Porsche is one of the most iconic car manufacturers in the world. Specialized in the design and manufacture of sports cars and super sports cars, it has a range of models that range from two-seater cars to large SUVs. Founded in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche. Porsche currently is under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group.

El Porsche's most important model and the one everyone knows her by is the 911 coupe/cabrio, however, the ones that catapulted it to fame were the 356 and 550 Spyder (model in which James Dean died). However, within the manufacturer's range there are models that have been a real revolution such as the Cayenne SUV or the Panamera saloon. One of the hallmarks of the firm are its famous boxster gasoline engines.

The current range of Porsche it is opened by the two-seater convertible 718 Boxster. This model is now in its fourth generation and to differentiate itself from the previous ones, it debuts interior and exterior design. Their mechanical range contemplate turbocharged four-cylinder versions and powers ranging from 300 to 350 hp. Its interior quality, equipment and customization possibilities are among the best on the market.

El Porsche 718 cayman It is the most balanced model of how many the German manufacturer now offers. Among the points that make it stand out from its competition is a very well tuned chassis, a mechanical range shared with its brother 718 Boxster and a automatic shear gearbox PDK with 7 devilishly fast relationships. For quality and equipment it is at the same level as the 718 Boxster.

Within the range Porsche the star is the 911 Coupe/Cabrio. This model continues to maintain the essence of the best 911 among its assets. Given the logical evolution that the model has undergone, it has managed to maintain the sporty character that made it famous. Their mechanical range has modern turbo engines that increase performance and significantly reduce consumption. Its power range ranges from 370 hp of the Carrera Coupé 7v (manual) version to 700 hp of the GT2 RS Coupé variant with automatic gearbox and PDK double clutch with 7 ratios.

One of the models that represented a revolution in Porsche was Panamera. This model combines sportiness and space for four passengers and their luggage. The current generation maintains the basic lines of Porsche design but incorporating a mechanical range (petrol, diesel and hybrid) renewed and more efficient. Its production quality is one of the highest on the market; It can also mount technological elements that its predecessor did not contemplate such as four-wheel steering.

From the increased versatility offered by the Panamera, Porsche created the Sport Tourism. The Shoting Brake version of the Teutonic sedan offers more interior space and a more usable trunk. At a technical level is developed on the same platform as the Panamera, so it maintains its same mechanical range and technology. For quality and exclusivity, it is one step ahead of something that makes it more expensive and rare to see.

La Porsche SUV range he opens it Tiger. At a technical level, it is developed on the same platform that gives life to the Audi Q5, so its mechanical range, technology and equipment possibilities are very similar. What makes it unique compared to the Audi model are its set-up, exclusivity and price. The mechanical range of the Macan contemplates diesel and gasoline versions with powers ranging from 252 hp for the 2-liter turbo version to 500 hp for the 3.6-liter turbo Performance version.

To close the range Porsche is the Cayenne. This model broke all the molds within the firm, because when they launched their first generation on the market, the most purists did not see it with good eyes. However, with the passage of time It has made a very important gap in the market, because despite its characteristics (mainly weight and size) it is a agile and sporty model. At a technical level, it is developed on the platform that gives life to the Audi Q7 and Volkswagen Touareg, so its mechanical range (with hybrid version included), technology, equipment possibilities and quality are even.
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Porsche is a leading German brand in the sports world since it was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart by Ferdinand Porsche. The brand has had several models such as the emblematic 356 (the first), but none has been as successful as the saga 911, which is recognized worldwide even by non-experts in the automotive world. Its lines are unmistakable and like it. Porsche's first non-sports model was the Cayenne, an SUV, followed years later by the Panamera, a sports sedan. These two models have expanded the business field of the brand with enviable results.

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