Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid, the only hybrid alternative in the B segment

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

La mobility is changing by leaps and bounds. A few years ago, a good part of society opted for cars with diesel engines, even if they covered only a few kilometers a year. Luckily, it seems that we have realized the error and less and less diesel and more gasoline cars or with systems alternative propulsion.

Toyota was one of the first brands in the world to bet on electrification, launching the first generation of the Prius in the late 90s. Today we tested the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which inherits all that technology collected years ago and, in addition, is positioned as the only hybrid in the B segment. We tested it thoroughly.

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Regarding the Yaris, the current generation landed in 2011, but in this year 2017 it has received a restyling with aesthetic changes, improvements to its equipment, some mechanical variations and, most importantly, they have provided it with the security package Toyota Safety Sense Standard on all versions.

This urban model is available with 3 and 5 door bodies, with two gasoline versions in addition to the hybrid, and with 4 trim levels. We tested a version with a 5-door body, the 101 hp hybrid mechanics and the active finish to which has been added the COOL Pack, the navigation system and this painting meteor gray.

Looking for visual width

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

As we said above, the Toyota Yaris 2017 is a restyling and not a generational change, so we couldn't expect too big changes in this update. Still, from the outside, it is easy to differentiate it from the model it replaces. At the front we can see some new light optics, a retouched bumper and the redesigned front grille that is more identified with the current brand image.

If we go to the back, we see how the Toyota Yaris now transmits a greater feeling of width; It looks like a larger car. How have they achieved it? Well, the design managers of the Japanese firm have achieved it thanks to the use of a more horizontal design, to the reduction of vertical lines and to the new layout of its lights, which are now also present on the tailgate.

Correct interior for its exterior size

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The exterior measurements of the Toyota Yaris are Meters long 3,94, 1,70 wide and 1,51 high, with a wheelbase of 2,51 meters. These measurements place it in segment B, but we cannot say that it is one of the largest due to its external dimensions. Despite this, the interior habitability is more than correct.

The squares front They are comfortable and have a good amplitude, always bearing in mind that we are dealing with an urban car. In addition, we have slightly higher seats that make it much easier for us to see when we drive around the city. According to the steering wheel regulation, has height and depth adjustments, but the routes are not as extensive as we would like and we are a bit far away, which forces us to force our posture a bit.

The subsequent squares surprise. You have to be tall enough to hit the ceiling with your head and the knee room is also very good. Another advantage is the absence of transmission tunnel, but we are in a segment B and, as you can imagine, 5 occupants will have a lot of trouble. Nothing to object to the Yaris in this regard, as it is the usual trend in vehicles in this segment.

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The trunk, with its 286 liters, does not have much capacity left over, as there are alternatives in the same segment that have more space, although it is also true that these alternatives have a more voluminous body. One of the positive points of its cargo space is that it has floor at two heights and that, placing it in the upper one, we obtain a practically flat cargo space if we lower the seats.

Somewhat bland without optional upholstery

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Turning to the aesthetic plane, it is noted that this generation has been on the market for a few years. Sincerely all the dashboard and controls they look a bit dated. The central screen for infotainment is 7 inches and, beyond its handling, we must say that its visibility is reduced when the sun's rays fall on it. Fortunately, the Toyota Yaris is a vehicle that offers many customization possibilities, being able to choose different shades to create a more cheerful interior, although the configuration of this press unit is somewhat “bland”.

Yes we like that you have one large glazed area, with very large windows, because the visibility from the inside is very good and makes it easier for us to drive in narrow environments. A very positive point that is not always taken into account when choosing a vehicle.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The hybrid Toyota Yaris we tested is only available in a mechanical configuration. It is a propulsion system made up of a 1.497 cc gasoline engine, with 4 cylinders and 16 valves that develops 75 CV, and a 61 CV electric motor. The maximum power of the set is 101 hp.

We turn to the approved figures of this Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The hybrid urbanite of the Japanese brand can reach a maximum speed of 165 km/h and it takes 11,8 seconds to cover 0 to 100 km/h. For its part, the combined consumption that it declares is 3,3 liters, but unfortunately it is far from the figures that we have obtained in real driving, as you will see a few paragraphs below.


Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Where the Toyota Yaris feels most comfortable is in the city, even more so in this hybrid version. It's comfortable, it has a good turning radius, very good visibility, it is easy to park and, thanks to this hybrid mechanics, we obtain adjusted consumption. In addition, the 101 hp together with the automatic transmission They make exiting at dangerous intersections or entering roundabouts much easier.

His good urban behavior is seen penalized on fast roads, where the engine revs excessively and the sound reaches the passenger compartment noticeably on slopes or during acceleration phases. When we already circulate at a certain speed does not have the same verve that stood out in the starts, giving the sensation of going a fair bit of power.

