Test Peugeot 508 PSE (Sport Engineered) 360 hp

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

We have finally been able to test the most powerful model in history of the brand, the Peugeot 508 Sports Engineered that offers nothing less than 360 CV and a very interesting hybrid technology. As he 508 PS and estate version 508 SW PSE They will be available at dealerships starting in April, though dealerships are already taking orders. Its price?, from €62.200 for the sedan version and €63.400 for the SW version.

These two models are the first in a range of sports vehicles with electric technology that Peugeot will offer under the PES logo (Peugeot Sport Engineered). This is a new "label" that under the emblem of the three kryptonite colored claws They will try to offer a sports experience through high-performance hybrid or electric models. Peugeot will create the "PSE Expert Center" (specialized dealers) and will even sell a lifestyle collection. According to the brand, the PSE range aims to continue Peugeot's long heritage in the world of competition. Since the founding of Peugeot Sport in 1981 The lion cars have been present in disciplines as diverse as rally raid and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

Muscular and elegant exterior design

The Peugeot 508 PSE is model-based that the brand presented in the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The series model maintains much of the original design, offering a sporty-looking body in both the saloon version and the SW body. As soon as you see it, you quickly think that it is not a Peugeot 508 "tuned", your plant really impresses. In the front we find the new brand emblem Featuring a blacked-out lion and contrasting 'Kryptonite' color accents. 3D printing technology has made it possible to create flexible sheets that modify the flow of air that passes to the car's radiator depending on the speed.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

Undoubtedly the color that suits you best is this "Selenium Grey" in contrast to "kryptonite".

In the lower part, next to the attractive air inlets, we find some no less eye-catching flaps added to the front bumper, a step prior to the impressive 20″ wheels. The 4-piston front calipers also in kryptonite shine through the dark rims, finishing off the set with Michelin PS4S tires measuring 245/35 R20.

The front flaps continue in the lateral line with marked heels to finish off the rear with a colorful diffuser which houses the dual exhaust outlet (real, thankfully). In contrast to the color "Selenium Grey" Specific to this model, the aforementioned kryptonite-colored claws shine on the rear quarter panel (saloon) or on the front wing (family). In both cases the bodywork is lowered and the tracks are slightly wider than in other versions of the Peugeot 508 to complete a modern and elegant look.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

Peugeot 508 PSE: Technological and futuristic interior

The Peugeot 508 PSE is designed to offer a sporty experience, but it cannot ignore its "home car" facet. This is reflected in its interior, which I am going to summarize by saying that it starts from a Peugeot 508 with practically all the extras that can be equipped to which have been added some decorative touches. Highlights once again the touch of kryptonite color in the three claws on the steering wheel and the stitching of the leather and alcantara seats. It is generally very similar to that of other high-end 508, with materials of good presence, well finished and pleasant to the touch. Practically a "premium", you can read more detailed information in the 508 SW 2.0 HDI 180 GT-Line test.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

Impressive seats, although they are really more comfortable than sporty

Peugeot boasts of design and functionality of your i-cockpitalthough personally sometimes I find it overwhelming receive so much visual information from a car. Luckily for the driving mode selector they have installed a simple button and if we select the "hybrid" position the car does practically everything on its own.

As standard the Peugeot 508 PSE equips practically everything a Peugeot can carry, including the night vision system, the Head-Up display, the steering assistant against lane departure, automatic braking, Full Led headlights, navigator, Focal 10-speaker audio system, etc.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

mechanically crafted

The mechanics of the car part of the MP2 plug-in hybrid platform but considerably more elaborate. It has two electric motors and one gasoline. The petrol engine is the well-known 1.6 hp 200-litre turbo, assisted by a 110 hp electric motor integrated in the EAT8 8-speed automatic transmission.

This hybrid system is responsible for moving the front axle, while there is another 113 hp electric motor on the rear axle. Together the three engines offer a base 330 hp (in Comfort, hybrid and 4WD modes), rising to 360 hp in Sport mode. In fully electric mode it offers "only" 140 hp and 140 km/h top speed, more than enough for daily commuting. The battery is lithium-ion with 11,8 kWh and it takes from two hours (32 Amp heavy duty plug) to seven hours (8 Amp domestic plug) to fully charge.

Nice design and well finished, although too much "decorative" information

In practice I have hardly noticed any difference when pushing hard in the 330 hp or 360 hp modes. Yes, there are big differences in the way of delivering those horses but maximum acceleration is very similar. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the power and smoothness of the fully electric mode, moving the car with great ease and appearing to have more horsepower than the brand indicates.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

The Peugeot 508 PSE challenges the best

According to Peugeot, with the new 508 PSE the brand of the lion pretends cope with sports versions as established as BMW "M", Audi S and RS and Mercedes AMG. It is clear that the challenge is tremendous but so is Peugeot's technological deployment. Nothing less than 360 CV and 520 Nm of torque that manage to complete a 0-100 km/h in 5,2 seconds and launch the car up to 250 km/h, where the maximum speed limiter is activated.

