Test Renault Scenic E-Tech 220 HP Iconic “great autonomy” 2024 (with video)

Cars have changed a lot in the last 25 or 30 years. In the mid-90s came the first Renault Mégane Scénic, a model in compact minivan format designed for families and derived directly from the first Mégane. With the rise of SUVs, that format died, but the french brand has been able to give a new opportunity to the name of the model. Now him Renault Scenic 2024 changes completely.

We have recently traveled to the province of Malaga, to the international presentation of the Renault Scenic E-Tech; a model that, by the way, has just been recognized as Car Of The Year, that is, the European Car of the Year. We tell you all the details of this new generation which, by the way, becomes a totally electric car.

Renault Scenic E-Tech: The minivan converted into an electric crossover

Test Renault Scenic

Aesthetically it has little or nothing to do with the first Renault Scenic. In fact, that first delivery became popular with diesel engines, while now only offered as electric. The good thing is that it has one of the best autonomy on the market. But let's focus now on the design.

The first thing to mention is that it is no longer a minivan, but it cannot be considered an SUV or a compact either. It's more of a crossover. It derives directly from Megane E Tech, sharing a platform and almost all the technology, although they are easily differentiated by exterior aesthetics.

The new Scenic measures 4,47 meters long, making it among the largest of the compacts. Its wheelbase is wide, at 2,78 meters, while it measures 1,91 wide and 1,57 high. It is almost 30 cm longer than the Megane. It is also wider, taller and has a longer wheelbase. A little later we will see if it is also more spacious inside.

Test Renault Scenic Electric

As far as hairsalon refers, takes the front of the latest known developments, such as the new Rafale or the Clio update. That is to say, he uses that style of headlights that is so reminiscent of a certain compatriot brand. Let's be clear, to Peugeot.

Test Renault Mégane electric
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In addition, the large wheel arches that house 19 or 20 inch wheels, flush door handles, two-tone bodywork or a more conservative rear end.

By the way, the body is Available in six colors and there are four trim levels, which, ordered from least to most equipped, are called Evolution, Techno, Esprit Alpine and Iconic.

A top multimedia system and a level of quality above what is expected

Renault Scenic E-Tech interior test

The Scenic is clearly different from the Megane on the outside, but in the cabin they are almost two drops of water. At least in the front seats; in terms of steering wheel, screens and console. One thing I like is We have air conditioning with traditional buttons. It also conveys a very good feeling of quality materials, has good spaces to leave objects and has a wireless charging tray and several USB sockets.

Behind the wheel we have the 12,3 inch digital picture, which slightly modifies its appearance compared to its little brother. It has several display modes, different customizable information and changes the design style depending on the selected driving mode. The important thing, as I always say, It looks good and we don't miss any more information.

Test Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024

But what I like most is that the multimedia system, the central screen on the dashboard, is one of the most effective of those we have tested. It is very reminiscent of a high-quality smartphone when it comes to use and has Google integrated. As in the Megane, we have Google Maps with information such as the percentage of charge we will have when we arrive at our destination and a voice assistant (Google Assistant) that is really effective and understands us perfectly.

The new Solarbay roof of the Renault Scenic

What is an important novelty is the new Solarbay panoramic roof of the Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024. It has more than 1 square meter of surface, but it does not use an electric blind, which is usual. Change from opaque to transparent using a magnetic field, which moves molecules between two sheets of glass.

Renault Solarbay roof

This system has two advantages clear, which are:

  • Greater space for occupants since panoramic roofs with curtains usually lose about 3 centimeters and, in this case, we save that loss
  • Lower weight, since the use of the entire electric curtain mechanism is avoided. Furthermore, that weight when riding in the highest part of the car would partially condition the dynamic behavior.

What are the rear seats of the Renault Scenic like?

In the front row you travel comfortably, with a good feeling of space in all directions, especially if our unit has the aforementioned panoramic view. How are we going behind?

Test Renault Scenic rear seats

Hen/Stag rear seats of the Renault Scenic 2024 They have good access thanks to the fact that it has a very large door, although if we have parked near a wall or another car it may be a slight penalty. That said, as in almost all electric cars, we carry the knees slightly elevated because the batteries are on the floor and this requires raising the floor a little. The positive thing is that the ground is flat, without a central tunnel.

Removing that detail, we have a more than good longitudinal distance for the legs, with enough room to touch the knees on the front backrest. In said backrest, by the way, we have a magazine rack and two small pockets where we can place our cell phone, for example. He headroom is also good for adults, and it is right here where we highlight the new solar roof most compared to those that use a curtain, because we do not lose space.

A detail that I found curious is the center armrest, which is very elaborate. When unfolded we find padded elbow rests that we can lift to find a compartment with two USB sockets. In its most front area we can display two coasters and it also offers us a series of slots to place a mobile phone or tablet and be entertained during the trip.

