Test Peugeot 508 GT Line 1.5 BlueHDi 130 CV Auto (video)

Test Peugeot 508 GT Line diesel 130 hp

Although SUVs and crossovers are ostensibly dragging down sales of traditional sedans, those of segment D, some brands have decided to give this category a new opportunity. To generate a greater "appetite" they are introducing important modifications, betting on a aesthetic much more sporty and youthful than we were used to in this segment.

Today we bring you to new Peugeot 508, a model that has received a brutal change compared to its predecessor. We have more technology, more dynamism and, as you can see, a much more attractive and stylish design than before. This time we tested the Peugeot 508 with 1.5 BlueHDi engine 130 hp diesel and automatic transmission, in this unit that is also associated with the GT Line sport finish.

An elegant, sporty and distinctive exterior

The new Peugeot 508 seeks to reach its customers by entering through the eyes, and the truth is that it is achieving it, because its design leaves no one indifferent. It has been on the market for a very short time and people pay a lot of attention to it, as we have seen during these days. Come on, it's quite "tronchacuellos".

I don't want to expand too much on this section because you are already seeing it with your own eyes, but the most characteristic element of the front are these dynamic LED headlights and the extensive and fine daytime running lights in an upright position that, according to Peugeot, try to simulate the fangs of a lion. As a curiosity, the model name, “508”, also appears on the front.

Test Peugeot 508 lateral

Normally, every time the brands carry out a generational change, they tend to increase their length by a few cm. Curiously, this is not the case with the new 508, which is now a little shorter and lower than its predecessor, although it gains a few centimeters in width. Measure Meters long 4,75, 1,84 wide and 1,40 high. His wheelbase has been slightly reduced and is now 2,79 meters.

La side view is also striking, with a low body and a very soft and elaborate silhouette, with a certain coupé air, which allows you to obtain a Cx of only 0,26, which notably helps to reduce emissions and consumption. I like how it ends at the edge of the tailgate, creating a spoiler shape on the edge of the tailgate. There are six wheel designs ranging from 16 to 19 inches. Also note that the doors do not have an upper frame.

Test Peugeot 508 rear

In the rear the design of its pilot lights stands out, reusing the three claws in the lighting, as well as the black molding that unites them. The loading mouth of the trunk is wide enough and is not very high. In this finish, a glossy black "diffuser" with two simulated trapezoidal exhaust outlets is used, although in the GT finish they are real.

With an innovative and technological interior

The latest Peugeot models are using a very characteristic and daring design. As usual, in the new Peugeot 508 we also have the i-Cockpit cockpit, with a tiny steering wheel and an instrument panel that is displayed above. The painting is totally digital, using a multi-configurable and good resolution screen with a size of 12,3 inches.

Test Peugeot 508 inside

El driving position it requires some time to adapt and, although the steering wheel has wide adjustments, in height and depth, it slightly obscures the information that is projected in the lower part of the box if I use the driving position in which I feel most comfortable (with the seat bass). I have to modify it slightly and drive with the seat a little higher than I would like.

As a curiosity, we have a night vision system that is projected on the painting when we so desire. It provides a safety plus at night or in low visibility conditions because it is capable of recognize people and large animals over 200 meters.

For its part, the main screen for the infotainment system It is located in the center of the dashboard. It is 10 inches and has a correct resolution, although I think the menus could be a little better structured and their fluidity could be better.

Test Peugeot 508 main touch screen

Of course, one thing that I absolutely do not like about this infotainment system is that, despite having here several physical buttons to change the menu, the Climate control is done by touch. Why? I don't know, but this forces us to take our eyes off the road. With how easy it would be to use the traditional and effective roulette wheels of a lifetime...

In this lower part we find the center console, which is quite bulky and, much to my chagrin, it uses the always dirty piano black finish that is impossible to keep clean. Below this, we have a not too accessible hole with USB sockets and a wireless charging surface. I think that, although it is very elegant, another alternative could have been sought to further optimize the space.

Test Peugeot 508 center console with glossy black

Regarding the finishes and materials used, they are quite good in most cases and blend in very well with the overall design of the car. The perceived quality is very high on the dashboard and door trims. Of course, the satellite control for cruise control and speed limiter seems inherited from the Peugeot 307, with a rough touch. We can highlight for good the fixed cams for the change in the steering column with a good finish and correct size.

