Test Ford Mustang GT, blessed atmospheric V8

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

It was 1964 when the American brand of Henry Ford launched what is undoubtedly its most iconic model, the Ford Mustang. It has only been on the market for three years in Europe, but surely you have known it for a long time, because its appearances in hundreds of films They have made him quite famous. For a server, without a doubt, the most special is the scene of Bullitt being led in a chase by the missing Steve McQueen.

But we are in 2017 and times have changed a lot since then. Few passionate cars are left on the market; most are to go from point A to point B, either within the same city or hundreds of kilometers away, forgetting everything about the passion for driving and sensations. Today we try the F launched in 2015, the first to be marketed by Ford in the Old Continent, and that has nothing to do with an appliance. We invite you to take a walk.

Do you know what prejudices are? For decades it has been said that American cars in general and Mustangs in particular are difficult to drive, unrefined and even dangerous. Unfortunately for me, I have not had the pleasure of driving any previous model, but as you will read in the following lines, the recipe has changed a lot in recent years for Pony car by excellence. More than one thing will have done well, because we are facing the best-selling sports car in Europe.

You will recognize it at first glance

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

In Europe we are very used to compact bodies with spacious cabins and trunks. The Ford Mustang has an exterior length of 4,78 meters, while its width and height are 1,91 and 1,38 meters respectively. The battle stands at 2,72 meters. Given the above, you can already imagine that not a small car. Let's go with the aesthetics.

There is no doubt that the Ford Mustang is a car quite conspicuous. Its proportions and shapes make it clear to anyone, even if they are not passionate about cars, that we are facing a special model. With this blue tone and the two darker stripes that cross the entire body longitudinally, it is inevitable to attract attention; not to mention the sweet but controlled sound of his V8 when accelerating.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

At front, and from top to bottom, we find a very large hood and with some "hump" in its central area. The main grille is quite large, trapezoidal in shape and finished in black, leaving room for the logo of the horse “galloping” at ease. Next to it we have the main headlights, with straight shapes. for my tastes, I would have preferred rounded shapes similar to those of the original Mustang, but Ford has preferred it that way. Further down there is a second air vent, the turn signal lights and the fog lights, ending in the lower part with a marked aerodynamic lip in black.

It's in your sights Profile and side where we really appreciate the proportions of such an American beast. The distance from the nose to the passenger compartment appears to account for 40% of the total length of the bodywork. The front overhang is large, so we must be careful on ramps and curbs when parking on the battery, while the height of the bodywork is relatively contained considering its length.

The silhouette allows us to glimpse a fair cabin and a good trunk.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

If we look more closely, we see a generous 19-inch black wheels that hide a braking system signed by Brembo, a stirrup with aerodynamic functions in black and two numbers separated by a dot. Yes, put "5.0”, and that is the displacement of this living myth. Two lines of tension run through the space between the wheels on the same side, one at the height of the door handle and another much lower; adding a lot of muscle to this side view.

Su back It doesn't go unnoticed either. Just as I was telling you that the headlights weren't as retro as I would have liked, I can't say the same about the rear lights. Although they are logically different from those of the original model, the brand with the blue oval has maintained its design line with those three well-resolved vertical stripes. The pilots are separated from each other by a shiny black surface that houses, in its central area, the “GT” logo. And that is precisely this car as you will discover a few lines below: an authentic Gran Turismo.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

In its lower part, the bumper uses a diffuser that combines the color black with the bluish tone of our bodywork. With the shapes of leaks They didn't want to get complicated and we don't think it's a bad idea, since they have left a circular exit on each side. They are present and let themselves be seen, but they do not want to attract too much attention. We want to see its interior, so we go inside.

Keeping the essence, but well finished

The idea that we all have of an American car, and specifically of the Mustang, is that its interior is not well resolved. Fortunately, that's something we can't say for the Ford Mustang. It is true that it does not have the best qualities in the world and that not all its materials are soft, but the finishes seem more than correct for a sports car that starts at 40.000 euros.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

We open the door and, if it's night, the model logo will light up on the ground, starting from the projection from the rearview mirror. The aluminum running board will also illuminate the word Mustang. We dropped into its sport bucket seats and started checking out its design.

