 100 HP manual 6v Edition 17.700 €
1.5 TD 100 hp manual 6v Edition 19.600 €
1.2 Turbo 100 HP manual 6v GS Line 19.500 €
1.2 Turbo 130 HP automatic 8v GS Line 22.300 €
1.5 TD 100 hp manual 6v GS Line 21.400 €
1.2 75 hp manual 5v Elegance 18.200 €
1.2 Turbo 100 HP manual 6v Elegance 19.600 €
1.2 Turbo 100 HP automatic 8v Elegance 21.700 €
1.5 TD 100 hp manual 6v Elegance 21.500 €
Electric 136 hp X Selection-e 29.900 €
Electric 136 hp X GS Line-e 30.850 €
Electric 136 hp X Elegance-e 32.750 €

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