Not as spacious as the previous one, but quite correct

The previous Peugeot 508 was characterized by offering a huge passenger compartment, where four large adults could travel without space problems. By design and dimensions, the interior habitability has been slightly reduced. In the front seats we still have a lot of space, although the feeling is that the large center console reduces the width for the front seats. In any case, they are still good. Let's go to the rear.

Test Peugeot 508 space rear seats

Although the access to the rear seats It is not very bad, it is no less true that we must be a little careful. On the one hand, because, especially the first few times, we can hit ourselves with the fixed door glass at chest height (it happened to me and another passenger) and, on the other, because due to the low height of the car at this point it is easy hit the head on the top edge. They are the disadvantages of playing with a roof drop that starts very early to obtain a nice exterior aesthetic.

Once inside, the space is more than good for the legs, even if the passenger in front of us is tall. Headroom isn't all bad, but tall people (over 1,80) could rub against the ceiling if they are placed in an upright position, although it is normal to adopt a relaxed position. The side seats are very comfortable and pleasant; while the central, as usual, leaves something to be desired. Note that we have an armrest with access hatch to the trunk, air outlets, two USB sockets and bags in the front seats to store the newspaper.

Loses trunk capacity, but gains in practicality

Test Peugeot 508 trunk capacity

Another important change is discovered when opening the trunk. Unlike the previous model, this new 508 is a 5-door, with a large tailgate for easy loading and download objects. It has lost a bit of volume, now cubing a total of 487 liters, but gains enough practicality. In any case, it is somewhat below the average of the segment. We can expand the capacity to 1.537 liters if we lower the seats, but the floor is not completely flush and we do not have handles in the trunk to do it "from a distance".

Offer of engines and finishes

Speaking of its mechanical offer, the new Peugeot 508 is available with two gasoline and three diesel engines. The petrol range uses the 1.6 block PureTech in versions of 180 and 225 hp. For its part, the diesel family uses the new 1.5 engine the bluehd for the 130 hp mechanics, and 2 liters for the 160 and 180 hp versions. They all come with the EAT8 automatic gearbox, except for the 130 diesel that can be purchased with a manual gearbox.

The French brand has already confirmed that a plug-in hybrid version will be added to the range in a few months.

Peugeot 508 GT Line

On the other hand, we found four trim levels, which, ordered from least to greatest equipment, respond to the names of Active, Allure, GT Line and GT. For companies and professionals there is another finish called Business Line. Our unit is configured with the GT Line finish and the 1.5 hp 130 BlueHDi engine with automatic gearbox.

Engine 1.5 BlueHDi 130 hp

Focusing on the tested unit, as we said, it has the engine diesel 1.5 BlueHDi 130 hp and automatic transmission. It is a 16-valve four-cylinder supercharger that develops its 130 hp at 3.750 turns and a maximum torque of 300 Nm from 1.750 rpm. It promises a top speed of 210 km/h and 0 to 100 in exactly 10 seconds. Regarding the approved consumption, we find a mixed of 3,7 l/100 km in the WLTP cycle. And now yes, let's start and see how it goes.

Test Peugeot 508 engine 1.5 BlueHDi 130 CV diesel

At the wheel

The new Peugeot 508 has not lost an iota of comfort that the previous model transmitted to us on the highway, but also adding a touch of sportiness, something that its predecessor lacked. He has struck a great balance. The suspension It absorbs potholes very well, but it also doesn't allow large bodywork inclinations when we draw curves at a good pace. And that our unit does not have the adaptive chassis.

Test Peugeot 508 diesel 130

I think much of that feeling of sportiness has been achieved thanks to its suspension, but also to your adress. The small steering wheel ensures that, with a quick and brief movement of our arms, the car is inscribed in the curve without hesitation, which gives us more sensations and, above all, Trust. These greater sensations help the driving position, because we can go with our legs well stretched. On the other hand, we also have various driving modes that vary the behavior of the car.

Obviously the 130 hp diesel engine It is not the panacea if we want to practice sporty driving, but in normal gears it's enough to be able to make motorway additions or overtake on secondary roads with relative ease. I like its sonority less, because, especially when cold, is noticeable in the cabin. The rolling and aerodynamic soundproofing is correct.