First of all, when we close the door we notice a sound quality, close to premium cars, which is always a good sign. We touch the steering wheel and it has a good touch, although it seems to us a little big for what we are used to and also a little overloaded with buttons, but we quickly get used to it. the box of clocks combines classic style with technology, mounting two somewhat small retro dials that mimic those of the original model and interposing a digital information screen between them.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The dashboard uses a fairly straight shapes and pronounced curves, which is why it seems a bit high and intrusive in the images, but the truth is that in person we will not have that feeling. It's just different, as we are used to softer shapes. Halfway up it is finished with a brushed aluminum tone plank, which contrasts with the rest of the materials in the usual black colour. In the center of said aluminum finish we have three circular shaped air vents.

La console main screen it is somewhat low, forcing us to look away from the road quite a bit; something that is not appropriate at all. Its quality of vision is not the best, but it does not matter too much in a car like this. The audio and air conditioning controls are simple and discreet, making the controls much more attractive. botones found below for the functions of deactivating ESP, varying the steering hardness or driving modes, which are similar to those of an airplane of combat. It does not seem logical to us that the warning light button also be here, because if we are not used to the car it is difficult to find it (as happened to us on one occasion when we found a large retention). It should be more visible and in a more natural position.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Finally, we mention the small aluminum plate located on the dashboard, in front of the passenger, in which the model logo appears again, the word Mustang and the inscription “Since 1964”, reminding us that we are riding in a car with more than half a century of history… and what a story!

Two people will travel very comfortably, but only two

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Once we have talked about its aesthetic design, both inside and outside, it is time to start focusing on function. The Ford Mustang has a fantastic front seats, being quite wide in all its dimensions and with seat and steering wheel adjustments that will allow us to quickly adopt a comfortable driving position, whether we are tall people or rather short.

The problem comes in the rear seats. This car is quite large on the outside and is approved for four occupants, but the two rear seats are not exactly very functional. I, who measure approximately 1,76, I can't sit comfortably in the left rear seat, because my legs are practically imprisoned with the front seat (being adjusted to my driving position) and my head rubs against the ceiling. They are not as tiny as a Toyota GT86, but they are still not practical.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The best is that, if we travel three people, the third sits in the right seat and the co-pilot moves his seat forward as far as possible, although neither of them will be comfortable. East ponycar is designed for two occupants, to enjoy the road as a couple and any journey, be it short or long, but not with four people.

El trunk it does offer ample capacity. Are 408 liters, although it is also true that his loading mouth is quite narrow by the arrangement of the rear pilots and by the height of it, which will not allow us to load bulky objects. The forms are relatively cubic and on the right side there is a subwoofer from the audio equipment.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Ford Mustang GT, with its V8 and manual transmission: the one you should buy

The 2015 Ford Mustang is available with two bodies. A coupé called Fastback and another convertible called Convertible. Regarding the engines, there are two options. A 8-liter V5 with 421 hp and a 2.300 4-cylinder Ecoboost with 317 hp. Also offered with manual or automatic transmission.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Enjoying driving even at walking pace

Arrives the prettiest part of any test, but even more so in this case. In my opinion, this unit is configured with the mechanics that the Ford Mustang deserves. Under the front hood is a propeller 8cc V4.951, which does not need to resort to turbocharging to develop a power of 421 CV and a maximum torque of 530 Nm; while its transmission is manual. We have not driven any version with the Ecoboost engine or with an automatic gearbox, but if you buy a muscular, let it be true.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

I can't help but say, I love this sound!

Left foot on the clutch and hit the starter button. Contrary to what we might expect, this V8 it's not thunderous at all. sounds serious but sweet, with the typical purr of this cylinder arrangement and bringing back some memories of old big engines. When starting cold, as is logical, it is somewhat revolutionized.

It is not easy to maneuver with a car of these dimensions, with fairly fair rear visibility and, to make matters worse, without forward approach sensors in a vehicle with so much nose. We must be careful, because it takes some time for our brain to automate the distance from the front of the car to our sight. Still, after several hours behind the wheel, tight maneuvers will make us a little nervous.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

To the length must be added the body width and wheelbase, which directly affects the turning capacity. No, as you may have already guessed, it is not comfortable on narrow streets or in parking lots. In any case, whoever buys this car already knows that it is not ideal for wandering around.

