Test Toyota Supra GT4 100th Edition, manual transmission and 340 HP

Test Toyota Supra

It is not every week that one has the opportunity to live with a mythical model among the japanese sports. Run errands, go out for a drink, go shopping and, of course, enjoy winding roads; That's what I've been doing with it. Toyota Supra Performance, the variant with 340 HP and manual shift.

Honestly, many might think that at Toyota GR Supra An automatic transmission is more suitable. And they may be right, because the ZF 8 speed gearbox which I was riding until a few months ago is a delight. But the manual transmission is becoming so exclusive in sports cars that, honestly, I would have no doubt: buying this Toyota, I would buy it with manual transmission.

Toyota Supra GT4 100th Edition Tribute

Test Toyota Supra rear

But before entering into these emotional dilemmas and personal tastes, I have to say that we are not behind the wheel of just any Supra. This unit that you see in the images corresponds to a special edition. Its name is Toyota GR Supra GT4 100th Edition Tribute, and comes to boast about the 100 units sold of the racing Supra GT4 developed by Gazoo Racing for the circuits.

It is easy to see the aesthetic differentiation of this edition, as long as you are minimally familiar with the Japanese model, because the truth is that it is not easy to see them on the street. He Plasma Orange color is exclusive to this limited series, which is complemented with black details such as the 19-inch wheels or the brake calipers with the GR logo.

Honestly, that combination of colors for the exterior does not convince me, although from what I have been able to verify these days it is a car that attracts many eyes. So much so that I have had moments of tension, because it is not pleasant for another driver to record you on the highway or in the city.

Toyota Supra interior manual test

Toyota Supras with manual transmission have the Supra inscription on the trunk in red, as a nod to recognition from the outside, although in this Plasma Orange color it is barely noticeable.

Inside, the most notable thing is the very nice seat upholstery, suede type, which improve the impression of quality. Also on the dashboard, on the passenger side, you can see the “GT4 100th Edition Tribute” inscription. But the most beautiful thing, without a doubt, is seeing the manual gear knob between the two seats, although it is no less true that they have had to redistribute that center console and it looks a little... let's say strange.

Features of the manual Toyota Supra


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♬ original sound – Actualidad Motor

At a dynamic level there are no changes compared to any other manual Supra. Under the huge hood we carry the BMW B58 engine, the same one that powers a BMW 340i, for example, or the same BMW Z4 M40i, which is a twin brother of this Supra but with a canvas roof and which, by the way, has also recently launched a manual transmission variant.

Focusing on the data, we have a 2.998 cubic centimeter block, which is placed in a longitudinal position. It has six cylinders and develops 340 hp between 5.000 and 6.500 turns, in addition to an enormous 500 Nm torque from just 1.600 rpm and up to 4.500. That is to say, it is a very flat engine, with response in practically the entire rev range.

Test Toyota Supra manual transmission

On paper, this Toyota GR Supra is capable of doing the 0 to 100 in 4,6 seconds and reach 250 km/h. Unlike the previous automatic transmission versions, the manual variant has a shorter transmission ratio (3,15 for the manual and 3,46 for the automatic), which allows greater acceleration. Anyway, keep in mind that In third gear it stretches so much that it is capable of reaching 160 km/h for its developments and maximum rotation speed.

In case anyone is wondering, the approved average consumption is 8,8 l/100 km, and on the highway at legal speeds it is around 7,5 liters.

At the wheel of the Toyota Supra, a good GT

It is always a pleasure to open the door and go down to the driving position of a sports car like this, as long as your agility allows it, of course. And yes, I say go down, because we are going very close to the ground.

Test Toyota Supra tires

It is less pleasant to drive it narrow streets, and not because it is very abrupt or hard, but because it generates some stress due to the poor visibility to control curbs and body ends. Add to this the fact that almost everyone stares and a high percentage takes out their cell phone to record or take photos.

