Try Renault Kangoo, or how to forget about SUVs if you are looking for space and practicality

Test Renault Kangoo Techno

Although many families bet on SUV cars as family and spacious vehicles, the truth is that there is another type of larger, more practical and, in most cases, economic. We are referring to vans for private use, like this one Renault Kangoo which we tested today.

Yes, we are aware that aesthetically they are not the most attractive cars. You cannot compare the design of any passenger car or SUV with that of this type of vehicle, but to make the most of the space and obtain as much versatility, the design section has to be sacrificed to a large degree. But there are many times when it is worth it.

Despite being a "van", it has its own identity

Renault Kangoo side test

That is why these small vans look very similar to each other, regardless of the brand. The direct rivals of this Renault Kangoo for passengers are the Toyota Proace City Verso, Volkswagen Caddy o Mercedes T-Class -with the latter it shares platform and mechanics-.

Until not long ago there were many more models, those of the Stellantis Group, but the Opel Combo, Peugeot Rifter and Citroën Berlingo are only sold to individuals with passenger category in their electric versions.

In any case, Renault has known how to give its touch of identity with that big chrome grille and the rhombus logo in generous dimensions, accompanied by LED headlights and lower protections for a touch of robustness.

Renault Kangoo rear profile test

This test unit carries the highest finish, the Techno, which includes 17-inch alloy wheels, sliding side doors, darkened windows, black mirrors and longitudinal roof bars. Meanwhile, behind we see the drivers in a vertical position and, in this case, double rear door, which is an option whose price is 266 euros.

Robust and well-executed interior

Inside, it is true that It does not boast of luxury or high technological doses, but that wouldn't make much sense in the Kangoo. The materials are robust, while it has very good fits and an appearance superior to what we could expect.

Renault Kangoo dashboard test

Has a instrument panel with two simple clocks for rev counter and speed, as well as a TFT screen in between for other information such as consumption, autonomy and other main information.

For its part, in the center of the dashboard it offers a touch screen with 8 inches which, in this case, comes with a browser, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via cable, with a USB socket right next to the screen. It's not very fast or fluid, but more than enough I would say. Also in this finish Techno comes with dual-zone climate control and start button.

Another notable point is the numerous and large spaces to leave objects distributed throughout the front seats, such as the main glove box, the door spaces or the roof compartment, in addition to the usual gaps in the center console. The brand says that in total they add up more than 40 liters of storage.

Great spaciousness and a trunk where everything fits

Where you can boast is in the section of habitability. It goes without saying that the front seats are spacious and comfortable for adults of any size, with a driving position that is no longer as far from a car as before.

Test Renault Kangoo rear seats

To access the rear seats we have two sliding side doors. They won't be easy for children to open and close, but the truth is that they leave enormous access to the second row; both for people and when carrying objects.

The three rear seats are really spacious and can be used in total comfort by three adults. That is to say, Five adults can travel in this Renault Kangoo without the slightest problem. The seats cannot be adjusted, but there is good knee distance with the front seats and even better head height.

Test Renault Kangoo trunk

On the other hand, when we open the rear doors we find a 775 liter trunk up to the height of the tray, with completely square and usable shapes. Up to the roof the capacity is 1.030 liters and if we fold down the rear seats it rises to 2.800. By the way, the loading length is 1,03 meters to the rear seats and 1,88 meters if we lay them down.

The Renault Kangoo is available in three power levels

Currently the Renault Kangoo range is very simple, offering a diesel engine in two power levels and only a gasoline version.

Test Renault Kangoo diesel engine

El diesel engine is the well-known 1.5 dCi from the French manufacturer. The access variant of this mechanic develops 95 CV and 260 Nm, which could be an interesting version if you are not going to travel frequently with a lot of load, or if you are going to travel through flat areas. Then there is the option of 115 CV and 270 Nm, which is probably more worthwhile because the price difference is less than 800 euros.