At this point, we can highlight how well tuned your engine shows. If we go to a thousand revolutions in third gear, for example, it behaves very smoothly, without transmitting any type of vibration, jerks or noises that force us to reduce. Nor if at that moment we step fully on the right foot. It will always stay smooth, so it is perfectly feasible to complete a roundabout at 40 km/h and in fourth gear.

We leave the city to look for winding roads, but to get there we have to travel several kilometers dual carriageway. This stage helps us to know, in a few minutes, that the Ford Mustang is perfectly compatible with long journeys; yes, as we have already said, with only one companion.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

La aerodynamic soundproofing is correctIt is not perfect but it is better than expected. At constant speeds we will not notice the engine noise either, we will not even have the sensation of traveling in a sports car. The suspensions filter very well the possible irregularities, cracks and splices of the asphalt, not displacing the trajectory when we exceed them in a curve.

The bucket-type sports seats are also quite comfortable and perfectly soft, although to my liking they lack some lumbar support, not having regulation in this section. In high-speed curves they hold well and do not allow inertia to move us laterally.

We leave the highway and enter back roads. At calm rhythms we began to play with the gear lever, something that has created a certain addiction for us throughout the test because its touch is very good and the tours are short, besides that we can notice the inserts of the gears.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

One of the things that I liked the most about this Ford Mustang is that it is a car with which Its enjoyable tracing curves and making gear changes to calm rhythms. You don't have to go near its limits to have a really good time; I would go so far as to say that it is just as enjoyable going for a walk as it is at high tempos. But this needs to be checked we started to put a bit of a strain on its chassis and engine.

421 hp and 530 Nm, never get too confident

We have more than 421 hp and 530 Nm on the rear axle of a fairly large and heavy car, so we must go little by little and never do the brute. The electronic aids are there and when grip is lost they will act, but it is better not to put the laws of physics in too much trouble.

El broken asphalt barely dislodges the car even at light rhythms, something that always gives a lot of confidence. We began to stretch the gears and sink the accelerator with more intensity. The sound of his V8 is already beginning to be noticed and it seems that it gargles, noticing a greater thrust from 4.500 rpm. We go linking one curve after another and we don't finish feeling comfortable, because this port is somewhat narrow and the visibility is not good until we get out of the curve; something that does not bring confidence with such a big car.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The suspension has an intermediate setting, so that at high speeds slight inclinations appear

In a more open and safe section we can now press a little more and begin to notice the reactions to high rhythms. The suspension allows some inclinations to appear, more when braking and accelerating than when cornering; while the rear very subtly rounds off the curve exit. No sudden reactions and it's always best to enter the turn slowly to prevent its 1.700+ pounds from causing understeer.

the ford mustang do not feel fatigued or saturated, responding with a good grade if we set the times and do our job well: brake, turn, support, undo steering and accelerate. No curve will resist you at a happy pace. We have not thoroughly tested it on a wide circuit, where it will probably be somewhat overwhelmed by weight and size, but on the road it fulfills to spare our expectations.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The dynamic behavior is much better than anyone could expect

And since we are talking about the circuit, the American brand declared in its presentation, a couple of years ago, that it was a car that we could take to the circuit because it would behave like a real sports car. We do not entirely agree with this, but it is true that its dynamic behavior is much better than anyone could expect and that it also knows how to convey sports sensations while maintaining high comfort, which is sensational news. Do you remember that thing about prejudices that I told you at the beginning of the test?

On the other hand, the information screen of the instrument panel allows us to know certain unusual information in any car. For example, we can have at a glance data such as the Lambda factor, cylinder head temperature, intake air temperature, oil temperature or G-forces, among others.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

You can burn wheel on the spot without having a clue

In this same menu we can activate the check out, known as launch control, which is also not common in manual cars. To finish surprising us, this Ford Mustang GT has a system of front brake lock to perform burnouts in a simple way and destroy our tires in a few seconds. It is useless, but for someone who has money left over, it will come in handy to stay with his friends and enrich the workshop that changes his tires...