It incorporates an on-board charger as standard

In addition, Peugeot boasts up to 42 km of autonomy in electric mode and CO46 emissions of 2 g/km. Thanks to its electric mode the car can be marked "Zero" and enjoy all the advantages that the DGT has reserved for this type of vehicle. Be careful because in the middle of this year DGT regulations may change but they will not affect cars that have already been registered.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

A multipurpose vehicle

To try to convince us of the versatility of the new 508 PSE, Peugeot has prepared a very varied route to test the car in very different circumstances. We opened our mouths with half a hundred kilometers of highway and warmed up on a route through roads in the Madrid mountains. As a main course, the always technical and fun awaits us Jarama circuit.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

This time I got a unit of SW family body which in my opinion is aesthetically just as attractive. This is a personal opinion, in fact I also have a station wagon parked at my house. I close the door and overwhelming silence takes over the cabin, almost as overwhelming as the amount of lights and indications that appear on its two screens in the i-cockpit.

I hit comfort mode and leave the parking lot without much of a jolt despite the usual "guards down" and potholes. Let's say that the suspension of the car is not a soft carpet but at least the variable damping it does its job well adapting to the ground it walks on. On the open road this mode seems to have more delay than desired between my commands and the car's response so I switch to the next mode: Hybrid.

here the car offers the best of itself in almost any situation, always allowing you to drive with pleasant agility. If we want smoothness, the car has it, if we raise the pace the engines respond forcefully and can be measured. In a "fit of passion" I see myself linking curves trying to use the cams (fixed behind the steering wheel), but unfortunately the 8-speed automatic it doesn't seem to be intended for sequential manual use. Even if you press the paddles to change gear, the box will react as it sees fit, often ignoring our commands.

In this Hybrid mode we can also activate the "B" function with which we can practically drive the car with the right foot since when lifting the accelerator it offers a fairly forceful regenerative braking function.

By chance of life, the day of the presentation was at times half rainy and four snowflakes even fell in some sections of the mountains. At those moments I tried to use 4WD mode, since the Peugeot 508 PSE is indeed a 4×4 drive car thanks to its three engines. At no point was the ground slippery enough for the car to lose traction significantly, so I have to imagine that Peugeot did indeed do a good job of maximizing traction. Maybe another day I can test it more thoroughly.

The appearance of the rim-tyre-brake assembly is impressive

Hybrid and fast even on the circuit, this is the Peugeot 508 PSE

Now we only have to thoroughly test the famous Sport mode with which the maximum power of the 508 PSE up to 360 hp. But the human being does not live on horses alone, in Sport mode it changes more than power. On one hand the brake feel is recalibrated, becoming more real and less electric. On the other hand, the power steering supposedly goes to a more radical configuration, the ESP becomes more permissive and finally the damping hardens to the maximum. Of all these changes, the least effective for aggressive driving has seemed to me the address. It filters too much and the assistance does not allow to fully explore the limits of adherence.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

With this configuration I accelerate fully leaving the paddock without the slightest loss of traction. The three engines push a lot, but they can't make the four wheels skid with spectacular tires. I reach the end of the straight and step on the brake with some caution, verifying that although it sinks, the feel of the brake is indeed what it should be in these circumstances. The car assists are very well calibrated and although I face the first two curves a bit past the car swallows my excesses without question. What I expected, in the end it's about a very powerful sedan, not a raging sports car.

Test Peugeot 508 PSE 360CV

I keep linking corners surprised at how fast the car can be on the track. Electric batteries run out with the same speed, so I guess he won't be able to maintain such a pace for long. As I roll I notice that the seats have a spectacular design but they do not offer the lateral support that the car can handle. Don't get me wrong, on the road they are up to the task and are suitable for aggressive driving but they are more focused on comfort on long trips, of course. For its part, the brakes begin to show a very slight fatigue, although nothing worrying considering the great power of the car. It is clear that the Peugeot 508 PSE runs and a lot, turns plumb, draws fine and rounds the curves if you ask it but it is not designed to be squeezed regularly on the circuit.


peugeot has done a great effort with the 508 PSE. A very well designed car that brings together everything the brand wants to offer in the short-term future: design, efficiency and electrification. We can say that Peugeot has broken its glass ceiling creating a very versatile vehicle.

It is comfortable and practical for long trips but also performant and with a lot of character. It also boasts (for the moment) the DGT Zero label by offering more than 40 km of electric autonomy. Of course you can not miss a top level safety equipment and many concessions to luxury. If you buy the car with sporty driving in mind, there are better alternatives (not necessarily hybrids), but if you are looking for a fast and efficient vehicle for day to day it may be your option.

The car has really convinced me completely, the problem will be convincing potential buyers that they should pay a minimum of €62.200 for driving according to configurator. If we compare it with the competition it is even more expensive than a 330 hp BMW 290e, although the equipment of the BMW is clearly less abundant.

Gallery of the Peugeot 508 PSE 360 CV


Fast and efficient
imposing design


High price
Shift operation in sporty driving
Unsportsmanlike touch at the limit

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