Of course, It is not a car designed for city use., but to enjoy on the road. On the way to one of our favorite curved areas, we travel several dozen kilometers on the highway, where we feel that it is a true grand tourer. The suspension is not extreme, the seats have some comfort and the general noise is not very high.

Okay, it's not a Toyota Camry, but it really is more comfortable for a long trip than many might think. In addition, the enormous torque of its 6-cylinder block allows it to make really good recoveries without having to resort to changing gears. Typically, a truck overtakes another on the highway, you stay behind at 90 km/h, and once it leaves your lane you can accelerate in sixth gear and quickly regain your rhythm.

Curve Eater

Test Toyota Supra rear

It is when you reach the section of curves where you realize the huge potential of the car and that the manual transmission is really worth it. It's tough, but honestly not as mechanical as I would like. I confess that I like the GR86 better. What seems truly wonderful to me is the system that makes the heel tip automatically, balancing the engine and gearbox revolutions perfectly when downshifting, so we can be more aggressive. Of course, some drivers may prefer to do the classic footwork.

With this car we can do two very different sports driving styles. We can drive aggressive keeping the engine at the top of the rev counter constantly and using the gearbox a lot, which on twisty roads the normal thing will be to use second and third, or we can leave third gear engaged making driving smoother and almost forgetting to use the change.

Because? Because it has such torque from below that you can tackle practically any curvy road at a good pace and driving smoothly that you would not be much slower than doing that aggressive driving that I mentioned before. In addition, you will save yourself from loss of traction and possible tailbacks.

If you go too far, bite

Test Toyota Supra B58 BMW engine

And yes, it is true that this Toyota GR Supra comes really well shod, with some Michelin Pilot Super Sport, which you must remember to warm up to before picking up the pace; but you should still be patient when accelerating hard and do so when you already have the steering wheel practically straight. Otherwise, you will notice that the rear wants to move out of position and an orange warning light will flash on the instrument panel.


This manual Toyota SUPRA has a BMW engine, and that is a good sign #toyotasupra #toyota #supra #cars #cars @Toyota_Esp

♬ original sound – Actualidad Motor

Probably The least notable point in sports driving is braking. Be careful, I have not noticed a lack of performance in relatively demanding use, but I think it has a touch and bite that is too civilized, very suitable for daily use of the car and not so much for very fast driving. To my taste, I lack the firmness of the pedal to modulate a little better.

By the way, I said before that suspension It is not extremely rigid, and that is the truth, but I have not missed more hardness in happy driving either. The car changes support very quickly, it does not dislodge when you hit a bump in full support and of course there are no signs of leaning. This car runs so well that it is difficult to have fun without going at a very high pace.

Does it make sense to pay 74.000 euros for the Toyota Supra?

Test Toyota Supra headlights

Having said the above, there comes a time when I wonder if a car like this really makes much sense today. Eye, I would love to have it, but if it is never or almost never going to be used on the circuit, I would not buy it. Having a good time means playing too much with legal limits and sanctions, although fortunately there is a much more coherent solution within Toyota itself.

That solution to which It's called Toyota GR86. Yes, it is much slower against the clock in any scenario and is less comfortable to drive, but it is such a pure, simple car and has such a reasonable price that I find it irresistible. And yes, I said cheap. For the Supra Pure they ask us for 62.000 euros with a four-cylinder engine and 74.200 for this Performance six cylinders and manual transmission. The aforementioned GR86 costs half, about 35.000 euros.

For me, there is no doubt. I would buy a Toyota GR 86 much sooner than a Toyota Supra.

Editor's opinion

Toyota Supra
  • Editor's rating
  • 3.5 star rating
€62.000 a €74.200
  • 60%

  • Toyota Supra
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  • Last modification: May 24th 2024
  • Exterior design
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  • interior design
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  • front seats
    Publisher: 70%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 0%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 75%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 95%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 85%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 80%
  • Price
    Publisher: 50%


  • Exclusivity
  • Behavior and sensations of the manual transmission
  • engine performance


  • Price
  • Reduced visibility
  • "False" exterior gills and air intakes

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