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

We liked your suspension because, although it is comfortable when it comes to overcoming bumps, it does not tilt excessively in closed curves. In our opinion, it has a perfect moron for the philosophy of this vehicle, something to which some logical wheels mounted on 15-inch wheels contribute without having resorted to exaggerated proportions. For its part, the address barely conveys what is happening under the front wheels.

A point that Toyota should polish in all its hybrid models is the touch and braking dosage. In many situations it is not easy to measure the braking force correctly, as there is a big gap between regenerative braking and pad braking. In hybrid (and electric) vehicles it is something common, but personally it is in Toyota models where I notice it the most.

Consumption of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

We are talking about a hybrid, so their consumption is a very important section. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid can move in fully electric mode, although it will depend on battery charge, acceleration demand and speed. If we accelerate abruptly or if we gain speed, the gasoline thermal engine will quickly come into operation. Therefore, urban consumption It will depend a lot on our driving style.

Being soft with the right pedal and taking advantage of the inertia, it won't cost too much to find a consumption of about 5 liters per 100, which is great information for totally urban routes. Be careful, we are not talking about practicing extremely efficient driving. If, on the other hand, we do not pay attention to the above and drive in a more “cheerful” way, we will find ourselves slightly above 6 liters, a fact that does not seem crazy to us either.

By motorways, driving to legal highs in a totally normal way we will be around 6,2 or 6,4 l/100 km. In this case, the consumption figures obtained are more or less equal to its competition that use gasoline engines with similar powers. At the end of our test, the instrument cluster registered a combined consumption of 6 liters.

Conclusions of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Although it has some aspects that could be improved, the truth is that for its price it is a highly recommended option if we will cover many kilometers in urban routes and with congested traffic, so it can be a great ally in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona. If, on the other hand, we use it to travel through cities that are not very congested or we do not travel many urban kilometers per year, the gasoline mechanic will be a better option.

The unit that we have tested, counting its optional elements, has a price slightly less than 17.000 euros.

Equipment Toyota Yaris


  • 15-inch City alloy wheels
  • “Cookie” spare wheel
  • Body color bumpers, mirrors and door handles
  • Headlights with follow me home function
  • Electric and heated mirrors
  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • Front fog lights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Integrated turn signal mirrors
  • Immobilizer
  • manual climate control
  • Height and depth adjustable multifunction steering wheel
  • Electric front windows
  • 12 volt power outlet
  • MP3 radio, Bluetooth and USB socket


  • 15-inch Active alloy wheels
  • Cruise control
  • Signal recognition
  • Nappa leather steering wheel and gear lever
  • 7-inch Toyota Touch multifunction display


  • 16-inch two-tone alloy wheels
  • puncture repair kit
  • Beehive type front grill
  • Rear spoiler with integrated third brake light
  • Piano Black Insert Moldings
  • Darkened rear windows
  • LED taillights
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Dual zone air conditioning
  • Rear electric windows

Feel! two-tone

  • Dual color bodywork
  • Leather handbrake lever
  • driver armrest


  • 16-inch Advance alloy wheels
  • light sensors
  • Electrically folding exterior mirrors
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Electrochromic interior mirror
  • Armrest for the driver

Toyota Yaris Prices

Test Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Bodywork Motor Change Finish Price
Bodywork Motor Change Finish Price
3 doors 1.0 VVT-i 70 hp manual 5v City 10.600 €
3 doors 1.0 VVT-i 70 hp manual 5v Active 10.900 €
3 doors 1.5 VVT-iE 110 hp manual 6v Active 12.650 €
5 doors 1.0 VVT-i 70 hp manual 5v City 11.100 €
5 doors 1.0 VVT-i 70 hp manual 5v Active 11.400 €
5 doors 1.5 VVT-iE 110 hp manual 6v Active 13.150 €
5 doors 1.5 VVT-iE 110 hp manual 6v Feel! 14.150 €
5 doors 1.5 VVT-iE 110 hp manual 6v Feel! bi-tone 14.950 €
5 doors 100H (hybrid) Automatic CVT Active 15.450 €
5 doors 100H (hybrid) Automatic CVT Feel! 16.650 €
5 doors 100H (hybrid) Automatic CVT Feel! bi-tone 17.450 €
5 doors 100H (hybrid) Automatic CVT Advance 17.850 €

Editor's opinion

Toyota Yaris Hybrid
  • Editor's rating
  • 4 star rating
10.600 a 17.850
  • 80%

  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 70%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 55%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 75%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 85%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 75%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 85%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 85%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 80%
  • Price
    Publisher: 75%


  • Smoothness, agility and comfort in urban environments
  • Toyota Safety Sense as standard
  • rear squares


  • Open road performance
  • Somewhat dated interior design
  • Engine noise under heavy acceleration

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