We tested the Opel Corsa 2024 with the 1.2 Turbo 100 HP engine

Opel Corsa rear test

El Opel Corsa It is one of the historic utility vehicles of the segment B. It has been occupying the top positions in the main European markets for decades. The current generation, which is the sixth, was launched in 2019 and is known as Corsa F. Now, the german brand belonging to the Stellantis group launches the Opel Corsa 2024.

It seems like it is a totally new car, especially because of the changes they have implemented on the front, but the truth is that it is a makeover, of a mid-life cycle update to rejuvenate it and give it a new commercial boost. We have already been able to see it, get on and try it at its national presentation. Are you going up with us?

New front for the Opel Corsa 2024

Test Opel Corsa

As we said, the front part of the Opel Corsa has been thoroughly revised. As you can see in the images, the 2024 version of the Opel utility vehicle already has what the brand calls Opel vizor, which is the new design identity with those updated optical groups - which can optionally be matrix LEDs - and the new black grille that unites them.

Much less changes in the rear area of ​​the body, where it remains practically identical to the variants launched in 2019, only changing the model registration which, in addition, can go completely in black.

Regarding the dimensions, the Opel Corsa maintains its performance levels 4,06 meters in length, 1,76 wide and 1,43 high, with a wheelbase of 2,54 meters. Needless to say, it is rival of all generalist B segment models, such as the Renault Clio, the Peugeot 208, the Citroën C3, the Seat Ibiza or the Kia Rio among many others.

Inside it improves its multimedia system

Test Opel Corsa dashboard

Inside it is still an attractive and collected car, now using a new 10-inch central touch screen. This multimedia system has been improved, equipping a more modern processor and allowing drivers and occupants to link their smartphone wirelessly via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although it loses some mechanical shortcut buttons that it had before. He also debuts new patterns on the seats and a new steering wheel.

Logically, the qualities at the material level They don't stand out, because at the end of the day it is a small car from a generalist brand. We noticed some somewhat flimsy areas in the upholstery that covers the front pillars, but the rest of the panels, dashboard and controls conveyed a correct feeling of solidity.

Opel Corsa interior test

Regarding space, two adults will travel comfortably enough in the front seats, but the second row is a little tighter. It feels somewhat less spacious than, for example, a Seat Ibiza. In any case, I think Four people 1,75 tall can travel relatively comfortably in this car, despite the fact that access to the rear seats is not the best either.

Meanwhile the boot capacity is 309 liters, a correct figure for the category in which it competes and which can be expanded to over 1.000 liters if we fold the rear seats. That is in the mechanics of the thermal engine, because the Opel Corsa Electric has a cubic capacity of 267 liters due to the location of the batteries.

Two gasoline engines, two microhybrids and two electric engines

Test Opel Corsa engines

For the moment, the Opel Corsa 2024 begins its sales with two fuel options, which use a 1.2 three-cylinder block, yielding powers of 75 and 100 HP, the first being naturally aspirated and the second turbocharged. In addition, the less powerful one uses a 5-speed manual transmission and the 100-horsepower one has a 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission.

A booster will soon be added with microhybrid system, which will finally give the Corsa the environmental label Eco of the DGT. It will be the 1.2 turbo gasoline with a 48-volt network and a power of 136 CV, combined with a dual-clutch gearbox. At the same time, an option will also be available with the same system, but developing 100 CV.

As far as zero emission versions refers, the Opel Corsa Electric, like many other similar models from the Stellantis group, is now available with two options. On the one hand, it maintains the previous variant of 136 HP and 50 kWh battery, homologating an autonomy of 357 kilometers. The novelty is the incorporation of the new 51 kWh battery that powers a 156 HP motor, increasing the range with a charge up to 405 kilometers.

At the wheel of the Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo with 100 HP, a sensible option

Test Opel Corsa 2024 front profile

During this national presentation I had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Opel Corsa with 1.2 Turbo 100 HP engine, linked to the six-speed manual transmission. It is a mechanical configuration that we already knew, since we have driven it in several models of the group and also in the Corsa predecessor itself, before this latest update.

According to the technical sheet, this variant can go from 0 to 100 in 9,9 seconds, reaches 194 km/h and has a combined consumption of 5,4 l/100 km.

Without a doubt, it seems to me a very balanced mechanics for the type of car we are looking at. We were able to drive it both in urban environments and on the highway and highway, although not for long in any of the three scenarios. It is true that it has that slight rumble that is typical of three-cylinder engines, but leaving that aside, it makes sense to me.

It has more than enough power and torque to walk around quickly, while on the road it will not be the fastest, but it will be enough for the few long trips that, in theory, will be made with an Opel Corsa. Recovers satisfactorily Within what is a utility vehicle with 100 HP, it maintains the legal pace on important slopes and, when it is in sixth gear, at 120 km/h it rotates slowly, contributing to greater comfort and, of course, reducing consumption.

Test Opel Corsa gasoline 100 HP

What I like least At the driving level in this car it is the manual gearbox feel. The clutch is smooth, but the lever travel is too long and has a rubbery feel, which reduces precision. So much so that I made a mistake a couple of times when going down from third to second, thinking that the gear had engaged when, due to the sound when lifting the clutch a little, it made it clear to me that it had not.

For the rest, it has a quite power steering which helps significantly when maneuvering in the city. This assistance can be modified slightly by switching to Sport driving mode, although personally I think I would only use it when driving on roads with many twisty curves.

As for the suspensions, does not abuse too much firmness, being rather soft although maintaining the inclinations of the body sufficiently when we make quick turns. In any case, it is not a car designed for sports driving, as you can imagine.

Opel Corsa 2024 prices

Test Opel Corsa 2024

As for prices, the Opel Corsa gasoline is available from 18.900 euros for the access version, with the 1.2 HP 75 naturally aspirated engine. If we want the 100 HP option with manual transmission, we will have to spend about 1.400 euros more, according to reports Opel.

For its part, The 136 HP electric starts at 34.800 euros with the Edition finish (without discounts or aid), raising almost 4.000 euros for the most powerful option, which is associated with the GS sports finish.

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