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The American manufacturer Ford Motor Company It is one of the most important in the world. Its creator, Henry Ford, invented the assembly line making the Model T one of the best-selling models in history. Currently the brand's strategy involves having a range of models to suit the needs of almost all markets in which they are present. Under this premise, most of the products sold by the manufacturer are designed and manufactured, including the new Fiesta and one of the most emblematic models of the brand, the Mustang.

The renewed Ford Ka + opens the range. This model reaches the streets of half the world with a new approach. The previous generation was manufactured together with the Fiat 500 but its success was limited by its concept. in the current generation the size has grown to 3,92 meters and incorporates 5 doors instead of 3. Its interior presents a reasonable quality and its mechanical range only contemplates an atmospherically aspirated gasoline block with 71 and 86 hp of power.

El Ford Fiesta It is the urban signature. It is one of the longest-running and most successful models of the firm, as it has been produced since 1976. The sixth generation will hit the market in a matter of months, presenting an exterior design very similar to the previous model. The change will come inside, as it will present more quality and technology along with new driving assistants. Their mechanical range will contemplate the famous EcoBoost triple blocks of the firm as well as the TDCI diesels. The ST sports version will come from the hand of a new block 1.5 EcoBoost with three cylinders and 200 hp.

The aim of the Ford Focus The first global model of the firm arrived. Since it arrived on the market it has become a reference for dynamic behavior and chassis well adjusted. Its range has 4 and 5-door versions along with a more versatile Wagon. In its mechanical range, the brand debuted the EcoBoost three-cylinder, 1-liter displacement gasoline engine. It has diesel and gasoline engines with power ranging from 100 hp to 350 hp of the 2.3-liter version 350 hp RS.

Ford's representative sedan is the Mondeo. The current generation is sold worldwide with subtle changes and different names. Its interior quality, technology, dynamic behavior and mechanical range is one of the most complete of the brand. Also, in this model the Vignale premium denomination was released. In it, the interior finishes and technology reach a high degree of perfection. Its range consists of two body variants, one with 5 doors and another familiar called SportBreak.

El minivan segment it is covered at Ford by four models with different size and name, but same dynamic character. At the bottom we have the B-Max and C-Max (along with its variant Grand C Max). The smallest, B-Max, is developed on the platform of the Fiesta and its greatest singularity is the opening of its suicide-type rear doors. The C-Max and Grand C-Max are built on the Focus platform and they present a dynamic behavior of the first level. In addition, the capacity of both variants ranges between 5 occupants in the first and 7 in the second.

The upper part of the family segment is covered by S-Max and Galaxy. Both are developed on the platform of the previous Ford Mondeo and therefore their dynamic approach is the same. The main difference that exists between one model and another lies in its exterior design and space in its cabin. Both have space for up to 7 occupants, but the Galaxy is better used because the S-Max puts dynamic sensations before family function. Both one model and another have a very similar mechanical range, in addition to being able to count on their corresponding Vignale versions.

El SUV and off-road segment is another of the fundamental pillars of the range of Ford. In it we can find the EcoSport, Kuga, Edge and the pick up Cleaning. Each one sits in a different segment, the EcoSport in B, the Kuga in C, and the Edge and Ranger in D but all present as a common denominator an overall design since they are sold with very little change throughout the world. The quality of execution of its interiors has improved with respect to its predecessors and its mechanical range is relatively wide (more in the Kuga than in the EcoSport, Edge and Ranger). The two medium-sized can enjoy their Vignale premium version and the Ranger is prefigured as a model for leisure and work.

Closes the range of Ford touring cars the Mustang, the muscle car par excellence. This model is the latest that they have launched following the One Ford strategy. Its design has evolved and its platform, mechanical range (EcoBoost engines included), driving dynamics and technological level place it as the best mustang of all time. It has two body variants, one Fastback and one convertible. In addition, it has a GT version with 5 liters of displacement and 421 hp.

La family of industrial and recreational vehicles Ford is divided into three families. The first is the Tourneo with the Connect, Courier and Custom variants. The second family is transistors with the Connect, Courier, Custom and Tansist versions. The first is intended for transportation of people because they have glazing in their bodywork. The second is centered on merchandise transports, because they do not have glazing. Its mechanical range, interior and qualities is very similar, since both families are parallel in conception and manufacture.
history of ford
Ford is one of the most important automobile companies in the world, founded in 1903 by the visionary Henry Ford. It was the first company to use a production line, similar to those of today, to manufacture the Ford Model T This allowed the Ford T to be bought even by factory employees, thanks to the "reduced" cost. Over the years the brand has marketed such renowned models as the Mustang, Crown Victoria or the more European Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo.

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