The best tool boxes for the car, with kit included

Best car tool boxes

If you are going to launch yourself into mechanical work, the first thing you should have in your repertoire is a car tool box. They differ from the others in that they are usually shaped like a briefcase and include a large number of socket wrenches, two or three ratchets and other useful items.

If you often read Actualidad Motor, you will have seen a lot of content on mechanics. In them we explain the operation of the parts that make up a car and we guide you so you can make small arrangements yourself. However, you can do little or nothing if you don't have a good toolbox. Therefore, here we are going to talk about them and how to choose the right one for you.

The best tool bags for the car

JBM 50521 Toolbox

This model is a classic among mechanical enthusiasts, because it includes the most common tools in a kit made in chrome vanadium. A material hard enough for normal use. It is included in the boxes of medium size, which also comes in briefcase format, which is much more practical than a car tool bag.

The JBM 50521 has NOTE 108, but most are used through their two ratchets with ½ and ¼ bolts or on ¼ screwdriver. In addition, it includes two gimbal adapters to reach places with a difficult angle, extension cords y two crosshead handles. So it is very useful for the car, which can have nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach.

It also has some long socket wrenches, which are highly recommended for various tasks. The only one that you can miss is the size 16, which is the most common to change the spark plugs of a car. This is so, because it usually requires to be somewhat thinner and with a magnet so that it does not fall. If you are going to do this task, you can get one of great quality for little money.

Mannesmann M9843 Tool Box

With this latest set of car tools typical of a workshop we have already reached the high end. With it you will have everything you need for almost any mechanical task. The Mannesmann M98430 includes the same items as the previous car tool cases and a few more, up to the NOTE 215.

The main difference with the Wiesemann is that your set of keys is even broader and that it has fixed keys with a star end. Thus, with this kit you will be able to work in very narrow areas where socket wrenches do not fit.

Again, this mechanics tool case has ratchets in sizes ¼, ⅜ and ½. With which the huge set of keys and screwdriver bits that it has is covered. The material in which they are made is chrome vanadium and unlike the other games it has 10 year warranty.

In addition, briefcase has much more quality of materials, inner lid to keep the pieces in place ergonomic handle y best bindings for all elements. Including a shaft that allows the tips to be extracted more easily.

Wiesemann 8011 Tool Box

This model already looks more like a professional mechanic's tool case. hence have a most complete repertoire of chrome vanadium sockets. Including one of the size 16 long glass, which does not come with the previous model that we have told you about.

It is also noted that this is a more complete set, in which it is a briefcase with ¼, ⅜ and ⅛ ratchets. Thus it covers all the usual repertoire that is used in any workshop. You also have to add the cardan keys, extension cords and crosshead handles. Very useful for car mechanics.

This variety of measures makes it a very useful ally for more advanced mechanics. In addition to that it has the advantage of being able to be used with torque wrenches of any type without the need for adapters. This guarantees its precision in any use that is going to be given to it.

Stier 902517 Small Tool Box

For those who only want one compact tool box to always carry in the car, this Stier model is a very good option. Have NOTE 38 typical for car repairs, such as socket wrenches, Phillips type, slotted, etc.

It is a robust toolkit of 1 / 4 inches. In addition, the box fits anywhere without taking up much space in the trunk or any other compartment of the car, motorcycle, etc.

How to choose the best car tool bag

The necessary tools for repairs in the car

If you take a look at the existing toolbox offer, you will see that there are many types. You may even be tempted to buy one at a very good price and also have many pieces. However, it is not only about having a very complete set, but about other important features:

  • Material: The chrome vanadium It is a material with a very high resistance-price ratio. Hence, the boxes we have mentioned have tools made with it. Sometimes it is indicated by the acronym Cr_V. Although those of chrome molybdenum They are even more resistantCr_Mo).
  • Types of tools: a car tool set must have a good assortment of socket wrenchessocket wrenches long or with a screwdriver with multiple spikes. In addition to ratchet wrenches, keys cardan, extension cords y handles of crosshead If you have fixed keys, better than better because they can be of help in many operations in which the vessels do not fit.
  • Funda. There are all kinds of “wrappers”: scholarships, cases, briefcases, BaggageAnd including carts. Many times they are unnecessarily bulky, for the tools they contain. So it is better that you opt for a briefcase with the keys well organized, like the examples that we have given you.

Large car tool case

You must bear in mind that, even if you buy a very complete toolbox, the most normal thing is that you have to complete it little by little. There are many specific tasks that require special items. So your arsenal of gadgets will grow over time, if you expand the tasks you do in your car.