The trunk is not bad at all

Test Renault Scenic trunk

La Trunk capacity of the electric Renault Scenic is 440 liters in VDA measurement, which is a normal volume considering the size of the car. We have a gate with automatic opening and closing, as well as a good compartment in the double bottom that is great for storing charging cables.

El only negative point What I see in this trunk of the Scenic 2024 is its loading mouth, which is a little wider and is in a slightly higher position than I would like, as it will make loading and unloading heavy objects difficult. In its favor it has that the interior upholstery is more than correct.

The Scenic 2024 is only electric: Two batteries associated with two power levels

As we said at the beginning, the Renault Scenic is a 100% electric model. There are no hybrid engines, no diesel or gasoline. It's only electric. There are two versions available with different batteries, ranges and powers, while it is always front-wheel drive.

Renault Scenic electric 2024

The small variant is called “comfort autonomy” and carries a battery of 60 kWh. Powers an electric motor 170 CV and 280 Nm of torque, homologating in the mixed cycle a 430 km range. It can be charged in alternating current at 7 kW as standard or up to 22 as an option; while in continuous mode the maximum power is 130 kW.

In our case we are testing the one with the greatest capacity, the one called “great autonomy”. The battery amounts to 87 kWh of capacity and approves a mixed autonomy of 625 km; that is, one of the best on the market. It can be charged in alternating current at 7 kW or 22 as an option, like the other option, but in direct current it reaches 150 kW.

To cite more data about this more capable variant, the 87 kWh battery feeds a XNUMXv electric motor. 220 hp and 300 Nm. On paper, it has a maximum speed limited to 170 km/h, it does 0 to 100 in 7,9 seconds and its approved consumption is 16,8 kWh / 100 km, hence it approves that maximum range of 625 kilometers in mixed use, although it may vary a little depending on the equipment.

At the wheel of the 220 HP Renault Scenic E-Tech

Test Renault Scenic 220 HP

This engine is more than solvent for the vast majority of circumstances, even more so if we take into account the target audience of a car like the Renault Scenic. It is true that there are other electric cars with much higher performance, but honestly, maximum performance will rarely be used.

By bringing the 220 HP and 300 Nm of torque to the front wheels, it is possible to encounter loss of traction when exiting slow corners, but only when we do the rough stuff. That is, if we accelerate fully with the steering wheel turned very far, something that also happens in combustion cars.

Behind the wheel we have cams, which serve to vary the retention and, therefore, energy recovery, in four intensities. In the lower half of the steering wheel, on the right side we have the Multi-Sense button, which are neither more nor less than the driving modes. These change the response of the engine, the weight of the steering and the “theme” of the instrument panel, but do not modify the suspension since the Scenic does not have controlled shock absorbers.

Scenic E-Tech electric test

And since we have mentioned the flyer, The steering of this car is quite fast, turning the wheels a lot with little steering angle, and it also has a small turning radius, which helps a lot when maneuvering. Furthermore, it gives a good precision feel, as it does not require corrections in long, high-speed curves. What it doesn't have is great communication, something we are already more than used to in practically all cars on the current market.

As a curiosity, the driving posture It's quite nice. And not only because the controls are close at hand and the seat and steering wheel adjustments are extensive, but because despite the crossover style of the body, we go with our legs relatively stretched, which I personally like a lot; although I understand that maybe other drivers don't like it as much.

For its part, the suspension is slightly firm, but this does not mean that it is in the least uncomfortable. I liked the balance it shows, because on roads at a good pace it does not allow the body to tilt too much and the filtering of potholes is quite correct.


Renault Scenic Esprit Alpine

In general terms, I found the Renault Scenic to be a very decent car in all or almost all aspects.. Of course, it has a couple of things for which a good part of Spanish families, including myself, could not buy it.

La primera is that it does not have heat engines available, it is always electric. And yes, it has good autonomy, but if you don't have a garage to plug it in, you're sold. Without a garage I wouldn't recommend it not at all because you are going to spend a fortune on recharges.

La second It's the price. It is an electric car and you pay for that. The Scenic was originally a car intended for “normal” families. Today, few families can spend 40.000 euros on a compact car, even more so taking into account the limitations of being an electric vehicle.

In any case, the only drawbacks that we have found in this car are the normal limitations of any electric vehicle, in addition to its price, and that the loading opening in the trunk can be improved somewhat. It's fantastic news. This makes it clear that the Renault Scenic E-Tech is a very good product compared to its rivals.

Renault Scenic 2024 prices

Renault Scenic front test

The following price list corresponds to the official rates without discounts or promotions. Nor does it include government aid, to which, by the way, all variants of the French model can benefit.

Motor Battery Finished Price
Motor Battery Finished Price
170 CV 60 kWh Evolution 39.900 €
170 CV 60 kWh Techno 42.900 €
220 CV 87 kWh Techno 46.900 €
220 CV 87 kWh Spirit Alpine 49.500 €
220 CV 87 kWh Iconic 50.900 €

Gallery Renault Scenic 2024

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