For its part, 1.3 TCe appears in gasoline, a turbocharged four-cylinder that, according to data, generates 130 hp and 240 Nm. It costs practically the same as the less powerful diesel variant.

How the Renault Kangoo dCi 95 HP behaves

Test Renault Kangoo Techno 95 hp

In our case we have tested the Renault Kangoo 1.5 dCi 95 HP. It is a sufficient engine to drive with medium loads and not too long trips, although on roads with little unevenness it performs very well. It is noted that when we are almost empty it has a sufficient response, but with several people and a loaded trunk we miss a little more strength. That is, it is ideal for undemanding use of performance and load.

As I said, the other diesel variant, which develops 115 horsepower, costs just 800 euros more. If the use is going to be very varied and in many cases with a lot of load, either of passengers or objects in the trunk, you will probably be interested in taking the leap to have more guarantees. There are 20 more horses that, in theory, should provide us maneuvers such as overtaking or joining fast lanes.

Renault Kangoo rear test

To tell the truth, everything is pleasant to operate, be it the steering wheel, the gearbox or even controls such as the climate control or the lights. Logically, we do not have the same steering precision as in a car or SUV, nor does the suspension behave as well in sudden changes of support; but At no time do you have a feeling of insecurity. Side wind gusts on the highway are also more noticeable, something that is to be expected simply by looking at the exterior shapes.

All the suspensions have shown that they behave Better with some load than when we are completely empty. In the latter case, there are times when it bounces too much for my taste, reducing comfort, but when I have driven with three companions that is when it feels most balanced. And the fact is that, in a car that can be loaded so much, it is difficult for it to perfectly comply with all the possibilities, having to find a balance point.


Test Renault Kangoo sliding doors

As for consumption, logically it also varies depending on whether we are walking around or on the road, how fast we are and, of course, also the load. Driving on the highway at legal maximums with three people moves around 5,8 and 6 l/100 km, which is very good information from my point of view.

While in city I go up a little, being approximately 7 liters doing normal driving; standing out especially with around 5 l/100 km if we drive on flat secondary roads.

Renault Kangoo equipment

Test Renault Kangoo grille


  • light sensing
  • rear parking sensors
  • Speed ​​governor and limiter
  • Lane Keeping Assistant
  • Fatigue detector
  • Daytime running lights
  • automatic emergency braking
  • Instrument panel with 4,2-inch TFT screen
  • manual climate control
  • Electric and heated exterior mirrors
  • Front electric windows
  • Center console with elbow rest
  • Ceiling storage
  • Height-adjustable driver's seat
  • tailgate
  • Sliding right side door
  • 16-inch sheet metal wheels
  • Body color bumpers


  • Full LED headlights
  • Front, rear and side parking sensors
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • automatic high beams
  • Automatic climate control
  • Air vents in the rear seats
  • Front and rear electric windows
  • Airplane-style tables in the second row
  • Rear camera
  • hands-free card
  • Driver's seat with lumbar adjustment
  • Height adjustment for passenger seat
  • Heated front seats
  • Longitudinal roof bars
  • Sliding left side door
  • 17-inch alloy wheels

Renault Kangoo prices

Test Renault Kangoo trunk doors

Motor Change Finish Price
Motor Change Finish Price
1.5 blue dCi 95 manual 6v Authentic 26.595 €
1.3 130 TCe manual 6v Authentic 26.654 €
1.5 blue dCi 95 manual 6v Techno 28.809 €
1.3 130 TCe manual 6v Techno 28.881 €
1.5 blue dCi 115 manual 6v Techno 29.583 €

Editor's opinion

Renault Kangoo
  • Editor's rating
  • 4 star rating
26.595 a 29.583
  • 80%

  • Renault Kangoo
  • Review of:
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 75%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 70%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 85%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 95%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 90%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 75%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 80%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 65%
  • Price
    Publisher: 75%


  • Interior and trunk space
  • Very tight consumption
  • Practicality


  • Solvency of this engine with load
  • Heavy side doors for children
  • Low-load rebound suspension

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