We appraise and buy your car

Do you want to find a service that appraise your car for free and further I bought it from you with all the guarantees?. Well, at ActualidadMotor we have a second-hand car appraisal and purchase service with complete confidence.

Is it a safe process?


El service is 100% secure and you will have your money instantly. We buy any make and model, whether they are Audi, BMW, Seat, Peugeot, Citroen, Mazda, Toyota, … or any of the main brands on the market. Used, semi-used or old cars, we are all interested.

How to appraise and sell my car?


The process is very simple and consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the form above and in just a few minutes you will be able to know the appraised price of your car. If the price that comes out seems interesting to you we buy it for you.
  2. Our professional appraisers carry out an on-site appraisal to verify the accuracy of the data and offer you a fixed price.
  3. The service also includes the entire ownership change process for free. You you keep the money at the moment and we keep your car.

Where would the on-site appraisal take place?

We have more than 50 authorized centers distributed throughout Spain to prevent you from having to travel very long.

If I don't sell my car, do I have to pay anything?


No. The service is 100% free and if you finally do not want to sell your car you will not have to pay anything.

Still have doubts?

If you still have any questions, Get in contact with us and we will help you.