Test Peugeot 508 rear profile

As I told you before, the Peugeot 508 bets on the 8-speed automatic gearbox in almost all its versions, which seems quite logical to me in a car of this approach. Its operation, at least in this version of 130 hp, is proving to be pretty smooth in gear changes, hardly noticing when they are made, and also very easy to control in parking maneuvers. Not noted for exceptional speed, but meets satisfactorily with its function.

One of the problems that arise in this type of coupé-style bodywork is that the rear visibility it's diminished, both by the inside rearview mirror and by turning your head to look through the rear windows, because the rear pillar is quite robust. We will notice this in certain circumstances in the city and also on roads with more than one lane in each direction.

Consumption and conclusions

Test Peugeot 508 front

It is time to say goodbye, but not without first talking about the consumption obtained and to draw some conclusions by way of summary. During our test it was rare to see more than 6 l/100 km of consumption in the frame, being normal to find around 5 and 5,5 litres. Walking around the streets it goes up a bit, logically, but nothing crazy. In travel on the motorway at a normal pace we have always moved around the 5 liters, a couple tenths up or down.

How to Live Aligned with positive points I would highlight the daring in its design, both exterior and interior. It is a very personal car and one that is very sure of itself. I admit that I like these types of silhouettes a lot. I have also found their consumption very good, the comfort on the motorway and the clear increase in sportsmanship.

I liked less the sound of this cold diesel engine and strong accelerations and the management of some basic functions through the central touch screen because it forces us to take our eyes off the road. I also don't like that the center console is so wide or the piano black finishes.

El Peugeot 508 more accessible part of the 27.250 euros no discounts. A version like the one we have tested, with the GT Line finish and the 130 hp diesel engine with automatic transmission, which already comes with great equipment, starts at 32.150 euros without discounts.

Equipment Peugeot 508

Test Peugeot 508 coupé form


  • 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • rear parking sensor
  • LED taillights
  • Safety Pack
  • Interior moldings in carbon finish
  • Folding and electrically adjustable mirrors
  • 17-inch alloy wheels


  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 17-inch Merion alloy wheels in two-tone finish
  • Black front and rear floor mats
  • TomTom 3D navigator on 8-inch screen with real-time traffic
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


  • Safety Plus Pack
  • Ergonomic AGR-certified front seats with lumbar adjustment and electrically adjustable banquette
  • i-Cockpit driving position
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Full-LED lighting
  • Carbon Slush interior trims and Aikinite stitching
  • Black floor mats with stitching
  • Rear and darkened windows
  • 18-inch Hirone diamond-cut alloy wheels


  • Focal sound system with 10 speakers, subwoofer and amplifier
  • electronically controlled suspension
  • AGR front seats with electrical adjustments and heating
  • 19-inch Augusta alloy wheels in Bitone finish

Peugeot 508 prices

Test Peugeot 508 diesel 130 GT Line rear

mechanical version Change Finish Price
mechanical version Change Finish Price
1.5 Blue HDi 130 manual 6v Active 27.250 €
1.5 Blue HDi 130 automatic 8v Active 29.250 €
1.6 Pure Tech 180 automatic 8v Active 30.100 €
1.5 Blue HDi 130 manual 6v Allure 29.850 €
1.5 Blue HDi 130 automatic 8v Allure 31.850 €
1.6 Pure Tech 180 automatic 8v Allure 32.700 €
2.0 Blue HDi 160 automatic 8v Allure 33.500 €
1.5 Blue HDi 130 manual 6v GTLine 32.150 €
1.5 Blue HDi 130 automatic 8v GTLine 34.150 €
1.6 Pure Tech 180 automatic 8v GTLine 35.000 €
2.0 Blue HDi 160 automatic 8v GTLine 35.800 €
2.0 Blue HDi 180 automatic 8v GTLine 37.900 €
1.6 Pure Tech 225 automatic 8v GT 41.300 €
2.0 Blue HDi 180 automatic 8v GT 41.900 €

Editor's opinion

Peugeot 508 1.5 BlueHDi 130 HP GT Line
  • Editor's rating
  • 4.5 star rating
27.250 a 41.900
  • 80%

  • Peugeot 508 1.5 BlueHDi 130 HP GT Line
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 90%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 80%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 80%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 60%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 85%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 85%
  • Price
    Publisher: 90%


  • Very elaborate, innovative and differentiated design
  • Perceived quality and leap in dynamic behavior
  • Very tight price


  • Access to the rear seats
  • diesel engine noise
  • Somewhat bulky center console finished in gloss black

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