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Consumption: Better not wander too much…

Lastly, we must talk about the consumptions. It's fine, it's a car that may really like to know gas stations, but it also depends a lot on the use we give it and the type of driving of each one. wandering around the best thing is that you forget this fact, unless you want to be upset. normally you will be ranging from 20 liters to 100And believe me, it's not a pretty sight.

By highway, if we are soft on the right foot, the data will reassure us as much as possible. Circulating at legal maximums and in advance we can be somewhat below 9 litres, which is pretty good. These records help, without a doubt, a very long sixth gear that makes the engine speed drop quite a bit. If we want to have fun in a mountain pass, exactly the same thing will happen to us as in the city, it will shoot up. At the end of our test the computer has registered 12 l/100 km average, so it's not too bad considering displacement, power and weight.


Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

The Ford Mustang GT is a car that It offers and transmits many sensations for a fairly reasonable price. You will not have a good time with it in the city and on narrow streets, but you will enjoy it a lot on curved roads, as we have already told you, even at walking pace. It is true that it practically forces us to have another car at home, but if more than two people never travel, it can also be a travel car. His consumption on the highway is not crazy at all and he travels comfortable and loose in their front seats.

On the other hand, it is not just any car. It's a Ford Mustang and although it's modern, it means drive a model with a lot of history behind it. It is striking and it is a car that she falls in love with, both seeing it from the inside and driving it. driving it is pleasant, relaxing and emotional, something that is being lost over the years and current cars.

Test Ford Mustang GT Fastback

And speaking of losing, how many high-displacement V8s, naturally aspirated, rear-wheel drive with limited slip, manual gearbox and a price that is not exorbitant are there on the market? For performance and price, the closest thing is probably a Nissan 370Z, but the Japanese is much more sporty, uncomfortable and less refined, with 6 cylinders instead of 8. I, honestly, I keep the Ford Mustang in this mechanical configuration: V8 and manual transmission. The price of the tested unit? About 51.000 euros.



  • Exclusive alloy wheels in black 48,3 cm (19″)
  • LED taillights
  • Body color side moldings
  • Body-color rear bumper with diffuser
  • Glossy panel finish
  • Tank cover with the emblem of the "Pony"
  • “Pony” curb light mirrors
  • Sports front seats with leather upholstery
  • Rear view camera
  • Keyless opening and starting Ford-Keyfree
  • Driver's seat electric adjustment 6 positions
  • 9 mid-amp speakers
  • Aluminum instrument panel
  • 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel with controls
  • 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder supercharged engine


  • Grille in black with GT design
  • Dual chrome GT exhaust outlet
  • Exclusive GT alloy wheels
  • GT Performance Package with Brembo brakes, 15″ discs and 6-piston calipers
  • 8 liter V5 engine


Motor Change Bodywork Price
Motor Change Bodywork Price
2.3 EcoBoost 314 hp manual 6v Fastback 40.350 €
2.3 EcoBoost 314 hp Automatic Fastback 43.350 €
2.3 EcoBoost 314 hp manual 6v Convertible 44.350 €
2.3 EcoBoost 314 hp Automatic Convertible 47.350 €
5.0 V8 421 hp manual 6v Fastback 47.350 €
5.0 V8 421 hp Automatic Fastback 50.350
5.0 V8 421 hp manual 6v Convertible 51.350 €
5.0 V8 421 hp Automatic Convertible 54.350 €

Editor's opinion

Ford Mustang GT Fastback manual, V8 5.0 421 hp
  • Editor's rating
  • 5 star rating
40.350 a 54.350
  • 100%

  • Ford Mustang GT Fastback manual, V8 5.0 421 hp
  • Review of:
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  • Last modification:
  • Exterior design
    Publisher: 80%
  • interior design
    Publisher: 80%
  • front seats
    Publisher: 85%
  • rear seats
    Publisher: 25%
  • Trunk
    Publisher: 60%
  • Spring Suspension
    Publisher: 90%
  • Consumption
    Publisher: 60%
  • Comfort
    Publisher: 85%
  • Price
    Publisher: 90%


  • Pure driving sensations
  • 8 liter V5 engine
  • Qualities and comfort above expectations


  • Consumption in urban routes
  • Rear seats very little usable
  • Trunk loading opening

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